Celtics Are Ready To Roll After Encouraging Offseason

PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts – There is an unmistakable belief among the Boston Celtics front office that this year’s team is primed for a bounce-back season.

Both co-owner Wyc Grousbeck and head coach Brad Stevens iterated such feelings Monday afternoon at the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Teeing Up for Kids Golf Tournament in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Grousbeck revealed that he gathered his most recent evidence of a looming bounce-back season Monday morning at the Celtics’ practice facility, the Auerbach Center at New Balance World Headquarters. Grousbeck and Stevens met while watching players work out on the court, and he liked what he heard and what he saw.

“A lot of positive vibes from the group,” Grousbeck said. “A talented team, a young team, and a team that’s fired up to show people what they can do.”

Likewise, Stevens is fired up to lead this group.

“I think Brad seems to be confident that he can take this team and go somewhere,” the owner added.

There are a few reasons why Stevens has crafted such a belief. First and foremost, his eight returning players have not dwelled on last season’s underwhelming performance that led to an early ouster from the postseason.

“This team has done a good job of flipping the page and moving forward and concentrating on itself,” Stevens said. “I really like the guys that are in our gym right now.”

Which goes hand in hand with another reason why Stevens sees success on the horizon: all of his players worked hard throughout the offseason. That’s nothing new within the Celtics program, but Stevens seems to believe that this particular team, which had six players participate in the FIBA World Cup and had many other players working out at the facility all summer long, has physically prepared itself for the long season ahead.

“You can’t come to camp like maybe in the past where you came to get in shape. You’ve got to be ready to roll,” Stevens said. “I think it’s one of the benefits of the guys that played overseas, because they got a lot of time conditioning.”

The 2019-20 Celtics spent the offseason preparing themselves both mentally and physically for the upcoming season. There is no more sulking about last season. There is only preparation for what’s to come.

Those two factors have set the team up for success when training camp tips off next week. Now it’s just a matter of hitting the ground running and setting a positive tone when practice begins Oct. 1. Stevens made it very clear Monday afternoon what that tone should be.

“My care is that we play with great effort and togetherness. That is what we’re looking for. That’s what we want to be,” the coach stated. “All the technical basketball plays and system and all that stuff, that stuff will figure itself out. I feel like we’ve got a good foundation with all of that. But we have to play like a Boston team should.”

This offseason has given Grousbeck, Stevens and the rest of the front office great reason to expect a bounce-back season. There’s no question that the team will log one if its players buy in on what their coach plans to preach.


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