The Los Angeles Clippers Free Summer Clinics Program provides children in the greater Los Angeles area with a variety of free activities during the months of July and August. The summer clinics go beyond basketball maintaining our Clippers FIT health and wellness platform promoting healthy, active lifestyles for children and families. All activities are for children ages 6 to 14 except swimming which is for children ages 7-14. The 2012 program will host more than 4000 children with clinics in Basketball, Swimming, Bowling and Golf as well as provide free rides at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. We offer these clinics to the local communities at no cost to assist families who may have financial challenges providing summer activities that provide instruction in a variety of sports for their children. Children and teens need physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A moderate amount of physical activity such as running, jogging and playing sports, added into a child's daily routine can have significant health benefits. The goal of the program is to get children moving, teach them about healthy nutrition by providing healthy lunches and reinforcing the importance of education and staying in school.

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