That's What He Said - Hawks at Celtics

That's What He Said

Hawks at Celtics
TD Garden, December 31, 2013

Celtics 91

Brad Stevens

Re: Using two reserves to finish the game:

"I think it was pretty obvious that today the guys that were playing at the end were the guys that played well today. So, you know, hard to take out a guy like Hump (Kris Humphries) who’s got 18 and 10 at that time and Kelly (Olynyk) who’s got his best game as a pro going. So, you stick with them."

Re: The final possession:

"ou can’t do much from the top; I mean, we were up by half-court. So the deal is just get it in to hopefully one of your better ball-handlers/playmakers and let him try to go and make a play. And I thought Jordan (Crawford) who had two really good looks right before that – he made a huge one right before that, we all know that he can get his own shot – and so from that angle I felt like that was our best, our best opportunity. You know, 4.6 seconds left when we got that, or 4.2 seconds, whatever it was, that’s kind of in that range: do you call time-out or do you just let them play when they get that loose ball? But that loose ball was looking a little hairy so that’s why I called the time-out. It’s not an ideal place to call a time-out from. You know, you always second-guess that but letting them play in transition the two times before, probably the ones that I would do again. I’ll do it every time."

Re: Blowing a large lead:

"Well, this was a five-point game at half-time. Obviously we had a nice lead in the second quarter. But you know, I thought their starting lineup really had a great game. And I thought our bench played as well as they could, or at least played very well, and at the end of the day we just strung together that one run. And then we strung together another run in the late third/early fourth that was very good. But two runs in a 48-minute game is not enough. We’ve got to play consistent for 48 minutes."

Re: If he attributes Crawford's off night to the missed final shot:

"No…I trust – what I see is the shot that went in the time before. And then the really unselfish play, maybe too unselfish play from the corner where he threw it to Hump on the elbow. Thought he had a good look and he passed it up, but that’s to be commended in my opinion. So I felt like it was a good opportunity. Jordan lives for that. So I think he’ll probably beat himself up over it but that’s okay; we play again on Thursday."

Re: If Crawford's inexperience at point guard was a factor:

"I think it all is how you look at it. If we win the game, his growth as a point guard is expedited. And if we lose it, it’s still a growing process. And so I think he did a lot of good things; he missed some shots. But guys miss shots. But I think the biggest thing that we as a team didn’t do again was just get back and set our defense. I thought we got good looks late. I’d have to go back and watch the transition; we got a shot, we got the rebound, I think Courtney (Lee) might’ve had another shot, passed it up with 20 seconds left or so. I just think there’s moments that we could’ve had back that we would probably like to have back because we lost. If you win, those moments don’t become so big to us as coaches as we’re watching the film."

Jordan Crawford

Re: His goal late in the game:

"Make a basket so we can win the game."

Re: Recent games with blown leads:

"Teams make a run. That’s what NBA teams do."

Re: What Boston could have done better on defense:

"Box out. Keep them out the paint. They made a couple good plays though. They made tough plays, we didn’t finish the game strong."

Avery Bradley

Re: What the Celtics were trying to do late in the game:

"Well first of all we made a great hustle play. JC and myself in that game, we showed how we wanted to fight and win, cause we didn’t play very well the whole game. We had a chance to win it and we just weren’t able to make shots towards the end of the game, well throughout the whole game, but when it came down to it we weren’t able to make the main shots."

Re: Being comfortable with Crawford having the ball down the stretch:

"Of course. Really we’re comfortable with anybody. Any night you can have somebody make those big shots. It’s just really what the coach draws up. We all have confidence in each other to be able to finish a game. If that’s for Jeff or Gerald or Courtney, doesn’t matter who it’s for, we all trust each other."

Hawks 92

Mike Budenholzer

Re: The game:

"We were able to find a way to win a game where we weren’t able to shoot well from the perimeter, from the basket, really from anywhere except for Paul Millsap. He kind of put us on his back and was able to score enough points and our defense kept us in it. Our defensive rebounding improved as the game went on. I thought the guards were in there really helping out, we went a little bit small with Mike (Scott) and Paul so there was an emphasis on our guards rebounding. Just a credit to our guys, this was not the prettiest NBA game but we feel good about finding a way to win."

Re: What Atlanta did to win the game:

"Just keep staying with it, keep fighting. We felt like we were getting a lot of good shots and if we just stayed aggressive and we kept attacking that eventually our shots would go; but that didn’t really happen. So we stuck with the defense and I think our activity and our effort there and our contest, without fouling, and our defensive rebounding improved and we just found a way."

Re: Kyle Korver's 4-point play being a boost:

"Yea because I think it was at that stage when it got to 11 and they were up on us 11 and to get 4 points and that’s a pretty big chunk, especially late in the game. I think everybody feeds off of Kyle and when he makes shots I think everybody picks up their spirit and I think that was a big play for us."

Re: Changes to Atlanta's lineup in the second half:

"I think Cartier (Martin) and having guys that were familiar with playing on the perimeter and I think actually Mike Scott did a good job early, but its something that he’s learning and something new to him so I think to put Cartier out there that’s more comfortable out there and we’ve been kind of nursing his ankle and getting him back healthy and he felt that he could go and play and I thought that he really helped us. Then of course Pero (Antic), he’s just a smart player and gives us a little more spacing. Elton (Brand) has sort of been the spirit and heart of our bench so to have him come in off the bench like he’s been doing all year; just a lot of little things like that."

Kyle Korver

Re: Continuing his 3-point shooting streak:

"I mean I was glad it finally went in. I had the whole section (fans) over there reminding me that I hadn’t made a three yet tonight, but to me it was a decent look and you know. I was shooting the ball flat all night and got it up a little higher and got the foul too."

Re: If his 4-point play sparked the Hawks:

"Yeah, I mean we started off the game horribly and we just couldn’t run anything right and dug a big hole. We finally started hitting some shots. I mean if you’re not hitting your shots and then guys start trying to take over themselves and they take worse shots, it just snowballed on us. That’s kind of what happened to us in the first half and then we finally started connecting a little bit. We got a little bit of momentum and that kind of happened in the third quarter for us."

Jeff Teague

Re: Facing Jordan Crawford and his ability to score:

"That is one of the things he does well. He shoots the ball, those long shots and those tough shots, he makes those. It’s the easy ones he might miss but it’s the hard ones I know he has a great chance of making. He is a talented player, he has played well, he was going to play hard against us. He gave his best effort but like I said again, Shelvin Mack did a great job at the end of getting a big stop."

Re: Korver's 4-point play:

"Man, huge. We were down eleven and when he made that it was like a momentum swing for us. To get that three down for him was big, you know we still had the streak going. So, you know we were happy about that but we were happier to get the win."