For someone who originally wanted to learn the intricacies of jazz, Michael Balzary sure made an about face. Growing up in California by way of Australia, Balzary traded in his trumpet for the bass after being introduced to the world of rock by high school friend Hillel Slovak, a guitarist himself. Balzary, rechristened Flea, would go on to form the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock bands for the last 20-plus years. Along with band members Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante and Chad Smith the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have sold more than 40 million albums around the world.

Flea might be as passionate about basketball and the Lakers as he is about music. Right now, Flea and the Chili Peppers, whose two-disc "Stadium Arcadium" album drew some of the best reviews of their 23-year career and entered the national sales chart at No. 1 in May, are touring in support of the discs.

Thinking of Eddie .... and the Celtic conspiracy

i am compelled to write a blog today
to comment on the tragic passing of eddie griffin
just really makes me wish that he could have gotten help and been ok
god bless his soul

in other news
well, there was no way an ex celtic laker hater like kevin mchale
was gonna let kevin garnett end up on the lakers
those old moldy greens got together and put him on boston
darn it!
the laker/celtic rivalry ended in the eighties
but as far as i'm concerned it's back in full effect
bird, mchale, and ainge would have had to all agree to make that 3
way trade that put KG on the lakes
and those guys hate the lakes
i dont care what anyone says about who wants to rebuild, and who want
cap room etc....
it is an evil celtic conspiracy against the lakers
and it will all come out in the wash
larry bird does not want market value for jermaine oneal
the lakers offered him cookie, kwame, and the future great andrew bynum
and he said no, it is more than a fair value, he just wants the
lakers to suffer.......
go lakers
go lakers

it has been said that i have terrible grammar because i dont use
dont people know poetry when they see it
philistines one and all!

An Open Letter to Kobe Bryant
Posted by Flea on July 3, 2007, 8:55 a.m. ET

dear kobe,

i have been a huge supporter of you since the moment you first put
on a laker uniform
i have stood by you and defended you against your detractors
throughout every moment of your professional basketball career
i have always respected your work ethic
your unrelenting desire to give your all night in and night out
and your creative and exciting basketball game......dope!!!
i have sincerely hoped the best for you at every turn
i have also been a laker fan since i was a boy
i am now 44 and i love the lakers the same as when i was 11, but deeper
i am always hoping that they will get better and make good decisions
and tap into the magic at all costs
go lakers

when they resigned you for 6 or 7 more years or whatever it is
i was so happy
kobe bryant! the best player in the game! my favorite!
i listened to people call you arrogant, selfish, and dishonest, only
out for your own glory
i argued with them telling them that they mistook your greatness,
confidence, and burning desire to win for arrogance
and i told them that we were lucky to see a person so dedicated to
their craft playing at such a high level
that you expected others to work hard on their game too
that you were a good guy
and that you were an athlete not a p.r. man, and that lots of other
players put on a smiley generous face but were selfish when the
cameras were down
and i respected your privacy
kobe.......... you have given us laker fans a lot of joy we love you
and respect you

in any event
during my time as a hardcore laker fan
there have been ups and downs
lots of ups!
we had magic johnson!
kareem abdul jabbar!
and you!
and michael cooper one of my favorites! he had a lot of heart!
when things have not gone well for the lakers
it is very difficult for a focused fan like me
arrghhh....... when tim thomas made that three a couple of seasons
someone for whom, no matter whatever else is going on in my life
the lakers have been a constant, something that keeps going on..........
life is great? the lakers game
getting a divorce? the lakers game
just went to a funeral? the laker game
depressed and in bed?
just made a million dollars?..........rode a ten foot wave in costa
rica? get it......
it is hard to be a fan when things are not going well
but it is an emotional investment, that, over time, always pays off
never lose hope
and when the winning comes, it is all the more worth it to have been
through the drought
and all us real fans, the ones who stick with the team no matter
what, we know it, and we relate to each other
and it brings us, the community of los angeles together, and it is
beautiful, and transcends all ethnic and economic boundaries

it seems to me that it is harder than ever to build a great
basketball team in the nba
there are so many teams
not to mention so many good ones in the west
ooh how i hoped we could have gotten jason kidd, and ahhhhh, i felt
it when we couldn't get boozer
and now, man i still hope that maybe somehow, just possibly, we could
get kevin garnett
i love that guy, always have, he is a cool cat and has unbelievable game
i hope i hope i hope..........

kobe, you have said that you are a laker fan
that you grew up a laker fan
wow, and you grew up to become the best basketball player in the world
and on the lakers!
and they gave you more money than percent of the
people in the world could ever dream of to do it
what a story of a life!....whoa!

kobe bryant....................we true fans, have lived this story
too.................we know it is not easy to do what you have

if you leave kobe
if you do you will break our hearts
the ones who have stood by you through thick and thin
the ones who love you
and truly care about you
we all know that things have not gone as well since jerry west left
for whatever the reason is........too many cooks in the is impossible to measure up to the greatness of jerry
mitch has had a lot of tough breaks too and not a lot too work with
thank god we are rid of that absurd brian grant salary finally
but us fans can only really guess at what is really going on
seems a little confused over there right now though.....

but the bottom line is............
we are on your side
we believe in you
we love you
we feel your frustration
and know that it is rooted in the truth
but...............come on man
don't leave us
whatever the front office problems are, that is the negative right
now for you
but we are the positive
who is more important?
we grew up with you
we have been your fans no matter what
you will never have as deep a love anywhere else
not in any other teamcity where they have hated you for your whole
i have friends in new york and chicago, serious nba fans
they have been talkin garbage about you forever
they hate you
all of them............
talk about whatever idiot in the laker organization mouthed off to
the press? they all say that stuff about you...all of them!
yeah they will be happy if you go there because you are the greatest
player , but it will not, could not be the truth, their love will be
we do not talk trash about you, havenot
we are here for you
we have been through all of it and stood by you

and that is more important than anything else that you will ever get
anywhere else

don't make ray allen look like nostradamous

don't prove your doubters right



(more) thoughts on Kobe (and whoa), lebron
Posted by Flea on June 1, 2007, 1:45 a.m. ET

well i sure was wrong about kobe not asking for a trade
but he hadn't been quoted as asking at that point and it all seemed
like speculation to me
what do i know?
one thing i know for sure is that he is being honest with us
and that he really cares deeply
is he being professional?
but i'll take honest and caring over professional any day
and i still hope they get jerry west back
just seems like kobe felt like he had nowhere else to turn to talk
about this stuff so he started blabbing on the radio
i just really love the guy
i hope things work out good for him
and i hope he doesnt get traded
if they trade him im moving to australia
i sure hope the lakers front office can have unity
come back jerry west los angeles loves you with our hearts

lebron was amazing tonight
gotta hand it to him
he made the leap into certified superstar tonight scoring his 25
straight points for the cavs, whoa that was rad

Looking for Jerry West and Responsible Journalism
Posted by Flea on May 28, 2007, 6:45 p.m. ET

well here's a blog from flea because there are some things going on
in the l.a. area press regarding kobe bryant and the lakers that are
kobe has come out and said that the lakers should hire jerry west and
that it is of crucial importance
that is the smartest thing to come out of a laker's mouth in a while
jerry west is the greatest gm of all time (i'll go toe to toe with
any boston fan anytime) (not to mention the less experienced but
great joe dumars)
jerrry west was (is) the cornerstone and soul of the lakers
organization for some 25 odd years
he consistently did a superb job showing an uncanny knack for putting
together great teams
not just because of available money to buy great players or the big
obvious deals like putting together the showtime era teams or the
kobe shaq team
it was all the players he put around the superstars, the role
players, the a.c. greens, the lindsey hunters, the michael
his vision of what a basketball team is the best of all time
even when magic johnson retired unexpectedly he had a team in the 2nd
round of the playoffs within a couple of years
he always had a profound and mutual respect with the players and no
player ever wanted to leave while he was in charge
he consistently showed more love and care and passion for the lakers
basketball team than anyone else that i have ever seen in basketball
once i saw him do a halftime interview where he was speaking about
the players during the nick van exel eddie jones elden campbell era
and he broke down in tears while expressing his love for those guys
anyways......the press is saying that kobe has said he wants to be
KOBE NEVER SAID THAT......they are putting words in his mouth...kobe
is just showing the same competitive spirit and grit that he shows on
the court (that so many other lakers were lacking this
season) .............he is just expressing the paramount importance
of not missing this opportunity to get jerry west back while he is
possibly available
what he is saying is smart and in the interest of the lakers
organization and of course the lakers fans
kobe is right
nothing against mitch kupchak..i like the guy.....
but jerry west is is the master and mitch kupchack is the student
together they should stay like they were before
with jerry in charge
all the journalists saying that kobe is demanding a trade and that
they should trade him
are missing the point entirely

