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Brandoni Pepperoni


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Brandon Gray is many things. Among them, a chef, a veteran, an entrepreneur, small business owner and a long time Clippers fan.

Involved in the food industry for the past seventeen years, Gray is a U.S. Navy veteran who worked in kitchens during his time served. His background also stems from working in top kitchens across the world. Gray worked with Chef Dan Hunter of the world-renowned Brae, located in Australia and ranked 44th on the list of the world’s best restaurants.

A few years ago, Gray was a business school student determined to further his entrepreneurial spirit in the food industry. After studying a while, he took a year off to travel the world. He attributes this time to gaining personal growth and broadening his perspective on life.

Not long after returning from his travels, it was March 2020 and the realities of COVID set in. Like everyone, COVID changed Brandon’s life significantly. With restaurants shuttered, he debated exiting his career in food entirely. During quarantine, a chef colleague reached out with an idea to start a pop-up business. Working minimum wage at this business to help out, he began Brandoni Pepperoni as a way to supplement his income and put his own entrepreneurial drive into gear again.

Initially starting as an open door concept with a new theme every month, Brandon never quite made it past pizza. Starting organically and rising in popularity quickly through his business’s Instagram presence, two months after selling his first pizza - he had already attracted the attention of the Los Angeles Times.

Incorporating a personal touch into all parts of his business, one of Brandoni Pepperoni’s well known designs is a cartoon image of him with shorts inspired by the Clippers 1997 season - the year he became a fan.

Brandon chooses unique flavors within all of his pizza creations. All of his ingredients derive from wild caught seafood, sustainably sourced meat and farmer’s markets in the area. The virtues Brandon learned through his upbringing under a single parent household drive who he is today. One of his unique pizza flavors, lovingly titled “Dear Momma”, is an example of the personalized and creative approach Brandon injects into all parts of the business.

“I want people to see the face of the person making their food,” he said. A pizza order consists of texting Gray direct your order and he will hand deliver it himself at his location.

Brandoni Pepperoni is open 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. every day except on Wednesdays. You can take advantage of the Clipper Nation deal (Pepperoni pizza and 6 wings for $28 excluding tax) all month long by placing your order via text, driving to the location and Brandon will deliver your pizza carside. Masked, of course.


Clippers Wings & Pizza! Pepperoni pizza and 6 wings for $28 excluding tax

All month long


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