Key Facts

The New Arena

The Clippers are constructing a new basketball arena along with a practice facility, team offices, a medical facility, retail stores, restaurants and parking in Inglewood. The arena will be privately financed with no taxpayer dollars and built on property owned by the City.

Bringing Back The NBA

It’s been 20 years since Inglewood has had a hometown NBA team. Now the City is bringing professional basketball back. With the Rams and Chargers relocating locally, the city can have a year-round entertainment district rivaling downtown LA.

Creating Local Jobs

Today, local businesses are thriving and unemployment is down to 5.5% – a 30-year low! Moving forward, the new Clippers Arena Inglewood will have a 35% local hire rate and generate well-paying jobs for city residents for years to come.

Protecting the Environment

The project is committed to doing a complete Environmental Impact Report (EIR), as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), that will assess the impact and benefits of the Arena. The process will be transparent and include extensive community input.

Commitment to the Community

The Clippers arena project will generate millions of dollars in new tax revenue that will be used to improve local parks, libraries, and police and fire services. Moreover, with this new revenue, the City will be able to invest in after school programs that keep Inglewood’s children safe.

Enriching the Neighborhood

The arena site will be built along Prairie Avenue and West Century Boulevard. The land does not include any homes or churches, and much of it has been vacant for more than 20 years. Any privately controlled parcels will be purchased at fair market value.


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