1. kobe knows that trading him would not help his career, that any
team that got him would have to give up so much that he would be in
the same position again
2. ya just dont trade the best player in basketball it is ridiculous
3. it is not about money or the salary cap or luxury tax or who is
available to trade....jerry west will have the vision to put together
the role players around kobe that will make a championship contender
out of the lakers........he will make it happen.....yes jerry west
will do it
4 jerry west is the lakers soul man number one and all true laker
fans know it......kobe is right bring him back let the petty
perceptions about who is controlling who be damned....bring back
jerry and it will all come out in the wash
5. kobe is the one with the smarts to say this publicly, because he
knows how important it is not a play to be traded or a
superstar ego is a clear understanding of what is
what, and that is where the journalists have gone astray,,,,they dont
get it

in other nba news
warriors mavs was a great series
i really started liking the warriors a lot until they melted down
and acted like brats when utah whupped em.......
i dont care who wins the championship
i dont like any of the spurs
i only like derek fisher on the jazz
i dont like any of the cavs but it is nice to see that rookie gibson
step up and be bold.......kid's got some serious spunk....... actually
i like donyell marshall hes got a nice vibe
i like guys on the pistons they are cool , hamilton, rasheed,
chauncey, tayshaun..........but they will always be my enemy

go lakers see ya next season

Looking for Heart, Victory
Posted by Flea on May 2, 2007, 11:45 p.m. ET

> well it's a tough playoffs for lakers fans
> the lakers losing is always hard to take
> but when you see what is possible when they really give their whole
> hearts to the game
> in those brief times when we have seen that they are leaving nothing
> out there and giving everything they've got that it is possible to win
> then it is heartbreaking to know that they do not always give all
> they've got
> it really hurts a lot more to see them lose
> because it is clear that they do not all give every thing they have
> for the sake of the team
> and all of those players who are not willing to go all out
> and to think of the team first instead of their individual goals
> should be traded
> i love the lakers and support every player that puts on the uniform
> but if they are not willing to give their all
> they do not deserve to don the purple and gold
> the lakers need players who will try with every fiber of their being
> to win
> who will be selfless and think team first
> this is vital
> the team should never give up
> and i of course still have hope that a cosmic and conscious awakening
> will occur and they will play together
> with all of their hearts and beat the suns
> the suns are really good
> the mavs warriors series is outstanding
> of course i am pulling for the underdog warriors
> last nights game 5 was a thriller
> i really thought the warriors had 'em
> but nowitzki refused to lose
> crazy 15 to 0 run
> i really like baron davis
> good vibe, great player
> jason terry throwing baron on his head when the ball was dead was
> ridiculous
> and he should be suspended
>> especially if they suspend kobe twice in the season for acts that weren't even called fouls
> the playoffs are a lot of fun

Laker Pride
the lakers showed some heart
they finally released the beast within
and got nasty
when amare and marion came in to do their layups and dunks
the lakers were there to meet them
ya know i try to hate the suns
and i cant really do it
they are a great team, an exciting team and i respect them all
especially steve nash
and amare stoudemire is black jesus
but seeing the lakers summon up true emotion
and put the hammer down, go all out, and let the chips fall where
they may
was thrilling for me
it was the greatest game of the lakers season
and was a reminder to me
it is easy to get down on your team when they are not playing well
and out of sorts and losing games
but that is when they need the most support from their true fans
so when they come out and spill their guts on the court
you can truly rise up with them

it has been such a painful second half of the season
not so much the lakers losing they way they have
but to see them slowly unravel
and become worse
to see them lose their sense of self as a team
and become at times...............petty
has been difficult
so to see them get it together and refuse to lose
was the most unbelievable feeling
it was like working in a coal mine and having not taken a bath for
six months
then taking a beautiful bubble bath in a giant tub and being soaped
down by your favorite woman in the world

to hear the crowd chant KWAME KWAME KWAME made me so happy
i have always loved kwame
and i love to see his heartfelt play rewarded
made me happy and happy for him
long may he control the paint like a mighty oak

kobe was awesome he is the greatest player on earth
lamar was awesome

in the second and third quarters they moved the ball really well

the TEAM looked good
in the 4th quarter they got a little away from the team play that
they engaged during their surge
but not too much too lose and they rocked and kobe stepped up like
only he can

i like smush's new hairdoo


if they can bring the nasty d
the nasty intense d
they can win on sunday
that's why they won last night
and that's why they can win on sunday
control the paint
anyone going in there feels the might
the mighty nast d

i have nothing to write about the lakers
nothing at all
they have gotten worse and worse all season long
never seen anything like it before
very strange
they do not believe in themselves
as the season has gone on they have lost more and more of their
identity and sense of teamitude
it is impossible to win if you dont believe in yourself
if they play suns or mavs in the first round
unless they have a profound awakening of some kind
they will be swept
swept away like the early season hopes we all had in los angeles
they cant win with kobe doing all the scoring.....can way so forget about that plan
might be entertaining but aint gonna win no playoff games against a good team
i have nothing to say about it
i'll just hang out with with my little kernel of hope for divine intervention
and say nothing

kobe bryant
i have said it so many times
but it is something that bares repeating
he is so taken for granted
people often think, oh he is so arrogant because he is so talented,
let me tell ya something

people mistake the confidence that comes from a superb work ethic as
this is not just a matter of talent, or some bizarre genetic gift
some magic fairy dust that was sprinkled on him as a baby
yes, his will power, and his discipline, and his work ethic, and
ability to stay focused and never rest on his laurels, but always
work on improving his craft are part of who he is
yes all these things come from his god given nature, and his
genetics, and the way he was raised
but the bottom line is
the guy works hard
real hard
day in day out
he is gonna make the most of who he is
he is gonna fulfill his potential
he will never look back later at his life and think oh i could have
tried harder
he is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to be the best
and he is the best
because he cares the most
and gives all he has
he loves basketball
and we are all lucky to witness it

along with that the lakers all played well
they could have the put the clamps down on the grizzlies a little
harder that's for sure
they let em score way too much
but luke payed well
lamar played well
kwame made some great defensive plays
smush moved the ball well

the momentum is gathering steam

where was jerry west?

go lakers

go bruins

ok so kobe bryant is the greatest basketball player on the planet
of that i am certain
65 and 50 on consecutive nights
lets take a few sentences of silence to bask in the glory of his
phenomenal skills


ok.....against portland, without kobe going off for 65 the lakers
would have lost
portland is a bad team, the lakers are damn lucky they have kobe
bryant who is the mvp this season

against the timberwolves tonight, with luke walton back in the fold
the lakers were back to playing a good game of team ball, despite
kobe shooting so much
luke really is the factor in getting them to play like a team
he is still not completely in shape and up to snuff
but if the lakers can stay healthy
if lamar's shoulder can hold up
the lakers have a good chance to make a good run at their probable
opponent of phoenix or san antonio in the first round of the nba
it is amazing the difference that luke makes when he is in the lineup
in terms of their team play
night and day
and smush had a great game tonight, close to triple double numbers
and kobe is playing like a man possessed, he is determined to step it
up right now
and he is doing it intensely and getting his teamates fired up in the
beams of light are shooting out of his eyeballs

the lakers are on a 7 game losing streak
but i am much less despondent about their performance than i was a
week ago
as a matter of fact i am feeling a ray of sunshine
beaming into the dark dusty room of their losing ways,br> despite being pounded mercilessly by the nuggets last night
they looked better than they have in ages when they came out with
luke and lamar
they looked like a team
they looked like they could get back into their good groove
luke is just way out of shape
and lamar feeling his way back too
but that is a temporary condition
the disparate pieces that make up momentum and confidence and a
winning streak
are scattered about on the floor like an infant's toys
but the are starting to get picked up and put in their rightful place
where they will gel together and make a mighty laker team
i have faith

ok.......go lakers..........beat denver tonight beat them crush them
outsmart them and befuddle them

now, something great happened in lakersland (sister country to lapland)

kareem abdul jabbar has released a new book 'standing on the
shoulders of giants'
i just finished reading it and it was an outstanding experience
i learned so much great stuff
and it made me so happy
because it happens to be written about my favorite things,
literature, music, and sports.....
and so many important gaps were filled in for me
it was fun as hell to read
and i am a better person for it

the book is about the harlem renaissance
which was a bold outburst of human creativity in the african american
community that took place in harlem in the 20's and 30's
that laid the foundation for the finest examples of african american
art that exist today
it is an unbelievable time, and a complex time, and a shining moment
for humanity
which kareem has laid out in a way that the pedestrian reader like
myself can understand......
beyond being inspired about all the great art that happened and the
stories of the artists
i learned about the depth and complexities of the movement itself
and what the heat was under the pressure cooker that bought about
this beautiful explosion
though, clearly, this book is about the african american experience
in the united states
it is a story that is an inspiration to all of us.........
the tension and release of humanity
how certain people are able to turn suffering and pain into something
beautiful that uplifts us all
as george clinton said "if there weren't any humps there wouldn't be
any getting over"

