That's What He Said - Jazz at Celtics, November 6, 2013

That's What He Said

Jazz at Celtics
TD Garden, November 6, 2013

Celtics 97

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"Winning’s more fun than losing. But at the same time, I think we played two pretty-good games back-to-back, so that’s the most positive thing moving forward. And hopefully we feel better about ourselves as we move forward."

Re: What changed late in the first quarter:

"I told Gerald (Wallace) this today: I thought the Sully/Kelly (Jared Sullinger/Kelly Olynyk) – with their ability to pass and stretch the floor, would open up some driving lanes for him. And some plays for him. Those three guys complement each other pretty well. So I kind of made up my mind last night that we were going to go with Gerald off the bench, and then went from there. And then I thought Phil (Pressey) gave us a spark."

Re: Phil Pressey:

"First of all, I thought he’s good off the pick-and-roll, he passes well, he made good decisions. I thought in the second half he was a little bit tentative. And he can’t play that way, and I don’t want him to play that way. It’s a hard position because he’s trying not to make mistakes because he wants to play more and that’s no way to play. So he just needs to play free, and play well. But he’s quick to the ball, he gets after the ball, guys like playing with him out there."

Re: Coaching against Gordon Hayward:

"He’s a lot better than when I coached him. Man! And he was good when I coached him. I thought he was the best player in college at the time, and man has he improved. I’m proud of him. Again, I can’t tell you what that feels like, because I was there when he was a puppy, when he was a junior in high school and he was a good tennis player and nobody was recruiting him. And it was like, ‘You think we should offer that guy a scholarship? Nobody’s looking at him. Nobody’s even in the building. It was probably a good decision, in retrospect. He’s awfully good."

Re: His first NBA win:

"Wyc (Grousbeck) was nice enough to grab the ball for me, so that was really nice. You know, I’m going to celebrate for a whole 12 minutes and then I’m going to start watching Orlando and trying to figure them out. Obviously they’ve had a great start to their season, and they’ve got good young talent. And we’ve got a couple more road games – I feel like we’ve already toured half the NBA this week – so just a couple of more road games this week."

Kelly Olynyk

Re: Boston getting its first win of the season:

"It’s good. It’s big for our team, especially right now. You know, coming off four tough games, to get a win, you know, we have that confidence and hopefully we can ride that and learn from that as a team."

Re: Feeling like the team is getting better:

"Yeah, definitely. We’re making strides in the right direction, which is you know all you can ask for at this time of the year."

Re: Does playing off the bench matter:

"No, not at all. Especially being in the position I’m in. You know, I just want to be on the floor as much as possible and just want to help my team as much as possible. Whether it’s coming off the bench, whether it’s starting, whether it’s passing, whether it’s scoring, whether it’s rebounding, whether it’s playing defense – or all those aspects. Whether it’s cheering on the bench you want to be able to help your team as much as you can and try to contribute in every way possible."

Avery Bradley

Re: Jordan Crawford

"He is a real good player. You know he brings a different element when he starts. Out there we can both…we are interchangeable at both the point guard position. You know we just feed off each other and everybody else feeds off him as well."

Re: Feeling more comfortable with someone else on the floor who can handle the ball:

"A little bit. If there is somebody else there you can kind of get a rhythm a little better because you don’t always have the ball."

Re: His thoughts on the win:

"It is big for us, you know, we can definitely build on tonight. We had some bad habits toward the end of the game I don’t feel like we finished as strong as we could but it was a great team win."

Jordan Crawford

Re: His performance:

"I did alright. My team did a good job of helping me. They was making great plays too, it wasn’t just me. They made a great effort."

Re: Securing the first win of the season:

"It feels good. Now we build on it. We felt the win so now you kind of learn how to win and get better."

Re: Mindset as a starter:

"Really you just want to focus on getting off to a good start, even though we didn't. That was the main focus. If you are down you have to be a little more aggressive. If you are up keep the pace up."

Jazz 87

Tyron Corbin

Re: The game:

"Tough loss. Tough loss. Eight points in the second quarter. I thought we got off to a pretty good start, but eight points in the second quarter costs you the ballgame. They made a run. I thought we lost our energy there. I thought the guys fought, showed some fight at the end of the game to fight their way back in and have a chance. We had some opportunities there at the end, we just turned the ball over a couple key times, missed a few shots. I liked the fight at the end, but the focus in that second quarter really hurt us."

Re: Difficult to stay positive:

"It is, it is. But it’s a long year. We’re in a bad stretch right now losing 5 games in a row. You have two more tough ones on this roadtrip and we’re still shorthanded, but you know what? Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for us, so we gotta make sure we don’t feel sorry for ourselves and continue to fight and stay focused and give it everything we have once we’re on the floor."

Gordon Hayward

Re: Similarities between Butler and Boston under Stevens:

"That’s one thing that he always did when I was in college, we moved the basketball from side to side and usually when you do that you get a good shot. They ran out on us there in that game a little bit and we dug ourselves too deep of a hole."

Re: Being surprised when Stevens was offered the coaching position in Boston:

"Yes, I was. He’d just been a part of Butler for so long and I just didn’t think he would leave. But I was super excited for him and a great opportunity for him to coach at the next level."

Re: How hard it is to face a fifth straight loss:

"It’s frustrating. Very frustrating. It’s the little things that we aren’t doing and that’s why we’re losing basketball games. We gotta pay a lot more attention to detail. We have the talent, that’s not questioned. We have the talent to win basketball games, we’re just not doing the little things. Like I said, the details and our focus is not there for the whole 48 minutes. We saw we can play with anybody. We lose our focus and our intensity and teams in this league will really punish that."

Enes Kanter

Re: How the game unraveled in the second quarter:

"We started the game really good and then we got down and they started hitting shots, they started hitting threes, and we couldn’t answer it. We were down like 25, maybe more, I can’t remember. Then we fight back, we came back, but it was too late."

Re: Staying positive without having a win:

"It’s just coach giving us that thing that we have to stay together. I know some veteran guys like Richard Jefferson was talking to me on the bench and was saying, ‘You just have to stay focused, you cannot put your head down.’ I appreciate him, he’s helping me a lot."


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