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That's What He Said - Celtics at Jazz

That's What He Said - Celtics at Jazz

Brad Stevens

RE: Utah's third-quarter comeback:

They’ve been behind here early in the season quite a bit and come back and either won, or had a chance to win. 20-point deficits in the first half. We knew that it was far from over, especially when they have a guy like Gordon (Hayward) who can just go downhill at that rate of speed and make plays for people. When they start making shots, it’s scary.

RE: How Boston got the win:

Our older guys really made a lot of savvy basketball plays and I thought our younger guys all played well. We made some shots and got going, so it’s nice to play that way. You’re not always going to shoot it like that, in that quarter.

RE: What Tayshaun Prince brings to the Celtics:

He knows what’s going on. He’s lived it all. A team’s got you down by 20 in a quarter, it doesn’t look like his pulse is moving. You go up by 20 in a quarter, it doesn’t look like his pulse is moving. He’s just playing, he’s just playing the right way. He made us better today and he’s made us better with his presence already. It’s been fun, for our young guys too, to have another older guy to lean on and learn from.
Marcus Smart

RE: Coming back after missing last night's game due to a death in the family:

It was difficult. This is my life. I love to play, sleep and eat basketball. My mom called me right before, I talked to her. She told me to focus on the game and we can talk about everything else later. I tried to keep my mind clear and focus on the game.

RE: Reacting to the Jazz run:

We are more experience in that situation. We have played a lot of games where we were in a rut and they come out and make a big run like that, we fall apart. That kind of made us stronger. We have been playing very well, even though we lost yesterday. Those guys played very well and they did the same thing tonight.
Tyler Zeller

RE: His scoring in the post:

I just try to help the team in any way possible, trying to rebound, protecting the rim, whatever it is. They did a great job getting me the ball in places I can score and I just tried to do what I could with it.

RE: Boston's second-quarter run:

You have to give credit to both of the veterans. Tayshaun Prince and Gerald Wallace did a great job coming in. They changed the pace, they changed how aggressive we were and Gerald did a great job rebounding, pushing the ball. It makes a big difference when your four man can do that.
Quin Snyder

RE: The first half:

I think it’s one of those problems that permeates everything. We didn’t play hard. Maybe it’s a little more complicated than that, we played soft as much as anything. Nothing we did was with any force. So they just knocked us back offensively and there wasn’t any urgency on defense that we have been playing with. Whatever our preparation was as far as individually and collectively – what our mindset was going into the game – we didn’t have the right focus when the game started.

RE: The message to his players at halftime:

It felt a little like a couple games that we had earlier in the year. There was so much to talk about that you couldn’t address anything tactically. Basically everything we did lacked. Sometimes you just have to execute harder and better. That’s to me what it was about. There was a few little things, we weren’t making shots to go with it. But you can’t rely on making shots to give you that juice. We just didn’t bring that, we looked like we were content.
Gordon Hayward

RE: The game:

I think they were definitely physical with us and we didn’t respond. We were passive out there and we kind of let them dictate where the ball was going out there and that’s how we got down by so much.

RE: Responding to Boston's physical play:

I think we just realized we could play a lot better and be more aggressive on both ends. Coach didn’t yell at us or anything, it was more internal. We can’t let them bully us. That’s not who we are. We came out a little too cool in the first half.
Trey Burke

RE: Early struggles for Utah:

We didn’t come out mentally the way we needed to, not just the guys on the court, the guys on the bench too. We weren’t into it. We didn’t have the energy we needed to, come out and win this game. Obviously we fought in the second half and had a chance to win, but when you dig yourself in a hole like that it’s hard.

RE: The third quarter:

The attitude coming out of the locker room that we had as a team, it started coming down to pride. Coach didn’t show us any film when we came into the locker room. We had to compete on our own to get back in this game and that’s what we did. The third quarter was a big boost for us, but we just didn’t make enough plays in the fourth quarter to win the game.

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