kareem is just so cool for staying focused and writing history books
about exciting, monumental, and poignant things
about people who rose up to stunning heights to make history and
create the most beautiful parts of our culture when the odds were
really stacked against them
about people who accomplished complete magic is the face of a
powerful and cunning opposition that was to committed to keeping them
and how it all affected him on a deeply personal level, and that is
something we can all relate to

i also, like many of i am sure, could relate to kareem's personal
story, how he felt like an outcast at high school and he found solace
on the basketball court where he could just let go of the world and
do his thing
for me, i also felt like and outcast at school, for different
reasons, but music gave me that place to let go of my
uncomfortableness, a sense of community, and to just be in the
moment and do my thing
for me that letting go is akin to a spiritual practice, something
that puts you completely in the moment, where you do your best to be
in touch with your highest self

even i, as a skinny little white boy, have been affected on a deeply
personal level by the harlem renaissance
as the music that was created at that time
is a music that is so sophisticated, so emotionally and spiritually
profound, and so straight up viscerally ROCKING that it has given me
something to aim for in my life
not to mention countless hours of pleasure, and a soothing of my soul
the jazz music that grew out of that time is the great american art form
and that music soars to the lofty heights of human achievement that i
can only hope to reach one day
as i say, something to aim for

the most exciting part of the book for me was to read about the
literary and activist heros of the time
w.e.b. dubois, who i knew practically nothing about
was an incredible guy, who worked tirelessly to, teach america that
black people were the equal of white people
a simple truth that white america did not want to know about, and he
never sacrificed his integrity while doing it
he wrote books, published magazines, all to showcase the intellectual
part of the african american community
thinking that this would surely make it clear that black people were
the equal of uphill struggle for sure
this guy was a real dynamic his 90's he was still
totally rocking and the u.s. government came down on him because of
his political views
and denied him a passport to go to ghana to do some work there, so he
became citizen in ghana and lived his final days there! never gave in
on his beliefs! in his 90's! cool dude!
after learning about him i am excited to go on out and get his books
and read the magazine he published 'the crisis'
a great part of this book is that kareem was not afraid to show the
faults of the artists of the time also
like the aforementioned w.e.b. dubois (and many of the other black
intellectuals of the time) dismissing jazz music because he said it
did not promote the intellectual image of black people that he wanted
to promote
and putting down zora neale hurston, who is an unbelievably great
writer, because he thought she was lampooning black southern black
which was not the case at all
i personally love zora neal hurston and that part made me sad to
learn about because though she never sacrificed her art, the negative
criticism hurt her deeply
he also even wrote about some questionable parts of zora's
history............................................................complex characters one and all!

kareem's book is great
there were only two things that i did not agree with
one is that kareem said that miles davis was the touchstone at the
center of the be bop jazz movement
now i love miles davis like crazy, and he changed the face of jazz 3
times and if i was stranded on a desert island 'kind of blue' is the
record i would want with me
however, charlie parker is the one and only dgr center of be bop, of
this there is no question, and charlie parker is arguably the
virtuoso musician of the century.......
the other is that at one point in the book kareem speaks about the
great writers of the harlem renaissance
and says that his own accomplishments on the basketball court did
nothing to change the world and that they pale in comparison to what
these writers/activists/ thinkers did...
and with that i disagree............ kareem's accomplishments on the
basketball court have been a deep and long lasting inspiration to
untold thousands of people
his greatness at what he did and the dignity with which he has always
carried himself has put as much good energy into the world as anyone
basketball is as beautiful as literature

in this time of our popular culture
we are always hearing our celebrities going on about me me me me
a never ending soap opera of the power and grandiosity of their fame
and their personal lives
and we hear them being lauded for their ability to work the system to
make money............
and here we have kareem, one our most important sports figures
who, since i was aware of who he was, have been told by the media
that he is too aloof, too self involved
that he is unfriendly and selfish with the media
because he does not glad hand like a politician, give snappy little
sound bites, and pose by a turkey each christmas time....
the truth is....
he is not wallowing in his fame
he is the one of the most giving people
he is the one who spends his time and energy focused on giving us
something much more profound
something that will stand the test of time as a document of the
greatness human beings are are capable of
and give kids a sense of self

i am such a fool
how did i not see this before???
i cannot believe my shortsightedness......
thank god i have seen the light
i just realized!
the lakers are playing the greatest trick in professional team sports
they are outsmarting the entire nba
they are doing the rope a dope of basketball
you heard of the rumble in the jungle?
this is the scrapple in the staples
they are pretending to be really confused and bad
and losing on purpose to trick everybody in to letting down their guard
before they go on their shockingly transcendent playoff championship run
they have faked the injuries
even chris mihm is gonna come bounding out on the court to strains of
'sweet georgia brown'
luke and lamar will be laughing and slapping five as the lakers
vanquish all of their arrogant opponents
and the lakers will play like a perfect team
it was so clear to me today when i realized that the ridiculous
unfair and unwarranted punishment to Kobe could not be real
then i realized that the lakers have a secret deal with the nba to
kick the lakers around a little bit
and make them look even worse than they already do
and when they lay down against the mavs the other night
it was like ali taking body blow after body blow from the mighty
george foreman
only to tire him out and trick him
and then spring up like a genius warrior and fell the mighty oak
what genius the lakers have
and to think that i, a lifelong laker fan , didn't see this before
they are doing this so well they even tricked me
if i am correct i think they will burst out of their contrived
doldrums in about 2 weeks
its gonna be great!!!!!

whooo hoooooo!

the culture of losing is a funny thing
and the shifting of the tides that can cause the energetic momentum
of a team

to shift from one with a winning attitude and one with a losing attitude
is just a funny thing.........hhmmmmm......very interesting
a teams mental state, an individuals mental state, and all the things
that dictate that state
it would seem have more to do with wins and loses than talent
the lakers are pickling their brains in losing juice
i have a lot of excuses just like they do, injuries, kobe getting
wrongfully suspended
but the bottom line is that they are unable to think they are going
to win ya just dont get beaten as badly as they did tonight against the
mavericks without having a losers state of mind
they can turn it around
they can turn around their thought process as quickly as they want
they gotta decide to be winners or do every possible thing in their
power to try to win
like not getting thrown out for technical fouls when 5 guys are
injured.............smush parker
on the bright side........

hopefully that will inject a massive dose of optimism into things
i pray that lamar's shoulder can stay healthy
he is more of a soft touch shooter than a dunker anyways
i just gotta think shoulder healthy shoulder healthy shoulder healthy
shoulder healthy
if any opposing player hits him in the shoulder may they play as if
their shoelaces are tied together for the rest of their career (unless
they join the lakers)

in this dismal time of laker misfortune after misfortune
it is great to see coach phil jackson continuing to be a great
he publicly stands by his players at appropriate times
such as when kobe bryant is unfairly singled out by mr. stu jackson
who would seem to have some sort of bizarre vendetta against kobe
suspending him twice for flailing his arms which is something kobe
has been doing his whole career
and has just recently been bought to task for it out of the blue
a display of the inconsistent and out of the blue discipline meted
out by mr. jackson
he remains equanimous in the face of erratic play by the lakers
and temper tantrums thrown by smush parker and brian cook
and keeps an optomistic outlook despite injuries having the lakers
dropping like flies

i really hope that smush parker can find it within himself to keep a
positive attitude
it would seem to the casual bystander like myself that his tendency
to get down on himself or those around him
when things are not going as well as hoped
is an achilles heel for him and a destructive element for the team as
well as his own progress
smush parker is an underpaid basketball player
his abilities and his contributions far outweigh his (by nba
standards) paltry paycheck
but if he can rise above that current situation and put nothing but
love into the team and organization
not only will the business correct itself, but he will become a
better and more consistent player
and fulfill his potential at it's highest level
and it will fill lakers fans with joy
come on smush
we love you

i miss seeing the lakers games
i am just on tour too much
down in houston right now
headin on down mexico way today
the lakers games are such a symbol to me of the warmth and comfort of
my nice couch
and family
and my lakers shrine
i have a magic johnson shoe
a signed piece of the forum floor, signed by kareem abdul jabbar,
elgin baylor, jerry west, and magic johnson
an 8 by 10 of kareem..........

