That's What He Said - Celtics at Knicks

That's What He Said

Celtics at Knicks
Madison Square Garden, December 8, 2013

Celtics 114

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"You know how hard it is to respond to good and bad. We played really well and they didn’t play as well as they’ve been playing. I’ve already learned in this league, you can be on the good end or the bad end of that and we were lucky today to be on the good end. Everything we did will get over-exaggerated, everything they did will get over-exaggerated. But the bottom line is that we just played better today for 48 minutes. And we played almost 48 minutes, which was good."

Re: Boston's defense:

"I thought defensively, we were really locked in. We’ve got a number of versatile guys. I thought we were really aggressive and we rebounded well from the perimeter which helped us because getting the bigs to get bodies and the perimeter guys to get the ball is a big key for us."

Re: Keeping momentum after halftime:

"I think the biggest thing in today was coming out after halftime and keeping it going. That’s hard to do, that’s really hard to do and these guys came out and were in a stance, they were communicating. I think they’re getting to know each other better so the communication is enhanced. Sometimes when you’re in a new system, you don’t want to say anything because you don’t want to be wrong and then when you don’t know each other, you say less and so then you’re playing and no one is talking. We’ve gotten better at communicating. We’ve gotten better at covering for one another. We still have a long way to go."

Jeff Green

Re: The win:

"We enjoyed it for sure but it was a solid team win. We did everything that we needed to. We executed. We see them again next week and we have another game Tuesday... we enjoyed this one because of the way we played. It is fun when you execute and get a win like this."

Re: What contributed to the fast start:

"We are making shots, being aggressive and executing out there. As simple as that."

Re: Why Boston continues to win:

"The keys to winning is making smart plays, making sure we are together on the defensive end getting stops."

Re: The Celtics' defense:

"We were aggressive on the ball and forced them to play on their heels. We didn’t allow them to get easy looks, we challenged every shot, and we didn’t allow them to get into transition."

Jordan Crawford

Re: Why Boston is playing so well:

"People know each other better and we take it upon ourselves to get others involved. Brandon (Bass) came out focused and really challenged himself guarding Carmelo (Anthony). We’ve been together since training camp, learning each other and the coaching staff. It was just fun to get a win like that in here because I’ve been on the other side of it a couple times."

Knicks 73

Mike Woodson

Re: The game:

"I wish I could explain it. I didn’t see this coming in terms of how we played. Two points out of Andrea (Bargnani), Iman (Shumpert) and Raymond (Felton). You are not going to beat anybody that way. I think our offense dictated how we played throughout the course of the game. They had us on our heels from a defensive standpoint and we couldn’t do anything from an offensive standpoint. We couldn’t make shots."

Re: New York's lackluster defense:

"My theme since I have been here is that when you struggle to score the ball you are going to make sure that they don’t score the ball. We didn’t do that today."

Re: Watching the game:

"Nobody should be happy about watching something like this today."

Re: Boston snapping New York's win streak:

"It is a step backwards. I thought we turned the corner somewhat. I never take anything for granted. It goes to show you that if you don’t come out ready to play... and a lot of that is on me... I can’t have them step out on the floor like that today."

Carmelo Anthony

Re: The game:

"What Boston came in here and did was an embarrassment. To lose like that on our home court, I think everyone should be pissed off right now. We move on. We have Cleveland coming up tomorrow is a new day and we go from there."

Re: The difference in this game as opposed to the last two:

"There’s no comparison, it’s night and day. For whatever reason I don’t know what it is. I don’t even want to try and figure this one out right now. It happened, and tomorrow is a new day. We have to figure it out, talk about it tomorrow, do something about it and prepare for Cleveland. There is no need for me to try to pinpoint what wrong out there."

Re: New York's effort:

"You can’t teach effort. I know Coach (Woodson), I know what kind of guy he is. So he’s always going to put it on him. But, you can’t teach effort. We’re the guys that are going out there as a team, and not giving him the effort. And not giving ourselves the effort, or giving ourselves a chance to win the basketball game today. As far as him putting it on himself, there is no need for that."

Amar'e Stoudemire

Re: The first quarter:

"We came out a little flat. We didn’t have the offensive punch and we didn’t get stops like we normally do. It was a tough one."

Re: What affected the outcome:

"We missed a lot of easy and open shots. We moved the ball pretty well. Defensively we made a lot of mistakes. We know we are a better team than we showed today."

Re: How the Knicks move forward:

"I think this is a minor bump in the road. We came off two great games offensively and defensively. We will be able to put this behind us and move on to Cleveland."


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