Clippers show strong commitment to community in 2017-18

LOS ANGELES — The Clippers capped off the 2017-18 season on a high-note, but not in the usual fashion.

On April 2, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and his wife, Connie, traveled to Jim Gilliam Recreation Center in South Los Angeles. Joining them were Team President Gillian Zucker, guards Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley, and the rest of the Clippers family.

On that day, Ballmer and Mayor Eric Garcetti would announce that the Ballmers and the L.A. Clippers Foundation would donate $10 million to renovate nearly 350 courts across Los Angeles. It helped to put a bow on a monumental year of community outreach.

And while it might have been one of the franchise’s most-highly publicized community endeavors, it was far from its only.

The Clippers organization was as active off the court this season as it was on the court, leaving its footprint across Los Angeles.

Below are recaps from some of the Clippers top community events over the past year:

  • September 18 – Patrick Beverley Back to School Event
    • October 2 – Computer Lab Opening in Hawaii
      • October 7 – Feed the Community
        • October 17 – 24th Street Elementary School Playground Refurbishment Opening with Cedars-Sinai
          • November 15 – Patrick Beverley Thanksgiving Event
            • January 23 – 107th Street Elementary School Playground Refurbishment Opening
              • January 31 – Mentorship Event at CarMax
                • February 22-23 – Verizon Innovation Center Mentorship Trip
                  • March 5 – Clippers surprise American Airlines travelers at LAX
                  • March 31 – Prom Dress Giveaway
                  • April 2 – Community court renovations announcement with Mayor Garcetti