Ed Lacerte - Head Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist

Dr Ed Lacerte begins his 29th season with the Boston Celtics as the Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist, making him the longest-tenured athletic trainer in the history of the club. Lacerte is a registered Physical Therapist, certified and licensed Athletic Trainer, a Certified Strength &Conditioning Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as a Sports Clinical Specialist and also acknowledged as an International Sports Physical Therapist. Along with his duties, he used his vast background in sports medicine to serve as the Celtics’ Strength and Conditioning coach for eight seasons.

Additionally, he has served as the Treasurer of the National Basketball Association Trainer’s Association (NBATA) since 1988 and is a member of the NBA Sports Science Committee. Dr Lacerte was honored as the Joe O’Toole NBA Athletic Trainer of the Year in 1993, 2012 and 2015. As recognition for his exceptional service and dedication to the NBATA, Lacerte was honored as the first recipient of the Ed Lacerte Service Award in July 2009. The award was named in his honor for his contributions and assistance to the NBATA.

A native of Lowell, MA Lacerte attended Boston University earning his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Masters in Education. He also has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. He was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Boston University hockey and football teams from 1982 through 1985. Lacerte was employed in a physical therapy clinic and was an athletic trainer on the interscholastic level before his selection by the Boston Celtics in August 1987.

Outside of his work with the Celtics, Lacerte was an athletic trainer and physical therapist for three Olympic Sports Festivals (1987, 1989 and 1990), the 1991 Junior World Championships, the 1994 World Cup, and the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Gymnastic Trials in Boston. Lacerte’s Olympic involvement began with the 1984 LA summer Olympics at the Boston venue for soccer and was involved with drug testing for the USOC in the 1980’s. His Olympic experience culminated during the 1992 Olympic Games as the Athletic Trainer with the US Olympic Gold Medal-winning Basketball “Dream Team” in Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, he has been an Athletic Trainer at three NBA All-Star Games (1998, 2000 and 2010). In addition to his career in professional sports, Lacerte also maintains a physical therapy clinic, Pro Sports Therapy, with offices in Waltham and Westford, MA.

Dr Lacerte has been inducted into the Central Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame and in 2015 was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame. Ed and his wife, Maureen, have five children: Devin, Taylor, Arianna, Graham and Thea. The family lives in Westford, MA.


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