Bosh Return Won't Change C's Game Plan

MIAMI – With the Eastern Conference Finals tied at 2-2, multiple reports are speculating that the Miami Heat are expected to activate Chris Bosh for tonight’s Game 5.

The Heat have been pretty clandestine about Bosh’s status, dating back to a “secret” workout he went through last Sunday at AmericanAirlines Arena. Prior to each game of the series, reporters have been asking Heat coach Erik Spoelstra if Boston would be activated.

Spoelstra told the Miami Herald on Monday that Bosh has made “significant progress,” fueling speculation of a return. Boston has been out of the Heat’s lineup since sustaining an abdominal strain on May 13. Either way, whether he takes the floor or not, it shouldn’t change the game plan for the Celtics.

“It’s not going to change our defense, we’re going to play the same way,” Doc Rivers said.

As for Paul Pierce, he agreed when a reporter asked him if he expected that the Celtics would see Bosh to return to the lineup during the series.

“We want every team’s best. I think that brings out the best in us,” Pierce said. “It only makes you better in the long run. If we were to advance, having seen all their best players out there, it’s only going to make us better.”

Perhaps the most important question is, would Bosh’s return make the Heat better? Presumably, but his effectiveness won’t be known until the ball goes up and he’s out on the floor.

“To be honest, when you see guys that were supposed to be hurt and they come back, they’re pretty much going full throttle, playing hard,” forward Kevin Garnett said.

As for the mystery surrounding his possible return?

“If Bosh plays he plays, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t,” Garnett said.

As for what a healthy Bosh would bring, Garnett called him “another weapon” and noted that he may have to adjust his help defense to account for Bosh’s presence.

“He gives them another figure for us to deal with,” Garnett said.