That's What He Said - Celtics at Hawks

That's What He Said

Celtics at Hawks
Philips Arena, November 23, 2013

Celtics 94

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"We rallied and made big plays. (The Hawks) had a few possessions in a row where they missed some shots that they may normally hit, but sometimes when you play with the lead, it’s harder to hit those shots. Our guys did a really good job of making some big plays. There were a lot of guys that scored in that fourth quarter for us."

Re: Jordan Crawford's fourth quarter:

"He really wanted the ball in those moments and I thought it was the best thing to get it to him. After he made the first couple of moves the guys came back to the huddle and said ‘put it in his hands.’ Maybe it will be somebody else some other night, but tonight it was him."

Jordan Crawford

Re: The win:

"We were able to get some stops (in the fourth quarter). Each player on the team made some big plays and the bench players made some big plays, and we just stuck together. When we were down, I think I was kind of the reason why; because I was the only one struggling and trying to find my shot. I just tried to get to the hole and make a couple of plays (in the fourth quarter). It feels good to win because it didn’t seem like we were supposed to win. They were up 10 after they had made a run. But we stuck with it, and everybody grew today."

Re: Boston's up-and-down play:

"I think we’ve learned from that. I think today we finally pushed through (the mistakes). We learned a little bit about ourselves. We learned that if we just stick together (that) we’ll be alright."

Hawks 87

Mike Budenholzer

Re: The game:

"It’s a tough loss. I think the free throw line and the aggressiveness of Boston in the fourth quarter was the difference in the game. For the game, it’s 31 to 12 at the free throw line. I don’t think that’s going to make it a difficult game to win (for Boston). We need to learn from that. We need to be more aggressive. We need to get to the paint. We need to get to the basket. We need to get to the free throw line. It’s a tough lesson to learn. It’s a tough way to learn it. For three quarters, we were efficient and we were good. But we weren’t able to bring it home in the fourth quarter. I thought their aggressiveness got them over the top."

Re: Settling for jumpers in the fourth:

"We didn’t force the issue enough. We didn’t get to the paint enough. We didn’t get to the basket enough. And when we did, we didn’t finish. We need more of all of that. We need to get there more, we need to finish better. We had some open looks also. It obviously helps to make some of those too."

Al Horford

Re: The fourth quarter:

"It was different because we were struggling to score the ball. It was one of those things…they just kept making plays and we couldn’t score. That’s what it came down to."

Re: Jordan Crawford:

"Jordan’s a good player. We all know that. We all know his capability. That’s just the way that he plays."

Re: The positives for Atlanta:

"I think we need to be better, starting with me. I felt like I missed a lot of shots I normally make around the basket and around the rim. That’s very frustrating. I’m going to make sure I get back to work, that we have good practices and we get back for Orlando."

Kyle Korver

Re: Losing the late-game lead:

"You have to give them some credit for their defense. I thought we missed a lot of shots we had been making. Sometimes that happens. Mentally, we just kind of gave in a little bit. But there were some good things in there too, so we’ll learn from that and keep going."

Re: The Celtics:

"They were just kind of hanging around and hanging around. Then they saw they could win and they took advantage of it."


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