That’s What He Said - Lakers at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 107-96 victory over Los Angeles.

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RE: Jayson Tatum update:

“So he had imaging here. He’s got a sore right ankle, and he’s going to have more imaging tomorrow, at which point they’ll let us know what they find in that. I don’t know anything else; I guess it was – he had some – he must’ve felt it at some point, right there, right before he came out he asked to be taken out. And then went back in the back and they ruled him out for the rest of the game. He’s in – he’s in a walking boot to be safe tonight, and then he’ll be reexamined tomorrow.”

RE: Did Tatum injure himself during tonight’s game:

“That’s what I was told, but he didn’t remember a specific incident. So I’m not sure.”

RE: Losing players but winning games:

“I thought that we made timely plays. I didn’t think we necessarily played good basketball the whole last thirty minutes or so, but we got – we got a little caught up in the flair of the game, probably, in the second quarter. And I thought the end of the second quarter was bad. But after that, for the next two quarters, we made timely plays. And you know, whether it be a big rebound by a guard, (Aron) Baynes scoring as they were coming back, Marcus Morris going in, throwing it to the post and playing out of the post with him some, and then obviously Kyrie (Irving) made some tremendous plays late. But we had a bunch of guys step up and do different things. We were timely. We weren’t good enough to say we played well; we can play than that.”

RE: Aron Baynes:

"Aron was great. Yeah, I mean and they went small a lot, with (Julius) Randle and then they had a lineup there at the very end that was even smaller without all the bigs. And he did a good job rolling all night, and sealing, and finishing in and around the paint. Had a couple of put-backs, and did a good job.”

RE: Was Tatum’s MRI tonight inconclusive:

“Didn’t have an MRI; just had an x-ray back here in the back. So he’ll have more tests, probably an MRI tomorrow, I’m guessing. Yes.”


RE: With Al Horford out were you feeling something extra:

“It wasn’t so much that I think we are just great creators on this team. I just found myself in the right position, I was just trying to make the right play and trying to finish as best I could. It’s a compliment to the other guys on the team getting me the ball and great position; Marcus (Smart), Kyrie (Irving) all those guys looking for me and I appreciate it.”

RE: Look to the rim a little bit more, might be a production shortfall:

“I don’t know if its so much about that. If we just live within our system then the system usually gives us what we need offensively. We definitely took a step back offensively tonight, we kind of started playing their game, we didn’t live within our game and control the tempo. When we were able to control it we started looking good, but as been the case for most of the year our defense has kept us in this game.”

RE: Team dealing with injury/guys out/but keep winning:

“That’s the best thing about having a good system and a good coach, he puts us in the place we need to be to succeed. When we don’t go out there and try and take it upon ourselves, that’s not how we look good. When we got back to moving it that’s when good things happened and that’s when we started to have fun. I keep saying and I keep preaching, but the more you live within the system the better we all look and the more fun we all have as well. That’s a credit to Brad (Stevens).


RE: Without Al Horford and Jayson Tatum for most of game what made difference:

"Down the stretch we got some big stops. Aron Baynes played a hell of a game, stepped in and showed his value and he’s been doing it for a while around this league and he stepped up big for us.”

RE: This system:

"Brad (Stevens) he’s a mastermind when it comes to coaching. He puts guys in the right spots and strong areas to where they can succeed well at. He knows matchups and plugs guys in, he knows what they do best offensively and defensively.”

RE: 10 straight wins how good can this team be:

“Sky is the limit. Keep working hard. We got a lot of younger guys that are stepping up to the challenge. We want Al (Horford) back as soon as possible and hopefully Jayson (Tatum) is doing good. Its early in the season, it’s a long, long year and hopefully we are going to withstand and keep on winning. But things happen in the league and if we do lose we can’t take the losses as the worst thing.”


RE: Tonight:

“They were ready for the fight and we weren’t. We felt like in the first quarter, they punk’d us. They were bigger than us, they were stronger than us. We had a couple good defensive possessions that they just went and took 50/50 balls on, and then hit three’s out of. But after that I feel like we engaged nicely in the fight from there on, we just didn’t do smart things. We played hard enough from the second quarter on to win, but we didn’t play smart enough – and against a good team, it’s near impossible that’s the type of game that you have.”

RE: Rotation:

“We needed some toughness out there, and Bogut’s a big tough man. To me offensively, we were playing a little selfish and defensively we were getting ‘big boyed’ on the court. So Bogut is a brilliant passer, a very unselfish player, he’s tough, so we went there to try to slowly turn the tide of how the game was going. I thought he did a good job. He had a block, he had a couple passes – the guys were open, they just didn’t look, they were overplaying everything. As young guys get better they will learn how to take advantage of that stuff.”

RE: Fourth Quarter:

“We were right there in the forth. It was five…six? point game for three or four possessions? We got stops, we just couldn’t score on the other end either. We were right there in the fourth, then obviously they go back to Kyrie, he hit some shots that we did pretty good d on, but that’s what he does, he’s one of the best in the game and we continued to miss our shots.”


RE: No bounces, no calls:

“I don’t know, I can’t really tell when I’m in the game. All I can think about is being aggressive.”

RE: Regrets on the way you played:

“No regrets. For three quarters we played really good basketball. We just got to come in tomorrow with the same attitude, and play like those last three quarters than go from there.”

RE: 21 turnovers:

“We got to be better with the ball.”

RE: Tomorrow’s game vs. Washington:

“We got to be aggressive, be in full attack mode- so we got to be ready for that.”


RE: Rivalry:

“It was good. It’s probably one of the best rivalries in all of sports. We don’t really like them, so it’s going to be a good rivalry going forward.”

RE: First quarter:

“We didn’t come out ready to play… Second half came and we took their punches and got back in the game. But first quarter we really dug ourselves in a hole.”

RE: On guarding Kyrie:

“It was cool. I think I did a good job. He’s just a great player.”