cant think of many more contented feelings than sitting on my couch
with my family with a belly full of dinner watching the game.......
except for maybe
rocking out

but still it is very high up there

lakers continue to lose
you know you are hurting as a team when you consider a victory to 'hang in there' against a great team like the suns
you know, the lakers have been hurt by injuries but, the bottom line
is they are just not a great team right now
i was wrong about them this year
i really thought they had potential to be great
though, of course i still hold a vestige of hope for them to get lamar and luke back and get some sort of magical playoff momentum
it would seem to be an overly optimistic fantasy at this point
great teams dont lose like they do
when the suns lost amare stoudemire last year they just continued to whup on other teams
and still put up a great fight in the western conference final
because they had the belief in their system and the power to execute it with high energy on a consistent basis
the lakers injuries or no, have been unable to do that
i honestly believed. earlier in the season, that they were at the same level with dallas and phoenix
but i was wrong
my shred of hope is nothing but a shred of hope
but great kingdoms have been built from a shred of hope

the lakers getting or not getting scottie pippen
it is hard to imagine that it would change anything one way or the other
but phil jackson sure knows a lot more about basketball than me if
him and mitch think it is good then i say upwards and onwards

whats up with smush having a tanty
it aint no time for tanties when the team is down
it is time for putting all egos aside and contributing when you are asked

ok so things are looking up a little for the lakers
i was so dismayed with their losing over the last month
that i was really questioning their heart
then they beat the hapless celtics which was good but didnt mean much
then the beat the warriors but did it with good defense with was
then they beat the jazz last night and both teams were without
players due to injury
it was great and i count it as a good victory back to back road game
even though the jazz were without very good players like deron williams
perhaps the lakers needed to spend some time in a dismal slump
in order to truly see the necessity of an intense defense
and a committed and heartfelt style of play
one can only hope.........
good to see that lamar seems to begetting back to form as well
and certainly that is a major factor
kobe playin sick last night, sucks it up for the righteous cause
go lakers

i was snowboarding during the all star break just like radmanovic
except i did not fall
i cruised down the mountain at high speeds having the time of my life
i am disappointed in his dishonesty about the whole affair
but certainly not as disappointed as he probably is
and at least he came clean about it
laker fans are not happy about the whole thing

come back luke come back kwame

let me start by sending love to dennis johnson
he used to be a laker killer on the sonics and the celtics and i used
to be infuriated by him
but i always respected him he was a great and gutsy player who really
gave magic johnson a hard time
he was born to wear green and give the lakers fits
god bless him and his freckles and his loved ones

so here we go into the last couple of months of the season
dallas and phoenix are the best teams in the nba
and us laker fans are crying in our soup
and let me tell you the taste of teardrop soup is a melancholy taste

detroit crushes the lakers at their leisure
cleveland beats the lakers twice in a row and the knicks do too
even the bobcats beat up on the lakers whenever they feel like it so
they do it twice
basically, anyone who wants to come to l.a. might as well come on by
and beat the lakers
it's like shooting fish in a barrel

i still believe that the lakers can bring it together
but something has got to give

such a weird dynamic to this season
the lakers looked so great when the season started
they were winning against the good teams
and seemed to have a deep deep lineup and a great chemistry
then lamar got injured, then they lost luke walton, lost kwame
brown, then they went on an 8 game road trip
then they lost all their mojo
it seemed like that road trip just killed 'em
it was a thing that could have brought them together and it just
seems like it really divided them

i dont believe that it is just their early schedule with all those
games at home that made them look good, that it padded their record
sure it was a help
but they have just lost 5 in a row at home including games to the
blazers, the knicks, and the bobcats
they are just playing worse now
they just stopped playing together
there is something going on that has divided them
and i don't know what it is but something is fishy in lakerland
whoever it is that is putting out the weird vibes and throwing things
off needs to get out of the fear and into the love
out of the fear and into the love i say
they need to take a couple of seasons off and hole up in a cave in
the himalayas

undoubtedly, the lakers profoundly miss luke walton
i hope that he can come back soon and that it does not take him long
to assume the groove he was in prior to his injury
he was a key player in the lakers early season success and it his
contributions are not something that can be measured just in stats
he brings them together as a team

their defense has been pathetic

we miss kwame's muscle too.....big time

radmanovic has not been consistent enough to be a factor
but i still have faith that he can find himself as a laker
and help, much in the way that glen rice did during his laker tenure i am so glad the lakers did not involve andrew bynum in a trade for
jason kidd
that would have been a terrible move
perhaps it could have provided some short term success
but the dude is 34............
andrew bynum is the future of the los angeles lakers
a good center is a rare thing

ahh the lakers just lose and lose
beaten fair and square by the cavs
the lakers, again, could not play d when it counted
unfortunately the lakers have become a middle of the pack team
they are not playing like a team on defense
once a guy gets beat there is noone to help out
it is really kind of lame
where is the givingness?

oh geeeeeeez
now they lose to the new york knickerbockers at home
really bad 4 game losing streak
something has got to give
come back luke come back kwame
i dont even know what to think about this lack of cohesiveness they
are showing
i dont know what's going on in that laker locker room....
maybe it has a voodoo hex on it
even my wife and i got in a little tiff in it at the grammies
these guys have got to get together
that is the only way they are gonna have the sun break through this
storm cloud that has fallen around them
they have to all believe and give their hearts to the team ....that
is the only way to lift from this murky malaise they are treading in
holy cow maybe they need more tough love
like a good old fashioned booing from the home crowd next time they
start acting up like this
no, that's a terrible idea that wouldn't help anything
it's just me being desperate
love is the answer
if we lose we lose
but letting teams prance down into the middle of the lane and score
is lame
cant happen
they gotta step up and show some heart
they gotta be (to quote the ghostface killah) 'tough like an
elephant's tusk'
go lakers
lamar has yet to get in his natural great groove since he has
returned from injury
i trust that he will do that
and it will lift the lakers
and that luke will come back and be the glue to keep it more unified
and kwame will come back and put the hammer down hard in the middle
go lakers
go lakers go lakers go lakers go lakers go lakers

the los angeles lakers will be playing a basketball game against the
cleveland cavaliers this sunday


firstly, not to be overly subjective, but, it is clear that the
lakers are the good guys and the cavs are the bad guys
now that we've cleared that up
lets see how these teams match up

general managers:

the lakers general manager is the visionary mitch kupchak who trained
under the greatest gm of all time the one and only jerry 'zeke from
cabin creek' west...
the man who drafted andrew bynum who could possibly go on to be
mentioned in the same breath as the greatest center of all time, his
mentor, kareem abdul-jabbar
the man who has already rebuilt a team which will be contending for
an nba championship over the next few years

the cavaliers gm is danny ferry
let me tell you a little story about danny ferry
when he was drafted by the clippers in the 80's he did not want to
play for clippers and refused to do it
he went and played a year in europe rather than be on the clippers
he then came back to the nba the following year and ended up on the
cavs friend bob forrest is and has always been a massive
clippers fan
when the cavs came to los angeles to play a summer league game prior
to ferry's first season
bob and i attended the game and walked down and stood at the baseline
bob was furious at ferry for dissing the clippers so blatantly
so bob and i went down there and screamed at danny ferry "GO BACK TO
and various other witticisms we managed to come up with
the next day in the l.a. times it was written how danny ferry was
bothered by 2 manic baseline hecklers
bob and i were so proud
granted, we were young and foolish
i'm sure danny got over it pretty quickly though
i mean, danny ferry is the cleveland cavaliers general manager and
looks content in photos

lakers have the edge


the lakers have phil jackson for their coach
phil jackson is the 2nd greatest basketball coach of all time
2nd only to john wooden
he has won 9 championships, he just needs one more to have the most
of anybody ever in the history of the universe
he has won around 900 games
9 is a great number because it is three 3's
good things come in threes, like the past the past and the
future....the father the son and the holy ghost..........mind, body,
and spirit...........................
he is an intellectual and an author and a deeply spiritual man who
touches his player's lives in many positive ways, not just basketball
he is funny too
the cavs have a fella named mike brown
he seems like a nice guy
he was an assistant coach before this job

lakers have the edge

ok......wait a second
i started writing that a couple of days ago
a typical one sided pro lakers rant
yeah kinda funny, kinda obnoxious, whatever....
. but now, it is a new day and the lakers just stank it up hard in
detroit last night
man.......the pistons dominated them
brian cook had a tanty
that was lame of him
the lakers looked terrible
dissension in the ranks
what a bummer
and now i dont feel like writing my usual overly optomistic laker
that's the end of that
it's time for a new flea, a realistic look at the situation at hand
lets get down to brass tacks............

