Brad Stevens coaches from the sidelines with his hands on his hips

Pregame Post-Ups: Candid Comments from Stevens

Wednesday, May 5 - Celtics at Magic

Pregame – Candid Pregame Comments from Stevens on Celtics' Current Standing

Brad Stevens was brutally honest as he discussed his team’s current state prior to Wednesday night’s matchup with the Orlando Magic.

What he had to say was nothing he hasn’t said directly to the team as well.

“Like, we’re not special,” he stated candidly. “So I guess my point would be, if you want to be special, be even better than we’ve been.”

Stevens began to make these comments after being asked about Boston’s trend of playing down, per se, to young teams that are inexperienced and playing free. He noted that non-playoff contending teams are oftentimes in a situation to play young and free at this time of the year, which is “obviously a scary thing.” He did add, however, that his team’s current standing doesn’t exactly indicate that the C’s are much better than those non-playoff contending teams.

“We’re not that much separated from these teams that you’re talking about … Right now we’re in seventh place,” he said. “That’s not really the place to be playing up or down. It’s kinda just in there.”

There is still time for Boston to make a move out of its current standing, though. It has seven games remaining on the schedule, and it remains in contention to climb as high as the fourth seed in the East.

In order to do so, it needs to win games against young and inexperienced teams like tonight’s opponent, the Magic. Orlando has won three of its last four games, but last game started one rookie, two third-year players, one fourth-year player and then Gary Harris, who is in his eighth season. This team is the definition of young and inexperienced, and certainly a team Boston should beat when considering talent alone.

The Celtics can’t afford to lose these games if it wants to move up the standings and separate themselves from the teams that entered this season with far lower expectations.

- Marc D'Amico


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