Clippers Wrap Up Successful Training Camp in Las Vegas

By: Dennis Rogers

Day 5, the final day of Clippers Training Camp on the campus of UNLV ended today with another lengthy, successful practice.

The team arrived in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon after holding Media Day at the Clippers Training Facility in Playa Vista.

After attending a team dinner on Monday night, the team started their daily three-plus hour practices on Tuesday morning at Mendenhall Center at UNLV.

In addition to the daily practice, the team bonded through many different activities throughout the week. Each night, the players went to dinner together, enjoying the many great restaurants the city of Las Vegas has to offer. Each day, the three captains (Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan) drove a van with their assigned players to practice. On the final night in Las Vegas, the team and traveling party attended the show, Michael Jackson’s ONE, at Mandalay Bay.

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“Getting away for training camp allows us as a team to grow in many ways,” Head Coach Doc Rivers said. “It has been a great week of focus and getting familiar for our basketball team and Las Vegas was a great setting for it.”

All players were in agreement with Rivers, enjoying their six days of Clippers Training Camp in Las Vegas. Check out the below quotes from the final day of training camp for the team.

Doc Rivers

“I got out of the camp what I wanted. I thought the team played together and that was the key. I thought we got better on the execution part towards the end of camp. Overall, it was a really good training camp.”

“Everybody is in great shape, I did notice that a lot. That was really great to see.”

“The new guys did well, they made some usual mistakes because they are new. But it wasn’t a camp where I was looking for one thing. It was all pretty good on every angle.”

“This whole week has been great here in Las Vegas. Last night we all went to the Michael Jackson ONE show at Mandalay Bay. That was amazing, watching Spencer Hawes dance was pretty good. It was a great team building night and most of the guys each night went out to dinner together. This is a great town to do that in. And all our guys had self-control because they were fresh in the morning."

“I thought coming to Las Vegas was a great challenge for us. Let’s see if we can come here and keep our focus on what we need to do. We did that.”

“We will be back here in Las Vegas. Next year, we hope to have training camp here and end it with our exhibition game. I love playing games in Vegas and that’s what I would try to plan for us next season instead of coming back twice like this preseason.”

Blake Griffin

“We had a really good camp. It was nice for everyone to get used to each other and learn our system.”

“I think we got a good grasp of the offense and defense. We focused mostly on defense all week and I think guys were able to pick it up well.”

“Last year was the first year I went away for camp in San Diego. This year coming to Las Vegas was great. Even though this is a big city with a lot to do, we did even more stuff together as a team. We went to dinners and hung out to bond a lot this trip. We really made a team effort here and it was great in Vegas.”

Spencer Hawes

“I think we did a great job of having the right mindset and we didn’t waste any time on drills. We came focused and did everything with a purpose. It was a great camp, I am looking forward to the season.”

“I was able to play with different lineups in our scrimmages and that helped me get to know guys better and see how everyone plays. That was really important for me as a new player.”

“I haven’t been in the playoffs for a while now and I am looking forward to growing with this team and getting back there this season.”

“Las Vegas was great for us, it was a really good training camp.”

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