the lakers have andrew bynum being backed up by rony turiaf or maybe
brian cook
the cavs have zydrunas ilgauskas and anderson varejao
i am typing while sitting in theback of a car on my way to rehearse
for the grammies so i have no access to stats or spellings nor do i
really know the cavs line up very well
i will do my best and go by feel
andrew bynum is more skilled than either of those cav guys but also
much more inconsistent than either of them
they have a good chance of pushing him around and throwing him
totally off of his game
the match up could go either way
varejao is an intense hustle player
i personally dont like the guy, i think that him breaking that greek
guy's face in international play was uncalled for
and i dont like it
but he is a hard hustler and i don't know who on the lakers could
guard him, or box him out, deal with him, our best match up for him
is probably turiaf
turiaf is an explosion of energy i bet those 2 go at it intensely
ilgauskas is a good center who can do it all and though i am sure
that one day andrew bynum will be better than ilgauskas could ever be
unless andrew has one of his great nights, right now ilgauskas has
the edge
hopefully turiaf and andrew can really get in there and get a lot of
but i give the edge inside to the cavs

the lakers start lamar odom and vladimir radmanovich
the cavs have lebron and i dont know who, maybe they start mophead
varejao at the power forward, i dont know
oh, wait they have donyell marshall
for sure lamar is better than varejao or donyell marshall
in every aspect of the game except possible for the pure animal
hustle of the brazilian face breaking mophead
lamar is one of the best all around players in the game
and i give him the edge over those guys.....he can bring the ball
upcourt for crying out loud
and shoot from anywhere and drive the lane and get 15 boards and 8
assists with regularity
and he is a cool guy and i love him
i forgot about drew gooden for pete's sake
the guy is really good
the guy is good and has tenth of a mohawk on theback of his head
i still give lamar the edge at the power forward
our small forward the consistent and glue of our offense luke walton
is out
and radmanovich has been very inconsistent so i give them the edge
i am not gonna bring up lebron yet because he is in a category all
his own and the comparison is really between the 2 superstars kobe
and lebron
whom i refuse to call king james because until he wins something he
is king of nada

ok.......the crux of the matter
kobe vs. lebron
they are both transcendent basketball players
they can both do everything at the highest level
i think kobe is better than lebron for only one reason
kobe has won so many games
been the hero so many times
he knows what it is and what it takes to win
he has also been humbled by life and by basketball
and because of this experience kobe bryant is a better basketball
player than lebron james
the only problem for kobe could be that this has been a long trip in
which he has had to shoulder the load for the team
he has had to carry a lot of weight on some nights
and it might be hard for him
but the if he can tap into the divine energy that makes him great,
tiredness will be no problem
do not think i am ignoring the greatness of lebron here
he is shockingly good, a manchild, a basketball machine, a giant of
basketball skills....
but kobe is a little better

lakers have the edge

at the guards not counting kobe we have smush and sasha who play,
they have both been inconsistent, up and down.... .......aaron
mckie and shamond never ever play
they have eric snow and i dont know who....gibson?
lets call it a wash
the lakers are at the end of a long road trip in which they they
underperformed terribly on some nights
whether or not they can muster the energy and focus to beat the cavs
i don't know
the road can bring a team together or they can crack
b cooks tanty the other night was a bad sign
and i hope the lakers can use these recent difficulties and
to see that all that matters, and the only way they can win
is to love each other and stick together and believe in each other
and that if they can live inside the power of the unity of the group
that they can face anything and be victorious

i say go lakers
lets have a good game

i'm playing at the grammies, gonna miss it
but at grammy rehearsal today i will be in the lakers locker room
which is our dressing room for the grammy event
and i will be putting out the pro lakers love with all of my gusto

p.s.......just got out of grammy rehearsals
hung out in the laker locker room!

last night the lakers get pummeled by the pacers
then today they whup the wizards
i dont know what in tarnation was going on during that pacers game
they could just not shoot the ball into the basket
i cant remember the lakers shooting so poorly
surprisingly they went on a good run in the 3rd just to get our hopes up
only to fall apart like a cheap suit in the 4th and crush our spirits
when i say 'our' i mean 'we' and we know who i am talking about.....
us l.a. kids who bleed purple and gold
it was a crying shame

they played well today in wizard world
kobe (kinda sorta) resisted the temptation to get in an all out
shootout with gilbert hibachi arenas
he kinda just did it enough to take the air out of the building
and he shot very well
played a great all around game
and did an impersonation of a prairie dog popping in and out of its
hole with a wildly dramatic triple pump fake on a wizard late in the
game to be fouled it was crazy looking
there was one moment though when he got fancy showing gilbert the
ball down low and gilbert just swiped it from him
anyways, kobe was great gotta lotta points, 8 or so assists ....
both lamar and andrew had over 10 boards at least and lamar hit some
huge threes down the stretch
had me distracted enough from my chess game that i got checkmated
even though i was in control damn it!
anyways, lakes get a W are now 2 and 2 on the road trip
hopefully on their day off tomorrow in georgia it will be sleepy time
down south and not an all night party with outkast and cee-lo in
so they can be focused....and intent on laying down the law for 48
minutes on the hawks, not this play good for a quarter or so then get
smoked when it counts business.........

i have really been enjoying smush parker alot lately
he has been adding a lot of zip to the lakers energy
and i hope for him to get a nice fat salary at the end of this


the lakers lose to the knicks
though kobe is wrongfully suspended, the lakers still needed to win
that game
i expect them to beat the likes of the new york knicks
certainly luke walton is missed more than is being reported in the media
he is a key component in the facilitation of the lakers team play
and needed by them
one can only hope that all the injuries the lakers have suffered this
year will only make them stronger
and they will build on the promise that they have showed
come on guys
your city loves you
at least kobe returned and they beat the hapless celtics after that....

in a bizarre, i would say surreal event, that never would have
happened when red auerbach was alive
celtic fans cheered kobe and chanted mvp while he had a great game,
beating the celtics handily
if i were one of those fans i would fear the smell of cigar smoke for
the rest of my life

andrew bynum has been selected to the all sophomore team
a modest honor to be sure
but an honor none the less and possibly the tip of the iceberg of
honors to come for that young man if he is willing to maintain a
rigorous and disciplined effort over the coming years
if he wants, if he chooses, he could be one of the greatest centers ever
but he has got to make that choice
to work when he would rather not
to place the importance of his basketball ability over many other
things that might seem more fun at the time
including money
though of course that will be plentiful if he gives his all on the
the only thing that could derail him from greatness
will be the choices he makes in terms of his work ethic and desire to
give with his heart
to the game of basketball

i am excited to read kareem's new book
what an exciting time it was in harlem in the 1920's 30's 40's.....!!!!
be bebop!
one of the most sophisticated, thrilling and wildly fun musical
languages to ever grace humanity!
the duke!.................genius!!!............fats
waller! of the greatest songwriters that ever lived not to
mention a brain bogglingly exciting pianist!
langston hughes!
for me personally, the music and literature of that time has had a
profound effect on my life
and it is exciting when two things i love so much, basketball, and
great art ,come together with the one-ness that they are
go kareem
it is a trip that there was such a cultural zeitgeist of greatness
happening at that time
the exciting art happening in mexico city then, it was a mecca for
great art
and the surrealists and dadaists in paris ..........
they all coincided around that time
trip out

kobe bryant accidentally hit ginobli in the face accidentally
the leagues suspension of him is #$%^&*(*&^%$! and trying to prove some kind of weird point that has nothing to do with basketball
a foul was not even called on the play
go lakers

so the lakers had a rough week
they lost to the sub 500 bobcats then they lost to one of the best
teams in the spurs
it is clear that the loss to the bobcats is partly my fault for
jinxing the game by sending out love to the bobcats repeatedly over
the season
but there is one thing that irks me
it is a thing i hear all the time on nba chat shows, from the players
themselves, and even from kenny and charles who are the best
that a team that lost a game "should have won it" or "could have won it"
the lakers could not and should not have beaten the bobcats
the bobcats shot the ball into the basket more times than the lakers
so they won the game
shoulda woulda coulda, it's a lame concept
to win you have to play better than your opponent
dont matter if you plated better at other times so you have a better record and the bobcats have a lousy record
they are an nba team and they beat the lakers twice in a row
it is energetically bad to shoulda woulda coulda...ya gotta own up to
and take responsibility for losing at anything
denial and arrogance are not the stones of which a mighty castle is
i love the lakers and it pains me to see them lose
but they lost because they were not as good
the shouldn't have won because they didn't
the lakers were up the whole second half against the spurs
they looked good and were moving the ball well
the 'shoulda' won right?
they shoulda lost because the spurs beat 'em fair and square
the lakers need to play better
they have potential to be the best
they have all the ingredients
but are gonna have to show a little more heart
and get some boards
and make some free throws
and getting kwame back will help
it is so great to have lamar back though

and as the lakers head out on this 8 game road trip and gel with lamar back in the fold
i expect and hope for them to rise up
and deepen their quality of play
and bring joy to the people of los angeles

