That's What He Said
That's What He Said - Celtics at Magic

That's What He Said - Celtics at Magic

Brad Stevens

RE: The game as a whole:

We didn’t play very well. That was fool’s gold there at the end. I credit the guys that were in at the end. I thought Jae Crowder brought us a great presence defensively. I thought Brandon (Bass) and Jameer (Nelson) both did really good things. It was good for me to get a chance to see those guys play. Obviously in this game they played pretty well. But, what were we, 2-for-20 in the first quarter? You’re not going to win very often like that.

RE: Boston's defense:

I thought the defense was much more physical and into the ball. Jameer (Nelson) read a couple of plays great. Evan (Turner) read a couple plays great. Our bigs did a great job holding their ground. Jae (Crowder) just brought a different level of physicality. He was really, really into it. He’s kind of like Marcus Smart, a little bit bigger. And he was pressing a bit offensively, but I was really pleased with what he did defensively.

RE: If it will take time to get Jameer Nelson in sync with his teammates:

I think it’s still going to take a lot of time Mark, unfortunately. I think one of the things I’m eventually going to be looking for is clear answers, and I don’t know that we leave this road trip with those.

RE: Boston's bigs:

I think the one thing about the bigs is all five can play. Whatever you need to do to find three on a given night that are playing well, that’s what you’ve got to do. (Brandon) Bass gave us a little bit of a lift. I thought Kelly (Olynyk) was solid, and certainly Tyler (Zeller). Tyler (Zeller) is playing at an unbelievable level right now

RE: If he knew Jared Sullinger was only going to play nine minutes:

No, I didn’t know that going into the game. It’s just the way I felt like the game was going. Obviously we need Sully (Jared Sullinger) to play well for us to be a good team. I’ve got to do a better job of helping to put him and Jeff (Green) in better spots.

RE: Tyler Zeller's emergence:

He’s an everyday guy. That’s the best phrase I can use. Whether it’s practice, whether it’s games, whether it’s a day off and a workout, he never changes. He’s always the same. And he’s got a good work ethic. And everyday guys are extremely valuable over an 82-game schedule.

RE: Boston's effort in the first three quarters:

Not as good as theirs. I think that’s fair. You guys probably get sick of me saying this, but I always think there’s two teams out there and they did a great job. They were clearly desperate out of the gate. They played great. (Victor) Oladipo was flying all over the place. (Elfrid) Payton was flying all over the place. We couldn’t handle (Elfrid) Payton. Their bigs made shots. They stretched us out. (Kyle) O’Quinn and (Nikola) Vucevic was a load for us. Not as good as it needed to be to win. Obviously in the fourth quarter they got on their heels a little bit. We also talked about that. It’s a lot easier to be the team coming back than the team with the lead.
Jameer Nelson

RE: The game:

We dug ourselves in such a big hole. You look at the scoreboard and you get demoralized and you are kind of panicking. I thought we did that at the start of the game and guys were trying to hit homerun plays. The only homerun play you can make in sports is baseball so there is no reason for guys to go one-on-one. We don’t have those types of plays and we don’t have those types of players. We are trying to develop in so many different areas. I think it is important for us to play together and stick together no matter what and when things get tough not to separate. I think that is how you learn and how you become a good team.

RE: The difference in the fourth quarter:

We just played a lot harder (in fourth quarter). There is no reason for us and our youth to come out and not play aggressive and not play together. This team will be together for a long time with the youth that we have and the coach that we have, he is young as well. I am here now and to help in whatever area I need to help in for however long they are going to keep me here.

RE: His fellow transfers from Dallas and their play together:

We (trio of Nelson, Wright, and Crowder) didn’t play that much together in Dallas. Not even on the practice court. We practiced, but not together. It is just that we went out there and played a lot harder than we did in the first half. Once you do that, other guys have no choice but to play harder.

RE: The first quarter:

They shot the ball very well. They put us in a lot of tough situations that we didn’t handle well and that we handled better in second half.

RE: If he was emotional during his video tribute:

Of course... of course. Like I said earlier, this is my job and I can’t get caught up too much on what is going on. I appreciate everything the organization, the city, and the DeVos family has done for my family and myself. This city and organization holds a special place in my heart.

RE: Chirping at the Orlando bench in the fourth quarter:

I was just chirping at them and having fun. It is a fun game and you get emotional out there and it was nothing personal. I really like all the guys there. I like all the coaches. They are great guys and they called a timeout.

