That's What He Said - Knicks at Celtics, October 9, 2013

That's What He Said

Knicks at Celtics (Preseason)
Dunkin' Donuts Center, October 9, 2013

Celtics 102

Brad Stevens

Re: Boston's late-game comeback:

"Well I thought guys just playing spirited. I just told the guys in the locker room that, “That’s the way you’re supposed to play in basketball regardless of the outcome at the end of that game.” That was fun to be a part of. That’s the way that we need to play. I thought we competed awfully hard at times. And at times I thought they were better than us. And so we need to get better. I mean, we’ve got to be more consistent through 48 minutes and that’s what the preseason’s for. And, you know, we made some strides."

Re: Phil Pressey's performance:

"I think Phil’s going to find time if he keeps doing what he’s doing. Now, the challenge is is responding to a night where you have a little success, and then responding the nights where you don’t. And just maintaining an even-ness about you. The one thing about Phil is Phil gets in the gym, you guys have all been around, and he doesn’t leave the gym early. And he’s a guy that can make plays for other people and he made us better tonight."

Re: Chris Babb's game:

"Chris Babb has been one of the best workers, had one of the best attitudes, and been one of the best teammates in there from Day One. So, not a shock at all when he went in and did what he did. We have been huge fans of his since he walked in the building."

Re: What the comeback means for the C's:

"Be nicer if you win, but, yeah, it’s good because it is also – it teaches young guys, it teaches me the difference between college and the pros. And you know you’re down 22 or whatever, and eight or nine minutes in the fourth quarter, those guys just kept hammering away, possession by possession. We had a chance to win."

Re: Feeling more confident as an NBA coach:

"It felt better, yeah, it felt a lot better today. I’m still getting used to it. Everybody’s in my ear with 20s and fulls and fulls turning to 20s and all that stuff. So I’ll get used to it as we go forward."

Phil Pressey

Re: His mindset late in the game:

"I was just trying to go out there and carry over what was happening in practice. Compete everyday, and I really feel like Avery (Bradley) and Jordan (Crawford) and other guys, us competing against each other, really got me ready for the game."

Re: Being down by 23 points in the fourth quarter:

"Coach just told us to keep playing. We just kept playing and we went on a little run, and before you knew it we were down single digits. At the end of the day you just gotta play the game the right way and let the rest take care of itself."

Knicks 103

Mike Woodson

Re: Tim Hardaway Jr.'s nerves:

"I look at everything. I though he was poised in terms of his shot selection and I thought early on he was anxious and trying a little too hard. I told him he needed to calm down a little bit and I thought he did. In the second half he was fabulous in terms of how he played."

Re: Hardaway Jr.'s defensive effort:

"You know defensively he’s tough. He gives off that defensive effort each time down the floor. So its kind of nice to see him moving around because he hadn’t had a lot of camp time."

Metta World Peace

Re: Hardaway Jr.'s game-winning shot:

"I though, that is something that... Wow. Sometimes you can’t see, a stat don’t show what a guy has in him. You know there is no stat for what is in his heart. First game and he wanted it bad and I’m pretty sure you are going to see a lot of big shots like that from him."