Pregame Post-Ups: Stevens Lauds Brown, Tatum’s Leadership

Friday, April 2 - Rockets at Celtics

Pregame – Stevens Lauds Brown, Tatum’s Leadership

As Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum continue to ascend into the upper echelon of stardom, they’re not only having to take on the burden of putting up outstanding statistics, but they’re also facing the pressure of being two of the main leaders of the Boston Celtics.

At age 24 and 23, respectively, that’s not an easy task for the wing duo to handle, as head coach Brad Stevens described Friday evening before hosting the Houston Rockets. But it’s a challenge that they’re taking in stride.

“Listen, those two guys are All-Stars, and those two guys understand that with that – with the expectation of being our best players – that people are going to evaluate them in everything that they do,” Stevens said when discussing Brown and Tatum’s leadership duties. “That’s a hard transition for a young guy. I’ve tried to be very empathetic towards that because I think that as much as we ask of them, that’s just another responsibility.”

Stevens has always believed that the two of them would eventually develop into great leaders as their experience continues to build. He added that this challenging season should benefit them in that aspect, as it will teach them how to lead through adversity.

“I’ve said for years that my goal for them was to be two of the better leaders by the time they’re 26 or 27,” Stevens said. “You have more experience, you have more to lean on. They’ll have this year, whatever it turns out to be, to lean on as another opportunity to reach back and say, ‘I’ve lived this and I can help us navigate this.’”

Ultimately, Stevens wants Brown and Tatum to lead with their play on the court and with how they carry themselves as teammates. And up to this point, he believes they have done an excellent job of doing just that.

“I think the most important thing that young players can do when talking about leading is they can lead by example with their play on both ends, and they can be accountable. And I think, for the most part, they deserve high marks in those areas, and especially accountability. Those guys don’t skirt from the responsibility, they don’t point fingers at other people, and they have been really receptive to growth, and they deserve credit for that.

“They’re not as good of leaders as they will be when they’re 27, but they’re as good as any 23- and 24-year-old I can imagine. And so, that’s one of the many reasons I think they’re special.”

- Taylor Snow


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