Jaylen Brown Dishes on Voter Participation: "Let's Exercise Our Power"

BOSTON – Jaylen Brown used his influential platform Wednesday night to promote the topic of voter participation.

Brown spoke to the media for nearly 13 minutes and used all of that time to discuss voting and positive change within our society.

“I want to use my platform to inspire people for using their influence, whatever color, whatever race, that voting is important – especially in the black community,” he stated. “Let’s exercise our power and get out and vote.

“I just want to emphasize that voting needs to become a trend,” he added, “because people who we elect have the power to make decisions and put in policies that some people disagree with.”

The most important aspect of voting that Brown touched on multiple times is voter participation at all levels. He explained that voting both locally and nationally is of the utmost importance, particularly for the African American community.

“Not just in the presidential election, but our elected officials, our state representatives, people running for governor, mayor. Like, it’s important,” he said. “They’re in placing these policies, and if you don’t like them, you’ve got to vote. So I want to make that a trend amongst athletes to use our platforms, to inspire people to get out and vote, especially in the black community, because I know that isn’t necessarily a consistent or common thing.”

Brown was thoughtful not only in relaying his thoughts, but also in relaying context around his knowledge of the topics at hand. He is not stepping in front of a microphone unprepared and to speak off the cuff. Instead, he is doing all he can personally to understand the causes of societal problems and the solutions that can help society to move forward in a healthy way.

“I pride myself in my research and trying to come up here in front of you guys and be as thoughtful as I can,” he explained. “It’s definitely things that need to be addressed. I do a lot of research. I read a lot. I’ve taken classes on this. I try to be considerate of how people feel, but at the same time, there’s things that need to be addressed, and there’s issues in this country that are being sidelined.”

Brown went on to remind all who were listening that this isn’t anything new. These issues have been sidelined for centuries, and we aren’t too far removed from the Civil Rights era.

“Rewind less than 100 years ago it was illegal for me, somebody that looks like me, to read and write,” Brown said. “It was illegal for someone like me to be able to be some places after 6 (p.m.). This was less than 70 years ago. So now, you fast-forward to now, it’s not too hard to believe that there’s still some systemic effects that have come to light with how this country was designed.”

The existence of such effects is what is driving Brown to use his platform and to speak out.

“So I believe in reform. I believe in that we have to [create] policy change,” he stated. “And I don’t want history to kind of repeat itself, and that’s kinda what [is happening].”

Society can prevent history from repeating itself. As Brown is suggesting, voting both locally and nationally is a vital tool that can assist in doing so.


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