The Boston Celtics Waiting List Member Agreement

By placing a deposit, you confirm that you have read these Boston Celtics Wait List Member Terms and Conditions (this "Agreement"), that you understand this Agreement, and that you agree to be bound by this Agreement. Banner Seventeen, LLC (dba the Boston Celtics) ("we" or the "Celtics") established a Celtics season ticket wait list (the "Celtics Wait List") to give fans who are members of the Celtics Wait List the opportunity to be the first in line to purchase Celtics season tickets as they become available. This Agreement describes your rights and obligations as a member of the Celtics Wait List. Please read this Agreement carefully. If you have any questions about any of this Agreement, please contact us at 866-4-CELTIX or e-mail To join the Celtics Wait List, you may complete the online registration, or download an application at, and return it by mail to the address listed on the application. Each Celtics Wait List member may request a minimum of two (2) seats, and a maximum of five (5) seats, per Celtics Wait List account. You may only register for one (1) Celtics Wait List account per household per name. The Celtics Wait List is only open to individuals age eighteen (18) or older, and who are (a) legal residents of Massachusetts, (b) legal residents of Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine who live within a one hundred fifty (150) mile radius of Boston, Massachusetts, and (c) legal residents of Connecticut who live within a seventy-five (75) mile radius of Boston, Massachusetts. A deposit of $100 is required for each seat requested. Should Celtics season tickets become available for your purchase, these deposits will be applied toward your Celtics Season Ticket Member account balance when you purchase Celtics season tickets. Your deposit holds your place on the Celtics Wait List, but it does not guarantee that you will be offered season tickets. Ticket availability is based on the renewal rates of existing season ticket members. The Celtics will contact you as seats become available for your purchase. After registering and making your deposit, you will be added as a member of the Celtics Wait List and assigned a priority number for season ticket availability. Priority numbers are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Celtics Wait List members with the lowest numerical priority numbers will have the first opportunity to purchase season ticket memberships as they become available, as determined by the Celtics in their sole discretion. There are no additional fees required to maintain your Celtics Wait List membership and hold your position on the Celtics Wait List. You will remain a Celtics Wait List member until (a) you are offered, and purchase, Celtics season tickets, (b) you request to be removed from the Celtics Wait List in the manner set forth below, or (c) your Celtics Wait List membership is revoked pursuant to this Agreement. If you were previously a Celtics Wait List member and requested to be removed from the Celtics Wait List, you may not register for another Celtics Wait List account until at least one (1) full calendar year after the date on which your most recent Celtics Wait List account was terminated. If we reach your priority number on the Celtics Wait List, or if other ticket opportunities become available, you will be contacted by a Celtics representative. Details regarding your ticket purchase opportunity will be provided at such time. You may be contacted via telephone or e-mail. For this reason, it is extremely important that you keep all contact information up-to-date with our Business Operations department. To update your mailing address, phone number or e-mail address, please contact us at The name that you enter on the application form is the name under which your Celtics Wait List account will be established. Celtics Wait List membership may be transferred within thirty (30) days of your deposit. Membership cannot be transferred to another person after this thirty (30) day period unless the membership is being transferred to the transferring member's immediate family member. Transfer to an immediate family member can occur at any time. If you would like to give the Celtics Wait List as a gift, please enter the gift recipient's full name, address, phone number and email address in the appropriate fields on the application form and the account will be created in his/her name. By submitting the application form, you represent that (a) you are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older, (b) you have completed the form on behalf of yourself or the gift recipient, and (c) all contact information on the form is accurate and truthful. In the event that you misrepresent any information in (a)-(c) above, or violate any other term or condition of this Agreement, we reserve the right to remove your name from the Celtics Wait List and retain your deposit. You agree to notify us promptly of any change to your phone number, mailing address, or e-mail address using the procedure set forth above. If you have not notified us of any change to your phone number, mailing address or e-mail address, you agree that your failure to provide us with the proper contact information is the lack of ordinary care on your part, and we will not be responsible for any loss that occurs as a result of this failure. Celtics season tickets are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to Celtics Season Ticket Memberships. All Celtics ticket purchases are subject to Celtics management review and approval.

You may request that we remove your name from the Celtics Wait List and refund your deposit at any time prior to our contacting you that you are eligible to purchase season tickets. Your refund request must be in writing. Email or mail requests to: Boston Celtics Attn: Business Operations 226 Causeway St. 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02114. Deposit refunds will be administered within six (6) weeks of receipt of the request.

By entering into this Agreement, you agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without regard to choice of law principles, and that venue for any dispute relating to this Agreement will be in a duly authorized court located within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The failure of the Celtics to enforce any right or provision of this Agreement will not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then that provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

Membership in the Celtics Wait List is conditioned upon your acceptance and compliance with this Agreement. You agree that the Celtics may, at any time and in their sole discretion, revise the terms of this Agreement, and that the most current version of this Agreement will always be available at If any revision to this Agreement is material, in Celtics' sole discretion, you understand that the Celtics will provide you with written notification of such revision. By continuing membership in the Celtics Wait List after the revised Agreement becomes effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Agreement. In addition, your deposit will be subject to forfeiture if you violate any rule, regulation, or policy either (i) of the Boston Celtics, (ii) concerning any program, privilege, or benefit made available to Celtics Wait List members, or (iii) concerning the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Importantly, if you provide us with any false and/or inaccurate contact information on the application form (e.g., name, address, phone number, or e-mail address) or fail to properly update such contact information, we reserve the right to remove your name from the Celtics Wait List and retain your deposit.


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