Pregame Post-Ups: Boston’s Offensive Surge a Result of Better Ball Movement

Tuesday, August 11 - Celtics at Grizzlies

Pregame – Boston’s Offensive Surge a Result of Better Ball Movement

Boston’s last three games have had a completely different offensive feel compared to its first three games inside the bubble. Better ball movement is the reason why.

The Celtics went 1-2 during their first three matchups while dishing out 19.0 assists per game. They have since gone 3-0 while dishing out an impressive 29.3 APG, which is well above their season average of 22.9 APG. During their most recent outing against the Orlando Magic Sunday afternoon, the C's tied their season-high with 32 dimes.

Head coach Brad Stevens explained ahead of Tuesday evening’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies that ball movement has been a critical focal point for his group.

“We have to just play with the right intentions to make the right play over and over,” he said an hour and a half ahead of Tuesday’s tip-off. “And I think we’ve done a good job of that.”

More passing has led to more scoring opportunities, of which the Celtics have taken advantage. During their first three bubble contests, they averaged an admirable 115.3 points per game, but during the last three, that number has skyrocketed to 131.0 PPG. As a result, Boston has the highest offensive rating (119.3) of any Eastern Conference team this summer.

In order to maintain such offensive prowess, the team must continue to move the rock as it has been of late.

“We’ve got to just keep playing with those same intentions we’ve been playing with thus far,” Stevens said. “The ball has been whipping around, the ball has been moving, and I think that’s what makes us tough to guard when we’re at our best is that we’ve got a number of different guys that can [make plays]. I think we’ve got a good feel when we’re at our best of where the ball needs to go and then it’s just about making the right read after that.”

- Taylor Snow


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