That's What He Said - Magic at Celtics

That's What He Said

Magic at Celtics
TD Garden, November 11, 2013

Celtics 120

Brad Stevens

Re: This being a different Celtics team than the one that started the season:

"Same guys. And I don’t think, actually, we were that far in a couple of those games that we played. We had a tough – obviously the Milwaukee game we really played well for most of the game. The way that I always say it when we walked back into the locker room: we looked like a basketball team. There have been other games, specifically in the preseason, where we didn’t look like a basketball team. But how far we’ve come since October 1st is, we’ve made good strides, we’ve made the right strides, but we have a long way to go and there’s a lot of things to improve."

Re: Jordan Crawford at the point guard position:

"I think he’s really doing a great job. He’s got a lot of confidence out there. He’s always been a guy that had good confidence about him, but I think the thing that I’ve been most pleased with through really the entire time I’ve been around him is his consistency. Because that’s an area in which you have to really embrace if you’re going to be a good point guard because everybody’s depending on you to be reliable on a day-to-day basis."

Re: How he handles the 'raised expectations' of a four-game winning streak:

"Same way you handle the low ones. You just try to get better every day and do your job, and you can’t put too much thought into what other people expect of you because there’s another team out there, too. And they’re pretty darn good. They’ve got the best players in the world that you’re playing against on a nightly basis, so it’s hard enough just to get a good shot, let alone to worry about what you can’t control. So we just focus on what you can control, don’t get too high. I haven’t seen like these unbelievable celebrations in the locker room or anything else; they’re just pretty matter-of-fact, move on to what’s next, and the better teams that I’ve coached have been that way."

Jordan Crawford

Re: The team's confidence:

"I think everybody’s playing with confidence right now, we’re coming together, just pulled out a couple wins... I think everybody’s just playing off each other. Coach doing a good job calling plays. We got a lot of players that like to run the floor, so we’re not playing to my strengths, we’re playing to the team's strengths."

Re: How he feels after winning four in a row:

"It feels good. We hope to keep it up. We got Charlotte coming here who plays great defense, so we got a tough one."

Re: His court vision:

"Y’all just now noticing that, huh? I was blessed with court vision. When a teammates open, you find him."

Kelly Olynyk

Re: How four-straight wins feels compared to four-straight losses:

"I think that’s kind of a rhetorical question. Obviously it feels a lot better to win than lose in any situation. It gives you confidence. It keeps your legs fresh under you. Everyone wants to win. Everyone’s competitive, so it always feels better when you come out on top."

Re: Boston's efficient offense with Crawford at the point:

"He’s doing a great job. He’s getting everybody the ball where they can be real effective. And even if they’re executing real well, we’re making extra passes, we’re playing as a team, and we’re not taking too many tough shots, we’re kind of making the extra pass to make open shots, and guys are knocking down shots, so I think that’s kind of why we’re shooting at a high clip right now."

Magic 105

Jacque Vaughn

Re: The momentum shift from Orlando to Boston:

"I think Brad should send me a fruit basket. Ever since the second quarter of our game at our place things have gone kind of opposite direction. His team is playing extremely well and we haven’t played as well. It just tells you about the league. When you have the ability and the chance to take care of business, you take care of business or this league will come back and bite you very quickly. Just take a look at our second quarter at our place and from then on things have been different for both teams."

Re: Talking to his team:

"I think you let guys kind of decompress a little bit. If you talk to them right now they aren’t going to be able to hear you. For us what we do is we do it together, whether we win together, we lose together, we will regroup go home, look at some film and get ready for the next night."

Moe Harkless

Re: The game:

"We did a poor job tonight. I mean just…they made a lot of shots tonight so you have to give them credit too. We just didn’t find a way to stop them. They shot 65% or something crazy like that. They were hot so there was nothing we could do."

Re: Orlando's defense:

"I mean defense is always going to keep us in the game. I mean we was holding teams to less than 90 points and if we could do that we will always give ourselves a chance to win. When we still let teams hit threes and wide open jumpshots there is no way you win like that. You can’t win without playing defense."

Arron Afflalo

Re: Where the Magic fell off defensively:

"It was pretty much all game long. I don’t really feel like we were truly in the game at any point just simply because we couldn’t get stops. You know to win on the road you have to get stops. That is the only way. It’s not going to come from scoring points, it’s not going to come from pushing the pace you have to get stops. We didn’t get any stops tonight."

Re: It being deflating when the opposition scores in buckets:

"Granted, they made some tough shots. They had some tough two point jumpers at the beginning and that does happen, but at some point in time either they have to miss or we have to get them to miss and neither one happened."


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