Chris Paul Lends a Thanksgiving Assist to Jack Gallagher

Dennis Rogers

DETROIT, Mich. – Jack Gallagher clutched a new pair of Jordan CP3.VII shoes his favorite NBA player had just given him and had a gift of his own for Chris Paul. It was a picture of Jack laying at his late mother’s grave with a CP3 shoe filled with flowers sitting there right next to her grave. Paul was Jack’s favorite player, but behind that, Paul’s shoes were Jack’s last gift from his late mother and a lasting memory.

Tears flowed. Jack and his father couldn’t contain themselves as Paul, who has lost someone very close to him in his late grandfather, consoled them and teared up himself.

“Today was a gift from god,” Michael Gallagher, father of Jack said. “To have this dream actually happen by the gracious efforts of Chris Paul and the Clippers is more than we could have ever asked for. This is a memory for a lifetime for my son.”

Jack’s mom, Lisa Elaine Gallagher, passed away in September after losing a battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Jack touches one of the CP3 shoes his late mother gave him before every basketball game he plays, the other shoe stays as a lasting memory at her grave.

“It was unreal,” Jack said of his meeting of Paul. “I still cannot believe it actually happened. This means so much to me and I can’t describe how much Chris means to me for doing this.”

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Paul was sitting at home one night and noticed a video tribute on social media. It was one of Jack and how much Chris’ shoes meant to him and his entire family. That immediately prompted for Paul to find the family and connect with them. The Gallagher’s drove 3 ½ hours from Erie, PA for the game tonight. Paul provided the family of eight with tickets and spent a half hour with the family pregame. He gave Jack three pairs of his new shoes and two bags full of Jordan CP3 gear.

“This is the least I could do,” Paul said. “That story touched my heart and if there was any way I could make Jack smile and his family make a wish come true, it was a no brainer. I play a game and am blessed to do so, I have dealt with loss before and wanted Jack to know how much this touched my heart.”

After the Clippers’ win over the Pistons, Paul brought the family down to the team’s locker room. There he had one more thing for Jack. He wrote his late mom’s initials L.E.G on his game shoes and gave them to Jack. Tears flowed again.