Rob Williams in Good Spirits as He Tackles First Steps of Rehab

Clutching a basketball in his left arm with a smile on his face, Rob Williams appeared to be upbeat and eager to return to the court as he spoke with the media Saturday morning for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair a torn left meniscus.

Although the fourth-year center is not able to do much from a physical standpoint, being just three days removed from the surgical procedure, “honestly right now I'm in a great place mentally, physically feeling way better," he said. "I'm going along with the rehab, staying up for the guys, cheering them on. Just ready to come back.”

Williams believes that he suffered the tear during Sunday night’s game against Minnesota after contesting a shot by Timberwolves forward Taurean Prince.

“I was hurt. I was so hurt,” Williams described of the play. “I knew something wasn't right. I could tell it was something that was gonna stop me from playing. So I really didn't even want to find out what it was at one point. Like, at one point, I was sitting on a bench, like at the end of the third, and I knew something was wrong, but I was so scared to even stand up.”

The next morning, it was discovered that Williams had suffered a small tear in his left meniscus and would have to undergo a partial meniscectomy. Although surgery didn’t seem ideal at the time, the operation immediately alleviated his discomfort.

“I was just surprised at the relief I had right after surgery,” Williams said. “Just being able to move way better on my own. So, I’m proud of that.”

Williams was told that the healing process shouldn't take long and he could return to the court within four to six weeks. The four-week mark would place his return just before the second round of the playoffs if the Celtics make it that far.

“They told me that it was a good surgery. Everything went as well as we wanted it, as well as it could go, and their observation is that I can be back in that timeframe,” Williams said. “Just gotta take our time, make sure it's the right plan, make sure I'm healthy. This organization obviously cares about me long-term more than anything. So just making sure it's the right plan and I'm ready to go.”

The first step of Williams’ rehab is re-strengthening his knee, and from there he’ll move on to running and more complex movements.

“As time progresses there’s a lot of boxes you have to check,” he said. “You have to walk fine before you can run. You have to run in a straight line before you can make angles or cuts. A lot of different boxes you have to check, but I feel like we’re on the right path.”

And he’s confident that the Celtics’ medical staff can guide him along that path to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

“This is not my first injury that I've been through with the Celtics organization, and I can just honestly, wholeheartedly say, every time I've got to enter their care, the expertise, them zoning in on my rehab has been great and it helped me come back numerous times,” Williams said. “So I’ve got all the faith in the world in those guys.”

When he’s finally able to get back on the court, Williams doesn’t anticipate there being much apprehension on his part. He believes that the return process will be “like riding a bike again.”

“Just get out there, get my wind under me and I feel like I should be good with the help of my teammates picking me up.”

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