What was your most exciting moment being on Hoop Troop?

The most exciting part of being a Hoop Troop thus far has been the group itself. We give all of our energy, we laugh, we dance and we share an amazing time with some real fans of the Clippers.

What superpower would you most like to have and why?

The limitless pill of energy! The energy required for my life and my dreams is unreal. I need energy to share with anyone throughout all my days to spread love and joy to the world.

What's a fun fact about you that most people don't know?

I am a music artist and a professional actor outside of the NBA work. I have an album out worldwide and I have done tv, film, commercial and voiceover work with many great people in the entertainment industry.

What's a unique or quirky habit of yours?

I smile all of the time. Some people call me "Smiley".

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