RE: His late foul to send Elfrid Payton to the line:

Coach said if he was in the game to foul him. I didn’t understand why, but he missed the free throws. My team was like ‘why did you foul him?’ I was like ‘because coach told me too’. You do what the coach tells you and you get extra minutes.
Brandan Wright

RE: Acclimating to the team:

I think every game that we play we get more and more comfortable. I know we will get better as a team.

RE: Boston's mindset as a team:

We are not looking forward to next year. We are in win now mode and trying to make the playoffs.

RE: The outcome of the game:

You can’t play that badly in the first two quarters and expect to win the game. It is as simple as that. You have to play a complete game.
Jacque Vaughn

RE: Losing a large lead late in the game:

Well, it was an interesting game just to be put in that position overall as a group that’s a lot of adversity along the way to be able to continue to stay focused throughout the course of the game. And really I told the guys they deserved to win but at the same time a little bit of, we were a little bit cautious and lucky at the end of the game. But I think for overall we’ll take the win.

RE: The Magic facing adversity:

Well, I think we’ve been put in positions that we haven’t been put in before in different states of the game. This is a fourth quarter game, we’re coming off multiple losses in a row, you want to win at home, I’m counted on to do my job. The productivity matters whether or not we win or lose. Those are different positions our guys have had to be in in the past.

RE: How he plans to address giving up leads:

I think we continue to address it, that’s the first thing. But I thought we showed poise down the stretch whether it was Kyle O’Quinn making free throws for us. Whether it was in-bounding the basketball with zero timeouts left in the game. So, for me I look at the improvement in that sense, but also the reality of it…the discipline that we need to continue to maintain a 20 point lead.

RE: Orlando's body language when facing adversity:

So, those were the examples of thinking that they got fouled, but overall, we’re a group that we try to stay positive throughout the course of a game. It’s always a challenge when things aren’t going your way. We’ll continue to address it and we’ll continue to improve. What I do love about this group is we lost multiple games in a row and we kept the team to 30 points in the first half so while you can definitely look at some negative, we’ll pull some positive out of it also.

RE: The Magic's balance off the bench:

I thought overall, I quickly looked at the box score, but the shots that our guys got off the bench were really good. I thought Ben really added to that group, the second unit, but the balance of having Ben and Evan and Channing on the floor at the same time worked out pretty well with the physicality and also the ability to defend with Elfrid and KO in the first group.

RE: The quick timeout at the start of the third quarter:

It was addressing discipline. We had a defensive breakdown that we had gone over. We had stopped it in the first quarter, we stopped it in the second quarter, we allowed a layup in the third quarter. And so, my point to our guys is the very first possession of the game is just as important as the first possession in the third quarter or the 16th possession in the second quarter. They’re all the same. So, that’s where I wanted to get to with our discipline, so I needed to address it right then.
Tobias Harris

RE: Getting the win:

To get a win tonight, I think is important for us. We played some good basketball. I thought tonight we couldn’t get settled because they did come back. They made a good run but the NBA is a game of runs; we stuck with it and we came through at the end.

RE: Orlando's propensity to struggle against adversity:

I think sometimes it’s human nature when a team is making a run like that. We just got away from what we were doing throughout the whole game and they capitalized off of that, but we got it together. Towards the end of the game we were able to come out with the victory. It was a good win for us to get us back on track, to give us a little bit more confidence, and just keep us focused.

RE: His fadeaway jumper late in the game:

I thought it was a big shot. We missed a couple of free throws down the stretch. They made some good shots; (Tyler) Zeller got the ‘and-one’, but I thought that was a big shot for me. Coach drew up the play and it was a good play. We responded off of it.

RE: Holding Boston to nine points in the first quarter:

We were really locked in to our defensive plan. They did miss some shots but overall I thought our defense was pretty solid. You could see when we stick to our principles; that’s how we are as a team. It’s something that we can’t get content with. We have to continue to go off of that.
Victor Oladipo

RE: If he can fully enjoy the win tonight:

A little bit. It’s tough the way it ended but we came out with a ‘W’. We’ve just got to watch film, take the positive with the negatives, see why they were able to get back into the game, and learn from it. I felt like even though it’s been a crazy year so far, we’ve been in every position. We’ve been up in games and they came back and won, we’ve been up in games where they came back and lost, we’ve been in overtime games, we’ve been in close games and won, close games and lost. It’s good thing and bad for us. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. Again, we’ve just got to continue to learn from it.

RE: Orlando's struggles this season:

We’ve just got to find a way to get over the hump. If it means getting to the free throw line, making free throws obviously, but get to the free throw line and just get the best shot possible. Somebody just has to step up and do that. As a leader it should be me saying something to everybody, getting us together, and making sure that we are staying focused throughout the game, and getting over the hump. I’ve just got to do a better job of doing it.

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