Tennessee product Jordan Bone runs the three-quarter court sprint.

2019 NBA Draft Combine: Day 2 Notebook

The opinions expressed in this column do not represent those of the Boston Celtics front office personnel.

CHICAGO – The 2019 NBA Draft Combine – with all of its scrimmages, interviews, tests, and drills – is officially in the books.

Thursday’s notebook outlined the players who stood out on the court during the first two exhibitions that were played. Today’s notebook will consist of the Combine’s most notable measurements and test results.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the size and athleticism that was showcased over this two-day event. You can also check out the full list of Combine measurements and test results here.

Top Max Vertical – 43.0 inches – Jalen Lecque

Jalen Lecque is attempting to leap straight from high school into the pros, and boy, is he leaping high. The 18-year-old Brewster Academy product, who is eligible for the Draft since he reclassified in high school, posted a 43-inch max vertical to lead all Combine participants. Lecque's athleticism was on full display during Thursday's scrimmage session as the 6-foot-2 guard nearly grazed his head on the rim while soaring for a fast-break dunk.

Top Lane Agility – 9.97 seconds – Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone (pictured above) was the most agile player the combine has seen in nearly two decades. The 21-year-old Tennessee product ran the lane agility drill in just 9.97 seconds, making him just the second player in the history of the event to log a sub-10-second mark. Only Jamison Brewer (9.65 seconds in 2001) had a better time.

The lane agility drill consists of four cones placed on all four corners of the paint. Each participant must run forward to the first cone, shuffle right to the next cone, back-pedal to the third cone, and then shuffle left to the final cone, before repeating the drill in reverse. Lecque was able to complete this drill nearly four-tenths of a second faster than the next-closest competitor Kris Wilkes, who did so in 10.39 seconds.

Top Shuttle Run - 2.78 seconds – Jordan Bone

Earning the top lane agility mark wasn't enough for Bone. He also took home the best mark in the shuttle run, earning a time of 2.78 seconds.

Much like in the lane agility drill, the shuttle run tests lateral quickness, though in shorter movements. Participants begin in the middle of the paint, sprint to the left side of the lane, and then back through their starting spot before finishing past the right side of the lane.

Bone didn't win this drill as easily as the lane agility, however, as he barely edged Devon Dotson by two-hundredths of a second.

Top Three-Quarter Court Sprint – 3.03 secs – Jordan Bone

If you can't tell by now, Jordan Bone is one heck of an athlete. There are three different Combine drills that test quickness, and he finished with a clean sweep.

Bone sprinted three-quarters of a basketball court in just 3.03 seconds, which gave him three-hundredths of a second of wiggle room over second-place finisher Tremont Waters. Only Utah All-Star Donovan Mitchell (3.01 seconds in 2017) has logged a faster time over the past four Combines.

Top Height With Shoes – 7-foot-7 – Tacko Fall

Tacko Fall smashed all sorts of anthropometric records at this year's Combine. He measured in at just over seven-and-a-half feet tall with shoes on, posted an 8-foot-2 ¼ wingspan, and recorded a whopping 10-foot-2 ½ standing reach. To prove just how insanely high that reach is, the NBA rim sits an even 10 feet above the ground, meaning that Fall can reach well above the iron while standing flat-footed.

If he makes it into the NBA, Fall would tower above the next-tallest player in Philadelphia center Boban Marjanovic, who stands 7-foot-3 ½ and possesses a 7-foot-7 wingspan.

Lowest Body Fat Percentage – 2.9 percent – Oshea Brissett

Oshea Brissett may not be completely human, at least judging by his absurdly low body fat percentage. The 6-foot-8, 203-pound forward out of Syracuse measured in with just 2.9 percent body fat, making him the first participant to log under 3.0 percent in more than a decade. The last player to record a sub-3 was Aaron Brooks, whose body fat measured in at only 2.7 percent in 2007.


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