my band played in charlotte, north carolina this evening
it was a pretty fun show, we were doing our thing
and when, in mid rock i look down stage left
and who is standing there rocking to the groove but emeka okafor and
sean may...
that was a trip
being in a successful rock band and living in l.a. i have been around
a lot of famous people
but for me, being such a hardcore basketball fan
and that the worlds of rock and basketball rarely collide
i never meet those guys
i guess i kind of like it that way
that way they stay as mythological heroes to me
and if i never meet 'em it's easy to hate all the guys that aren't on
the lakers
but i gotta say meeting those guys was such a great experience
they were down to earth, smart and funny guys
i'll never be able to hate the bobcats again, even though they beat
the lakers in triple overtime a few weeks ago
and they stayed for a whole 2 hour blasting red hot chili peppers show!
they like music!
i will always bleed purple and gold and lakers will always be my team
but in the eastern conference......go bobcats!
(unless the bizarre experience of a laker bobcat final ever comes to
we also met jb, an assistant coach at charlotte
those guys are so cool man..........
emeka and sean....didn't both those guys win the final four in
consecutive years?
guys at the beginning of long great careers!
god bless em!
woulda been cool had adam morrison come too, but...............
bet i'll see him in may at the rage against the machine show in

anyways, hopefully lamar coming back on friday for the lakers against
the bobcats
lamar odom! triple double trouble! soul man number one!
as much as i like sean and emeka
lakers are gonna have to put the hurt on 'em
yup, i hope those nice bobcat guys have a great season and stay
healthy and have long and happy lives
but i hope the lakers crush their world on friday

it has been a rough month and a half for the lakers without the great
lamar odom
and of course without our resident cake enthusiast (better lay off
the sauce) and muscle in the paint............. kwame brown
the victories that the lakers have enjoyed have been amazing
the fact that they have been able to beat both dallas and san antonio
while being so underhanded is a real tribute to the greatness of this
laker team
the lakers are starting to move the ball more fluidly than i have
seen since the magic johnson era
kobe bryant is playing unbelievably well
and making his teamates better, which was the only part of his game
that was lacking up until this season
he is now a complete player
one the alltime greats
and destined to win another championship with the lakers
and they have a great chance to do it this season
phil jackson has the players running the system well
and certainly commands their respect and they believe in him
which is the unifying factor for any team
no doubt they can run the triangle with even more precision
not to mention rotating over on defense (come on guys!!!)
but still they are playing the system well
and believing in each other
and it is a joy for me to see in laker world
if phil jackson is not coach of the year it is a travesty

however, the lakers have been wearing down without kwame and lamar
and are in dire need of their return
they have lost several games they should have won
partly because of their maddening tendency to play down to the level
of their competition
but also because they are just stretched too thin and don't have the
strength in the paint
i dont know exactly what the numbers are, but lamar and kwame
probably average about 15 boards a game between them
and this deficiency in their absence has been their downfall on many
a dismal night
last night andrew bynum got 15 boards against a newer and stronger
golden state team which was beautiful(he also shot 4 for 4)
but he has yet to learn how to be a power down under consistently
but damn i love that kid!!!
he is great! will be one of the best centers to ever play the game!
did i mention that he and my beautiful daughter sunny have the same
birthday of october 27?
maybe they'll be best friends one day and sunny will have great laker
tix and take her mom and i to the game and we will cheer and eat hot
and they will have their birthday party together and i'll get my
meters cover band together to play at it
in any event...we really need lamar
what he brings to the lakers is crucial
kobe is the heart of this laker team
but lamar is the blood that pumps through it reaching all the
important parts of the body
and kwame is still on his upward arc and is our inside man we need him

i am so proud of the lakers though
when i see a lineup of turiaf(dig that new finger in the light socket
hair!), jordan farmar, sasha vujacic, the radman, and luke out on the
and they are winning the game.....i feel so proud of the unity of the
and how they believe in each other
and it makes me more happy than when they had the best record in the
league in the shak years and they had only a fragmented belief in the
love and unity
they have all been playing well and like a team.........purple and
gold.......go lakers

i did not feel disappointed when chris weber chose the pistons over
the lakers
i think chris will have a better career in michigan and i hope for
him to have a heartfelt connection with the whole scene over there
without a doubt he would be an asset to any team, and though he no
longer is a banger and slammer
he is a great player
but not crucial to the laker team and we already have two big guys
who can shoot well in lamar and b cook
not to mention lamar's great passing ability......

in enemy territory...
the thing that i am excited to see right bout now though
is the nuggets now that carmelo is back
i think that he and the answer are going to be phenomenal together
and that nuggets are really gonna step up and be a threat in the west
i think that kid steve blake is a good point guard too
early to tell, but it seems to bode for an explosive and thrilling
all depends on the chemistry.....
whats up wiith kenyon martin? is he injured all year or something?

speaking of question marks
where is latrell sprewell?
has he just silently retired and disappeared forever from our nba world?
the guy was a dynamic and exciting figure for years
and then poof he vanishes
probably made more money else where since that 8000zillion dollars he
was getting wasnt enough to feed his children
hahha just joking
that was a pretty silly comment he made though
but he was the best player on that knick team with alan houston and
marcus camby
and i really like alan houston and dont hold that exorbitant paycheck
against him
even though he dropped 50 on the lakers one night to bum me out

the suns are too good it is not fair
the small little part of my basketball heart that is not jealous is
wildly impressed


so flying somewhere over greenland in the middle of the night i get
the pilot to email in and check on the lakers score
sitting there staring into the indecipherable hi tech hodge podge of
airplane gadgetry it starts to flash...........lakers 102 houston 94
ahhhh i was so happy, i go back to my seat waiting for anthony and
chad to wake up so i can tell 'em the good news
when we arrive in l.a. around 3 morning i check the boxscore on my
little phone pager thing and i see lamar odom 1 rebound no points,
blocks, steals, or assists....
i think oh no i hope he is ok
then i figure out he injured his knee on a sports news thing and at
the exact second i page anthony to tell him lamar hurt his knee a
page comes in from him telling me...lamar sprained his knee out 6
what a sinking feeling
heart ache
our main man lamar out for 6 weeks?
our triple double trouble bubble burst by the cruel pin prick of
random injury????
well, selfishly, i am just bummed
lamar odom is having the best year of his career
he is lifting the lakers to great heights with consistent all around
he is a humble, intelligent, and loyal team player who can light it
up in every aspect of the game
he gives the lakers so much depth as a team and clearly is a crucial
part of our success this season
so, in terms of the lakers winning, we need him bad and are gonna
miss him
but more than that, i just hope lamar is ok with it
it has been a challenging year for him
and to the simple fan like myself, it would seem that the basketball
court has been a place of solace for him, a place to let go
so i hope he is able to use this time to not just heal up his knee
but to have some solid family love time
and that this disrupting setback doesn't get him down
i hope he knows that all of us fans are sending him love and support

anyways...lakers get smoked by the mavs............bummer

watching the lakers play the rockets at staples right now
yao ming is dominating, the lakes are down by 21 or so
yao the dominant center in the nba
and then POW! kobe 53 points ten rebounds 8 assists
the guy just refused to lose
he was incredible tonight when the pressure was on
hadnt been shooting great at the start of the night but when it came
down to the hard time he he drained 'em from all over the court
of course i prefer it when it is more of a team effort and the ball
movement is better
i just worry that kobe will take over too much and that the other
guys will get out of their flow
like a high school weight lifter that only develops his biceps and is
all out of proportion with himself
still kobe just would not lose
smush hit some key baskets down the stretch too, big baskets....
and a big 3 by b cook in ot
great to see the lakers getting along
a beautiful thing
come back soon lamar!!!

so the suns are on a 13 game winning streak
that's pretty incredible especially considering their slow start
but..........the most amazing thing about iit is shawn marion's hair
have you seen it?
it looks like it has been painted on with black shoe polish in a
beautiful geometric shape
like a swim cap designed by salvador dali
shawn marion is just kind of a tripper i am figuring out
he's got that freaky set shot that he drains
and he can fly through the roof
he is definitely challenging adam morrisson for head tripper and bold
styler of the nba

speaking of adam morrisson he seems to be poking his head out of his
slump as if he is beginning to find the answer for a question of deep

whoever gets allen iverson gets one of the greatest basketball
players to ever play the game
i love the answer
how lame for the sixers to announce they are gonna trade him them put
him on ice
i mean, just for their own selves..........they put themselves at
such a disadvantage trade wise doing that, everyone knows they gotta
trade him soon.....they are in a position of weakness, it's like
telling your chess opponent what you are thinking before you have
even developed your strategy
they should have continued to play him and gone about it quietly

extra extra!
lakers whup the spurs!
all starters in double figures!
lakers back on track after hornets fiasco!
lamar nearly a triple double
kobe scoring well
andrew and kwame getting tough in the paint
lamar has been so great on the boards lately
i really love that guy
yes yes lord
great to see

well now comes the texas two step (name stolen from gage freeman)
back to back houston and dallas
lets hope it is 'the taking of texas one two three' (original name)

andrew bynum is going to have put the pressure on yao

it is so great that the lakers have group meditations
for sure that will contribute mightily to the depth of communication
of that team
whether they know it or not
all those brainwaves getting together
man i am so excited to get home in a few days from this grueling rock
tour and see some basketball games
sittin in sweden right now.....
one more show tomorrow night and then................california! the
promised land
home family and a big fat tv with laker games on it

