Pregame Post-Ups: Confidence is Key for Boston to Start Playing Free

Tuesday, February 23 - Celtics at Mavericks

Pregame – Confidence is Key for Boston to Start Playing Free

Tuesday night’s matchup against the Dallas Mavericks may just look like any other regular-season game on the Boston Celtics’ schedule, but head coach Brad Stevens views it as much more than that.

After blowing a 24-point lead to New Orleans Sunday afternoon and dropping to 15-15 in the win/loss column, Stevens perceives Tuesday's contest and each succeeding matchup as a vital opportunity for Boston to break out of its inconsistent stretch and start building some positive momentum.

“I think every game, when you're in the midst of what we're in the midst of, is a pivotal game,” Stevens said ahead of tip-off in Dallas.

However, before the C’s can begin to build momentum, they need to start building confidence, for which Stevens laid out the framework.

“Confidence comes from doing hard things,” he explained. “Confidence comes from preparing. Confidence comes from getting it done when it’s all on the line against another team that’s going full speed trying to take it from you.”

Creating such confidence should allow the Celtics to start playing more freely. And if a team this talented can start playing more free, it should begin to see more consistent, positive results.

There’s a lot of work that goes into that, but it’s what the Celtics need to strive for in order to break out of their slump.

“It all goes back to what do you put into it?” Stevens noted. “What are you putting into preparing, getting ready to compete and taking somebody else's best shot and coming out on top. Easier said than done in this league, but that's what it's going to take for us to get going in the right direction.”

- Taylor Snow


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