Keys to the Game
That's What He Said - Celtics at Knicks

That's What He Said - Celtics at Knicks

Brad Stevens

RE: The game:

I thought we were trying to win the game in the first quarter, instead of winning it possession by possession, gritting and grinding and going after it, sometimes you get that way when you are anxious to win instead of focusing on playing the right way.

RE: Boston's ability to respond to adversity:

We did respond to every challenge. Every time it got to three, two (points) we would push it back up and that’s good.

RE: The Celtics' second-half defense:

I thought it was pretty good. They made some tough shots late. (Andrea) Bargnani hit some very contested shots, one over Marcus Smart. That was a heck-of-a shot late. For the most part, we were there, we challenged shots and we did what we sought to do.
Marcus Smart

RE: The difference in the game:

We help each other out especially when they made a run. We talked on the defensive end.

RE: The result:

We responded very well like we are supposed to and we expected ourselves to. We had to grind it out tonight.
Isaiah Thomas

RE: Coming back from injury:

I think the biggest thing for me was playing. If it hurt it hurt. I wasn’t scared to get hurt. I was out there playing. I was able to play a little faster.

RE: How he felt on the court:

I was quicker than I was the other night. The biggest thing is for me to get my legs underneath me. My shot was a little short.

RE: New York's effort:

They were going to make plays. They play extremely hard. We were solid. We had turnovers but other than that we were good on that end.
Jae Crowder

RE: Boston's mindset moving forward:

At this point we want to win whether we have to grind it out. At this time of year we want a ‘W’ and we will take it one game at a time.

RE: Coming off the bench with Isaiah Thomas:

We are trying to create separation with the score. We are trying to be reliable off the bench.
Derek Fisher

RE: The game:

We couldn’t make timely plays. I think there were some stretches in the second half where we were on the verge to break through the game but our momentum was stunted. We got into the penalty early in the quarter. Some of that is on us (because we have to) understand personnel and who you are defending.

RE: Boston's large amount of free throws:

We had to foul some at the end. Some of that is always yourself and your team…(we need to) defend without fouling. The game is called differently each night. Some nights it goes your way and sometimes it doesn’t but overall we are still in control. We didn’t defend well enough without fouling.

RE: Quiny Acy's flagrant foul:

That was a big juncture in the game. The game was 77-73 at that point. The explanation was that Quincy’s contact was unnecessary or excessive. They thought it was a little bit extra contact. We can’t put it on that in far as things we can control that we didn’t do tonight.
Jason Smith

RE: The game:

Tonight wasn’t our night. We hung in there. We were within five points the whole game but we couldn’t get consecutive stops. Boston kept going to the rim, making shots and they knew the hot hand at the right time. They got the better of us tonight.

RE: How Boston gained an advantage:

They got to the free-throw line a lot tonight. They were aggressive. Maybe we were in the wrong place at the wrong time on defense. They are in a playoff race, that is a playoff team, and they are a good team over there. They played like it tonight and they got the win.

RE: Giving the Celtics so many trips to the free throw line:

It is tough. It gives them a chance to get some easy points and set their defense. They had a good night tonight.

RE: The rest of the season:

For us we want to go out there and show the coaches and fans we know how to run the offense. We want to play hard no matter what and finish the season out right.
Andrea Bargnani

RE: The game:

I think we completed hard the whole game. We played good defense and offense. We moved the ball pretty good. We put them in the bonus a little early and that hurt us. Other than that, like I said, we played hard. We played good defense, good offense and we took shots.

RE: New York's season:

It is a tough situation. Everyone knows that. Like I said, we are going to keep playing. We don’t think about the record. It is about pride. It is about getting better and it is about thinking about what we are trying to build.

RE: The Knicks:

We do have our ups and downs. We are a young team but overall our team is getting better.

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