Kevin Garnett Injury Update

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Kevin Garnett left Wednesday night's game vs. Detroit hurting, but after Thursday's MRI came back negative, things are looking up for the Celtics power forward.

When Kevin Garnett exited the court Wednesday night in the Palace of Auburn Hills, it was human nature to assume the worst. Luckily for him and the Celtics, the worst has been avoided.

All preliminary tests, including X-rays, came back negative Wednesday night in Detroit, but the most critical information was obtained Thursday afternoon in Boston via an MRI exam on Garnett's knee.

Danny Ainge announced around 4:20 p.m. Thursday afternoon on WEEI that Garnett's MRI also came back negative and that his injury has been deemed a strain.

"Kevin had an MRI and a thorough examination (on Thursday) and it's the same as last night," said Ainge. "It's just a muscle – I say just – but it's a muscle injury, a strained calf. It's actually the muscle just off the side of the leg, just below the knee, and it's not anything to do with his knee, which is great news."

While that news is positive for the C's, the team will still be faced with the difficult task of playing numerous games without the rock of their defense, which ranks first in the league in defensive efficiency.

"It's one of those injuries that, you know, he may be out for a couple of weeks, at the most, I would say," Ainge remarked.

"That's my guess. You know it's always a guess when you're trying to see when guys come back, but I'll just say two weeks, and I think that's on a very conservative side."

If Garnett does miss the full two weeks, which Ainge hinted might be unlikely, that would put his return date at Jan. 12, when the Celtics host the Sacramento Kings in the TD Garden. Six of Boston's next seven games, including that tilt with the Kings, will be played at home, so one way or another KG's return will likely take place in the Garden.


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