Top Five Plays Of The Week – 12/15/14

Rowan Kavner

SAN ANTONIO – For the Clippers, a highlight-reel is typically all about the dunk.

Last week was no exception, as Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan skied high for some electric finishes against the Pistons, Pacers, Nuggets and Bucks. Here are the top five plays from last week.

5) DeAndre Jordan uses all his length for the lob finish.

Sometimes, Jordan gets his finishes on a wide-open look in the lane. Other times, he has to jump over or fight through a defender. This case against the Pistons was the latter, as Blake Griffin’s defender gets a pick from Jordan and stays with Jordan, who still managed to take the lob from Griffin and finish the alley-oop.

4) Jamal Crawford lobs it up for Jordan.

Crawford’s known for his shooting ability, but Monday against the Pistons, the shooting guard dished out seven assists. One of those was particularly impressive, as Crawford throws the inbounds pass to Jordan Farmar, gets it back, gets a pick from Jordan, drives through the lane and lobs it up for a high-flying finish from Jordan.

3) Griffin runs the court and finds Jordan.

One of the dangers of facing Blake Griffin is his ability to handle the ball from anywhere on the court. Late in the third quarter against the Pacers, Griffin takes the ball up the court slowly, stutters, then makes a move like he’s going to attack the paint. That draws the look of the entire Indiana defense, allowing Jordan to sneak behind. Griffin sees it immediately and lobs to Jordan, who jams it home.

2) Griffin with the put-back slam.

In the third quarter against the Bucks, Chris Paul finds Griffin in the paint, who sees a wide open Matt Barnes in the corner. Griffin’s pass wouldn’t be the last time he touched the ball on the play. Barnes’ shot hits front rim, ricochets off the backboard and straight into the hands of Griffin, who was crashing on the rebound and finished with authority on the two-handed follow dunk.

1) The perfect transition ball movement.

Only a few plays after No. 2 on the list, the Clippers upped the skill level. When the Clippers move the ball like they did here in transition, it’s impossible to guard. Jordan gets the swat after the Clippers get the Bucks late in the shot clock. Then it’s straight up court, as Crawford throws it down the sideline to J.J. Redick, who dishes to Griffin, who lobs up a finger-tip alley-oop to Jordan for the finish. The finish occurred just four seconds after the ball left Crawford’s hands.