Im-posing! Pierce, Allen and Garnett Mug for Cameras in Waltham

KG, Pierce and Allen.

Allen, Pierce and KG set up for an NBA Photos portrait at their photo shoot Monday.Peter Stringer/Celtics

By Peter F. Stringer
September 11, 2007

WALTHAM - Surreal was one way to describe it.

"I guess we really did get Allen and KG," said a Celtics front office staffer moments after Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett waltzed into the Boston Sports Club gymnasium littered with backdrops, lenses and strobe lights, not to mention extension cords snaking all over the floor. "It's pretty surreal to see them all together."

Wearing their kelly green road jerseys together for the first time, the Celtics' three stars looked ready for action as they posed for several different magazine covers, cut a few video promos and did the obligatory stop in with NBA Photos in just under 65 minutes on Monday afternoon.

Some poses were serious; a triple-profile against a green background we dubbed the "Mount Rushmore", composed by NBA photographer Nat Butler, looked pretty regal and could one day become a famous shot. Other photos were playful; the guys tried on each others' jerseys for another NBA picture, and in the process Pierce stretched Allen's jersey a little out of shape.

A handful of publications were in the house, but there were no interviews to be had as the guys moved quickly from station to station. We wont spoil the shoot on you, so be sure to check newsstands in the coming weeks as the boys grace the cover of a few of your favorite local and national publications.

That said, we did take a few shots behind the scenes to give you a unique look at the day's events. Check out our exclusive photo gallery, only available here on

Even at their most enjoyable, photo shoots are often tedious as photographers attempt to bring their visions to life, but the guys were clearly enjoying themselves in each others' company. Training camp is still a few weeks away, but the camaraderie between the Celtics stars is already evident.