That's What He Said
That's What He Said - Celtics at Pacers

That's What He Said - Celtics at Pacers

Brad Stevens

RE: What he said to his team after the game:

I thought they did a lot of good things. I encouraged them, said, 'It’s a unique day, a tough day,' and we came out and we battled even though we couldn’t make a shot the first three quarters.

RE: Avery Bradley's 3-pointer to force overtime:

He just made a great shot. Good for him. I think everybody cut well and everybody did what they were going to do, and luckily the ball went in. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite have enough in overtime. We didn’t start overtime well.

RE: Boston's last two games:

We played with a lot of purpose, especially on the defensive end the last couple of games. It’s too bad we didn’t get that (the win) because we had a chance to get it. We played from behind basically the whole game and just kind of kept swinging and swinging and swinging and made it back.

RE: Boston's poor shooting the first three quarters:

The Pacers make you take shots that are not the highest of percentage. They have a great shot blocker down at the rim. The only shots I don’t like are the ones where we just try to take it through him. He’s a hard guy to take it through. All of the 16-footers and 18-footers, you gotta hit those. To win this game you gotta hit them. But our guys will and I’m pleased with how they performed.
Avery Bradley

RE: Boston's ability to battle back late in the game:

It shows what kind of team we are. We’re a scrappy team who is not going to give up. We were able to consistently get stops and we made shots in the fourth quarter.

RE: How the recent trade affected the team:

It’s part of the business. We are all professionals and we knew we needed to stay focused on the game. We still don’t know what’s going on but our focus was on Indiana and now it’s on Toronto. We are a family. We hope for the best for one another. But we’re still focused on getting the W.
Jared Sullinger

RE: Boston's early-game struggles:

It was like a lid was on the rim. Our shots were not able to fall. But we still played hard and gave everything we had. I thought defensively we did one hell of a job as a group. Being down 12 in the fourth quarter, we kept on fighting. They attacked us and we played physical. We didn’t let the foul calls change our game. We kept on playing hard.
Frank Vogel

RE: Getting a win:

They’re all important. I was just proud of our guys, first game back, 36 hours after landing from the West coast is always tough. The bench play is critical. We want to go nine, ten deep. C.J. (Miles), Luis (Scola), Lavoy (Allen), Donald (Sloan) are giving us great minutes.

RE: Avery Bradley's 3-pointer to force overtime:

We got a good contest on the three. He made a tough shot.

RE: Roy Hibbert's contributions:

We felt like we had an advantage up front so we wanted to go inside.
C.J. Watson

RE: The game:

We played good. It shouldn’t have come to that. They fought hard and they came back, but we made a few more plays than they did and we made our free throws at crunch time.

RE: Indiana's sizable advantage in free throw attempts:

That’s kind of our bread and butter, throw the ball down low, try to get Roy to draw some early fouls and buckets and get us in the penalty early. After that we can drive the basket more.
Roy Hibbert

RE: Getting a grind-out win:

I’m happy we got the win, we grinded it out. Earlier in the season we would have lost that game, but we’re coming along. They’re a good team. This is the NBA, you never know what can happen. We rallied together and our defense won the game.

RE: Indiana's clutch free throw shooting:

Ever since we lost to the Lakers, we’re been putting an emphasis on making our free throws down the stretch. That’s what guys did.
David West

RE: What his team did to get a win:

We knew it was going to be a challenge. They’ve got good three-point shooting bigs and play unique lineups with Evan (Turner) at the point guard. They’re a lot like us, they really compete and play hard. We wanted to keep up the momentum that we built. We felt like we were playing decent basketball on that West coast trip and wanted to come in and play with the same amount of effort that we’ve been playing with. We had some late breakdown defensively, they made some plays, but we made enough plays down the stretch.

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