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That's What He Said - Pistons at Celtics

That's What He Said - Pistons at Celtics

Brad Stevens

RE: The last play of regulation:

We just wanted to do a little misdirection for Evan (Turner) to drive and let him create space. I thought if he gets that shot off, that’s his shot. I felt good about it to be honest, it didn’t end well because it got knocked out of his hand or maybe it even slipped out of his hand; I haven’t seen the replay. I thought he had separation and I thought he was going to get a good look and when the clock was winding down I felt pretty good about our chances.

RE: Detroit making adjustments down the stretch:

The biggest thing was they had a couple of single-side bump actions that they ran from pick and roll standpoint we were a little bit late to. Transition ones are the ones that kill you. We were flying around pretty well in the first three quarters, I thought we slowed down in the fourth.

RE: If the Pistons' 7-0 start to overtime was crushing:

Shouldn’t be crushing. You should be able to respond to adversity.

RE: Kelly Olynyk struggling to make shots:

He’s not making shots but that’s part of the game. You’ve got to be able to impact the game in other ways and he did some other good things. Clearly he’s just got to, like any shooter does, you can’t hope the next one goes in. You have to shoot it like you know it.

RE: If Boston's poor shooting decided the game:

I think that when you look at it, that had a lot to do with it. We had 105 shots and lost the game. We got 16 more shots than our opponent. I thought we had a few possessions in the third quarter that were outstanding, where the ball was really whipping around. I thought late in the game we had a few too many dribbles on possessions and/or just not being assertive enough. There’s a fine line there. You shoot 36 percent on a given night you’re probably not going to win in the NBA at any level and we didn’t. I knew coming into this game this was going to be really tough with the way, obviously, guys out not withstanding, these guys (Detroit) have played really well in two of their last three games. And had spread teams, and that’s a problem, that’s something that really challenges your defense and we were up to the challenge for about three quarters and not after that.

RE: How difficult it is to match up against the Pistons:

At the end of regulation, when it was close, we tried to get an all-switching group in and it was great on the last possession. It wasn’t as good on the possession before, but I’d trust (Brandon) Bass to guard the ball against anybody, so that worked out really well; got a block out, got the rebound, went the other way and had a chance to win the game. So that’s why we were doing that. Then offensively you’re trying to play so you can bring (Andre) Drummond away from the basket, but if you don’t make shots it takes that away and it's not just the guy that he’s guarding, but other guys as he’s overcompensating and coming out. If I had to do it over again I might stay more traditional.

RE: If Detroit's size kept Phil Pressey on the bench:

No. I thought Evan (Turner) was just doing some good things. I thought Phil (Pressey) did some good things too, and I almost put him back in there in overtime to give us a jolt because it didn’t look like we had it, but I didn’t.
Jae Crowder

RE: The late stages of the game:

You can say what you want to say, we couldn’t buy a bucket, but still, we had the lead with one possession left in the game. They came down, made us sit, stare at the ball, and they go up ten in the fourth. I was looking at overtime as an extension of the 4th quarter, but I think we should’ve ended the game in the fourth quarter.

RE: If fatigue or missing players decided the game:

We were right there to win the game. That has nothing to do with us losing that game. We were in position to win that game and we didn’t.

RE: What Boston needs to right the ship:

Need a sense of urgency from everybody. I feel we came out lackadaisical, without a lot of fire, but we gotta get it going, set the tone earlier. We’ll be fine.
Jonas Jerebko

RE: The game:

They played harder than us at the end of the game. We didn’t play our kind of basketball for long stretches of the game. They played hard and they came out with the win.

RE: If fatigue played a factor in the outcome of the game:

There is no fatigue at all, we’ve just got to be better than that.
Stan Van Gundy

RE: Seeing his time grind out the win:

I mean I keep saying it, this team’s got a lot of character and guys have continued to fight the entire year. Good times, adversity, injuries, whatever it is, they continue to play really, really hard and I thought they fought very, very hard in the second half again tonight, particular the fourth quarter and the overtime. We had some guys play big minutes and do a great job.

RE: The game:

I just thought it was a hard-played game by both teams. Both teams struggled offensively because both defenses played real hard and it was just who was going to make the most shots. After not getting to the line at all in the first half, and obviously a lot of it was that they were putting Andre (Drummond) on the line, but we got to the line more, made a couple more shots than they did, that was really the whole difference. Both teams I thought fought really, really hard.
Caron Butler

RE: What helped Detroit get a win:

Just protecting the paint, rebounding the ball, getting out in transition. The big fellas did a great job of stealing all those rebounds and guys just making shots.

RE: If the Pistons were sparked by their defense:

I think it was a group effort, especially going back-to-back, seeing guys coming out there collectively and just rallying together. Just keeping a disposition and imposing their will on the game, that was huge tonight.

RE: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's performance:

That’s the role-runner right there. Rising star, he’s a humble kid. We’re really happy for him the way he’s performing as of late and he’s playing with a lot of energy and as he goes, we go.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

RE: His performance:

Just tried to stick around the basket, and just get the looks.

RE: Reggie Jackson:

He’s been good the last couple games. He’s just been taking his time, making the right plays coming off the screen and he’s really been aggressive.

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