what in tarnation is bothering adam morrison so?
the guy is an incredible scorer and right now for 3 games he couldn't
throw a pea out of an airplane and hit air
he's bound to get over it soon and come bursting out of his slump
like a wild sage brush jack rabbit with folded ears exploding out of
captain beefheart's brain

lakes come up with great team effort against the hawks i like it
dunno if kobe's playin tonight against the spurs
i said at dinner that if the lakers won tonight i would get a laker
but if i did that one day they might sell out and go corporate and no
longer be a ma and pa operation
and and then i would be bummed
that's worse than having an ex-wife's name tattooed on your forehead
so i quickly took it back
i ain't gettin no laker tattoo

would some genius with an inside scoop please give us pedestrian fans
the inside scoop on radmanovich???
is it his hand injury?
that's the excuse i keep using
is it that he doesn't understand the triangle?
what's the deal?
the guys supposed to be bombing threes on fools
help me somebody

i am psychic
the lakers will finish the season 54 and 28

beyond that

the loss to the hornets the other night was absurd
it is one thing for chris paul to run roughshod over the lakers
there should have been more done to stop him
i know we have no guard who can stay with him
and i dont like it but i know it to be the truth
but our big guys should have stepped up when he came in the lane
and even that, though poor play
doesn't disturb me that badly because chris paul is a great great player
who will probably end up being the best point guard in the nba


to be out rebounded that terribly????
dismal and showing no heart or effort
a real let down
and a set back in the great momentum this team has garnered so far
this season
glad that game is behind us
hopefully a good lesson for the lakers

over 300 points scored in an nba game between the suns and nets last

someone ate their wheaties

ok the lakers beat the clippers again
lakers top the pacific division and them clippers been the cellar
dwellers for a week or so now
that should stop their squawking for a while
they had a little success last year and started talking trash a
little too quick
l.a. is laker town
and for all us kids who grew up loving kareem abdul-jabbar
that will never change

phil jackson is a funny man
i like that he is an intellectual and a spiritual man but still
manages to make fun of the opposing players, fans, and coaches
they should all be grateful to be dignified by his joking ways
the whole leagues is full of nuts and characters and someone's gotta
add a little levity
too much money too much seriousness in sports
phil had a good natured quip for jerry sloan a few days ago, i cant
remember what it was
and then sloan comes out and says that when kobe scored 52 the other
night that someone should have put him "flat on his back"
oh, that's good sportsmanship jerry.............
and just the other day i was thinking about how nice it was he was
with one team for so long
jerry sloan is not a nice man and may he stay and in utah
where they have never ever won a championship and never ever will
do i sound bitter?

anyways, lakers continue to get better and play as a team
even when kobe dropped 52 everyone else was still involved
and kobe could have easily got it into the 60's at least but was
content to get the team involved
kobe bryant is still the best basketball player in the nba
no matter how much the corporate big wig sponsors selling sodas and
shoes push lebron and d(elbow
kobe in the throat last xmas) )wade
the other night when the lakers spanked the nets he had 10 assists
the lakers are a strong, open minded, learning team that has the

it is nice to see orlando do so well
i like the players
dwight howard is a force of nature
and grant hill has always been a cool guy
who has fought through a lot to get back into playing shape
who could have retired with his millions years ago and be sitting on a
nice beach eating papayas
and as i recall, he travelled the country with his historically
important african american art collection
showing it to kids all around
i like that

adam morrison rocks

lakers beat the jazz
kobe drops 52
dont forget about mo evans' 17
the jazz have to pay
i'm goin to the basquiat exhibit in italy now
purple and gold runnin in my veins

i gotta tell ya
there is no better thing than waking up in london after a very late night
and whenever i wake up on tour
i am never quite sure where i am
kinda delirious, then, the dawning thought, oh yeah i'm in london..
then a moment of laying there
then the thought........the lakers....i went to sleep at 530 am and
it was halftime they were up by 3!
oh lord...whats the score??????
the walk to the computer......the booting up of the computer
the fear the anticipation, it's like it was building up the nerve to ask my wife to marry me
and then............ahh that sweet satisfying feeling......lakers 105....clippers 101
back in bed to lay around with a contented good feeling
all is right with the world
kobe drops 40
kwame steps up and has a great game
the lakers are a team
a real team
and have the 3rd best record in the nba
in the tough western conference
and have a better record than any team in the eastern conference
god is good
life is a rich and deep and beautiful thing
ahhh, im gonna rock my brains out tonight in london

and elton brand better stop talking about how much better they are than the lakers
'we were already better than them last year' and how he's got more important teams to worry about.....
lemme tell ya something elton, you got something to worry about right here
..the lakers are deep, real deep
tradition, legacy, pride from top to bottom is what the lakers have
9 championships
and we have andrew bynum
learning from one of the greatest parts of the lakers legacy.................
kareem abdul jabbaar
the legacy continues
we had jerry west, who was smart enough to get kobe bryant in the draft
we are the lakers
so elton, i respect you, you are a great player and seem like a stand up dude
but you need to watch your p's and q's
you guys made it past the first round twice in the teams l.a. history
the clippers must bow down humbly to the lakers

in london england they could really care less about basketball
nothing on tv
nothing in the newpaper
nothing on their english lips
has there ever been a british basketball player of remote consequence?
maybe a little english bloke who skinned his knee once and really had heart
there are so many countries becoming great at basketball, germany, slovenia, france, italy, russia, several african countries....
but i have to content myself to reading scores and recaps on the computer
and picking up the occasional piece of valuable information from my friends at home
yesterday my wife told me that kwame looked unhappy during the bulls game
sending him my best thoughts
i am excited about kobe bryant
he is a complex man
and whenever i try to talk about him or write about him
i dont feel like i ever get it right
i dont even know the guy
he is such an awesomely transcendent basketball player
and my criticisms always sound petty or silly when i see them in print
and my praise sounds normal
i have described him as a basketball robot, meaning that he is just a basketball playing machine, built to hoop
but that sounds like an insult and that is not what i mean
it sounds like i am accusing him of not being a sensitive human being
and that is not what i mean at all
its just that, he has become an amazing artist and used his imagination and will to a very high purpose
and pulled himself to be all that he can
and that is enough
and that takes complete commitment
people always put him down, saying he is for being full of himself
and i dont think he is more full of himself than any other players
he just believes in his abilities 100 percent
and he does not pretend to be otherwise
its not his job to present himself as this perfect humble human being in the media
it takes all heart to do what he does
and he just keeps adding dimension to his game
so my point is, i guess, that he is the real deal
and has his eccentricities like all of us
and especially those who dedicate themselves so fully to their craft
the guy deserves a break
deserves love and respect
especially from us angelenos....(to all my traitor friends)

i like the new no whining rule
it really makes the game better
it had gotten to the point where every single foul called caused an
overly dramatic gesticulating pleading tantrum throwing mess
i say hip hip hooray for the new refereeing style
whine like a baby....get a t
for sure there are gonna be bad calls
what goes around comes around
its part of the game
get over it
play ball

saw adam morrison do a morrison only style hook shot in the face of
rasual butler tonight
a wild style running hook off the glass from about 15 feet out
the kids is awesome
i know emeka okafor is the best player on that team
i just love morrison
and its not because i am white
i just appreciate boldly unique people with a trippy style who give
their heart
bobcats couldnt beat the hornets though
not when chris paul is running the show and peja drops 30 on your

so the lakers took a couple of beatings
i could not watch the blazers loss.....
glad i missed it, i would have gotten depressed
then i watched em fold against the pistons who didnt even have
richard hamilton with them
they really looked anemic in that game
and tayshaun prince whom my wife calls tay tay
could not miss

then i attended the grizzlies game
i bought my one year old daughter to her first laker game
so she could see her favorite player andrew bynum
you see, my little monkey girl and andrew bynum have the same
birthday of oct 27
in the first half of the game
while the lakers were whupping the grizzlies good
i saw something great.....
the 2 headed monster
the 2 headed monster i have been waiting for
the duet between jimi hendrix and john coltrane that i have been
waiting to hear
a new song by lennon and mcartney
a western with toshiro mifune and clint eastwood.....
what i'm trying to say is that kobe and lamar
played together in concert
both involved
both scoring
both getting the whole team involved
playing together like one
supporting each other
and going for it
i have been waiting to see that for 3 years........
now, the lakers went flat in the 3rd and let em back in(but held on
to win the game)
but in that first half
seeing kobe and lamar play together like that
it was beautiful
they can both be on at the same time
and it is a mighty powerful thing
go lakers

Posted by Flea on November 8, 2006, 8 a.m. ET

so lakers/ twolves tonight
my wife says "whats up with kevin garnett's beard?........he looks like some kind of polygamist
or an amish guy or something"
well that made me laugh (he does have a pretty trippy beard right now)
but even though the twolves are our western conference rival
kevin garnett is a very loveable man and i admire him greatly
he has kept his chin up to the sky and played with intensity and passion
despite only once(i think) ever making it pass the first round of the playoffs
and having to deal with that weird season last year after sprewell and cassell dissapeared
and having terrible luck with that whole joe smith imbroglio
and worst of all losing the beautiful man malik sealy.....
kevin garnett is great and has a great vibe he is smart and funny
i love him

so anyways, the lakers smoked the ne'er dowells from minny like a cheap cigar tonight
twolves made a run at 'em near the end but to no avail
the lakers continue to play like a team
they are deep deep deep
andrew bynum, as i have said many times, will go on to become the dominant center in the nba
when it happens, go back and look at my blogs from last year
and know, the the little flea was right.....the nutty little flea.........psychic!
and tonight, 20 14 and 4 blocks
the kid is great
as long the lakers can continue to play team ball and keep that triangle moving
there is nothing to stop them
nothing i say!
if kobe can keep the whole team involved
and the whole team can stay involved and never fall into the trap of waiting for kobe to take
care of things....
andrew bynum is owning the paint
he is changing the shot of every fool who dare penetrate the lane, whether he blocks it or not
thanks god for phil jackson

earlier tonight turned on the heat/sonics it was the end of the 3rd and the heat were up by 3
i always want the heat to lose and they are my most scorned enemy
but it is hard for me to really muster up a good hatred when shaq is not playing
i mean, james posey, alonzo, and d wade have all done things to get my dander up over the
but my shaq bitterness takes precedence over all that
i was a very upset when the lakers did not get their due in return for shaq when they traded
because he refused to be traded to any other team other than those with a warm climate
i know that he was angry because the lakers chose kobe over him for their future
but is was, in my opinion the wise choice for the lakers to make......(unlike their foolish choice
of letting of phil jackson go)
it came down to the lakers brass having to choose between the 2 of them when he and kobe's
ridiculous feud finally spiraled out of control
and, to the pedestrian fan like myself, it seemed like shak treated kobe poorly from the start
and it was a long time before kobe came out and started firing verbal abuse back
so anyways, kobe is young and the best player in the nba, it was a wise choice
the lakers paid shaquille O'Neal a lot of money, i felt like he should have been more of a
gentleman on the way out
the lakers ended up getting saddled with brian grant's monster salary
so right or not, based on the little i glean from newspapers and my own laker fandom, i am anti
taking into consideration of course, i view everything through purple and gold colored glasses
and act like a child when it comes to basketball
and in any event, that's why i always want the heat to lose
but damn it, they just won, they are always winning and bumming me out

I Love This Game
Posted by Flea on November 1, 2006, 5 a.m. ET

i was on stage rocking cleveland with all my powers and missed the
first quarter
but saw the rest of the lakers/suns game
i am so proud of the lakers
mitch kupchak!
getting andrew bynum was the greatest move
i would rather have him on my team than any other center in the nba
this kid is the next great center in the nba
kareem abdul-jabbaar, the greatest center who ever played the game has been sharing his profound basketball wisdoms with andrew
and andrew bynum will go down in history as one of the great centers
along with the other greats, bill russell, hakeem the dream, and wilt chamberlain
though i completely have faith in the laker brain trust, it is my hope that bynum is the starting center from here on out
put kwame at the power forward and lamar at the 3 spot (more about the true hero in a minute)
andrew bynum is the real deal and will only get better
picking up maurice evans is the greatest thing too
he is exactly what the lakers needed a hard nosed athletic guy with
an all around game who is strong and can play well within a team concept
he is the x factor for the lakers this year i feel it in my bones
plus radmanovic too! once that hand gets healed up he is gonna be lighting it up, burning the nets to smithereens, stroking em.......
he's got that quick release like dale ellis had..........
farmar looks great, made a rookie move shot clock violation, but moved the ball well and made his layups
the lakers have improved tremendously, and all those so called experts who picked them to finish tenth, eleventh in the west are fools

lamar odom is a real man
i just love that guy
he played so beautifully tonight
and i know he is gonna stay that great, it is written all over his face
he is treasuring his moments on this earth
and using them well
god bless lamar
turning his pain into something beautiful
and that is the hardest thing to do of all
and the true measure of character

when kobe gets back
he is gonna continue to become a better and better leader
and make these guys even better
the lakers have all the pieces

been reading all these articles about who is the best basketball player in the nba, lebron or d wade
it is a joke, nothing but hype to sell things
yes they are both outstanding players
but kobe bryant is better than both of them
at both ends of the court

saw the bulls cremated the heat tonight in miami
the bulls look incredible, stacked and full of vim and vigor
tyrus thomas looks like he can jump through the roof

the heat are luke warm

i am so excited that the nba season has started
god, i love basketball
and i get to write all my not even slightly objective or remotely rational highly emotional opinions!

your pal flea

We Will, We Will Rock You!
Posted by Flea on October 31, 2006, 1 p.m. ET

here we are on the verge of another nba season
i anticipate the new season with great fervor
and gonna be sitting in my halloween costume (freddy mercury this
year) in cleveland watching laker tip off
after a long summer of baseball and golf
sweet jump shots!
magic johnson style no look passes!
wild and fluid fast breaks!
burly rebounds!
smooth george gervin finger rolls!
bodacious chocolate thunder darryl dawkins style dunks!
laker victories!!!

speaking of laker victories
i am just really thinking alot about the lakers right now
and i am thinking some great thoughts
they begun to bring it together last season at the end of the season
and though they were beaten in the playoffs by the phoenix suns, who
were a better team, the lakers were really starting to gel
i have very high hopes for them this year
they are a better team now
they have more experience
and a season of the triangle and phil under their belts
kobe bryant is the best basketball player on earth right now
of that there is no question
if he can continue to deepen his leadership abilities and overall
spiritual world-view he can be one of the greatest to ever step on
the hardwood
he can do it this year
lamar odom is such a great player
who suffered a terrible loss this past summer
and my thoughts and prayers are just with him
and i pray for him to have peace in his heart
i hope that the basketball court is a place for him to express himself
and to be free
that it can bring him peace and purpose and love and camaraderie with
his basketball family
he has always seemed like a humble and loyal person to me
and from one father to another
i wish for him happiness and peace in this crazy world
and the strength to have faith.......
kwame kwame kwame
he really bought it together towards the end of the season last year
i am so excited him to see him continue to grow as a player
and to DOMINATE THE PAINT and know that the basketball is his friend
i dont know a lot about vladmir radmanovich besides what i read in
the paper
but without a doubt, great shooters have historically flourished in
the triangle
he is gonna be a great element for us.......but honestly i dont have
a feel for the guy yet
if smush can refain from getting down on himself when he makes a
he can be one of the great guards in the league
if he can train his will to let go of the past when he misses a shot
or makes a turnover
if he can stay in the moment
and stay positive and let his true nature flow like the ole
mississip.........then we have a winner
if chris mihm can stay healthy he will be a huge asset
he needs to start doing yoga or something
i'm looking for luke walton to remain the solid all around player
that he is, when his confidence is good
he is awesome
andrew bynum is gonna end up with a lot more playing time early in
the season than anyone expected
so he needs to focus in hard with some intense discipline
he needs to show the world he is the next dominant center in the nba
ok.....i could blather on and on
i am excited about jordan farmar he looks great
most likely the laker point guard of the future
maurice evans is a great pick up, scored 27 the other night in pre
cant wait to see more of him
i know he will be a great factor in the lakers playoff run this year
i'm pullin for sasha to get hard nosed and play harder this year.....
also looking for ronny turiaf to come up big
go lakers go lakers go lakers go lakers go lakers fo lakers go lakers
go lakers

of course, my favorite player not on the lakers is adam morrisson
the guy is cooler than heck
and self effacing
he cemented his image as coolest basketball player with his quiet
receiving of the whatever college player of the year award he got
last year
not to mention his all out controlled wildness on the basketball court
he is a guy who gets to the soul of things
he is all heart

so i was happy to see the u.s.a. lose in the world basketball
competition this summer
don't get me wrong i love america, even if our current president is ...
DON'T get me started ..
i love the country and i think basketball is one of its greatest exports
but i just like to see these small countries who have so much less of
everything, including gazillionaire basketball superheroes, beat a
bunch of superduper stars who assume they are better
they are not better
it came down to the nitty gritty on the hoop court against a bunch of
working class greeks and
teamwork wins.................a beautiful lesson!!!
no one should ever assume they are gonna win anything, it is arrogant
as all get out, not to mention unattractive and boorish
i mean, i assume that the lakers are gonna win everytime they step on
the court, but at least i know i am an idiot