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Bill Simmons, better known as The Boston Sports Guy, took the city of Boston by storm with his award-winning website. Over the last four years, Simmons shared his unique views on Boston sports with his ever-growing list of fanatical readers. Mixing his trademark wit and pop culture references into his highly observant sports coverage, Simmons became a must-read for the Boston sports community.

Though he has recently closed down his website, Simmons lives on as an ESPN.com Page Two columnist, and keeps in touch with his loyal fan base through an online newsletter. A hardcore basketball junkie, and ardent Celtics fan and season ticket holder, Simmons has high hopes for his hometown Celtics in Wednesday's draft.

Simmons chatted live on Tuesday, June 26. See what he had to say about the Draft, "secret deals," his dad's obsession with Troy Murphy and more!

Mo at 2:58pm ET

Bill, will you be able to revive your father if the Celtics take both Pau Gasol and Troy Murphy?

Boston Sports Guy at 2:58pm ET

Dad's totally fired up about both of those guys ... unfortunately I dont think Gasol will be there unless they trade up for him. Dad really likes Murphy though - an Irish guy in Boston? You cant go wrong.

Alessandro from v10a.holycross.edu at 2:59pm ET

Do you think the Celtics are going to make a trade involving their draft picks?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:00pm ET

I think they SHOULD make a trade... I think they should do everything they can to get Gasol, even if it means giving up the 21st pick just to move up 4-5 spots. They need to get a 3rd All-Star-caliber guy out of this draft... I'm going to be disappointed if they don't. But all indications are that they're keeping the picks.

Andrew Gordon at 3:00pm ET

What character from the Godfather movies would you most compare to Jim OBrien? Antoine Walker?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:01pm ET

Jim O'Brien = definitely has a Tom Hagen vibe about him (that was Robert Duvall's character, the consigliere). Antoine? he's more like Sonny... passionate, a little too passionate at times. Hopefully he won't get shot at a toll booth by the Knicks or anything.

Yipper at 3:02pm ET

I just heard that Gasol will only play next season if he is drafted in the top 6. Your thoughts?

PS: Please start another site ... I don't know what to do at work!

Boston Sports Guy at 3:03pm ET

I think Gasol's trying to bluff his way into the top six personally ... every year there's always a foreign guy who claims that he can't get out of his contract. They always end up getting out of the deal somehow. The X-factor here is that he's from a wealthy family in Spain so it's not like he'll be homeless or anything if he has to buy his contract out. As it turns out, he's probably going top six so it won't matter. I see him going to Golden St.

John S from csfb.com at 3:04pm ET

Which PG do you want to see the C's nab? I say Cook.

Boston Sports Guy at 3:05pm ET

Tony Parker ... I like everything I've heard about him. Seems like a good gamble at No. 21 if someone doesn't step in ahead of the C's and grab him. They need a PG who can make open jumpers and he seems to be the only guy in this draft who can do that. Tinsley doesn't do it for me ... I don't like Omar Cook that much either. "Tony Parker" sounds like a stage name, which is fun.

Keith from proxy.aol.com at 3:05pm ET

You mentioned in one of your columns in early spring that the Celts should do everything possible to get Battier. Do you still feel that way and if so is there any chance of it happening?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:07pm ET

I actually think Battier could fall to them at No. 10. I think the three high schoolers, Rodney White and Gasol will be the Top Five in some order. Then Vancouver's up at No. 6, and they'll go with a safe pick, probably Battier or Griffin. If they take Griffin, I could see the Nets passing on Battier (they want a big man) and the Cavs/Pistons both passing on him because they want scorers. So it could happen. I wouldn't trade up for him though. The big picks are NJ at No. 7 and Vancouver at No. 6. Hopefully NJ will be dumb enough to take Diop at No. 7.

Simbo from proxy.aol.com at 3:08pm ET

Are you secretly hoping the C's acquire a 2nd round pick and draft Bobby Simmons ... you know, just so you can get the jersey?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:10pm ET

Are you kidding? If it was up to me they would draft him at No. 10 - I need the Simmons jersey! That would be huge. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they took him in the 2nd round because Antoine has been playing with him in Chicago all summer. They were both witnesses to the Ron Artest-MJ fight that everyone is sworn to secrecy about ... I can't wait for that story to come out if it's true.

Davedexter145 at 3:10pm ET

Which underclassman will go bust the fastest?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:12pm ET

Tyson Chandler worries me - there's something sketchy about him. But the shaky guy is that Diop... every year there's a foreign big man in the draft who everyone tries to talk themselves into despite the fact that they "don't play hard from time to time" and "motivation is a problem for them" and all that stuff.

I'm praying that someone takes him before the C's so he knocks everyone down a notch.

colonypod at 3:12pm ET

Who are you rooting for the Celtics NOT to pick this year? I really hope we don't take Loren Woods ...

Boston Sports Guy at 3:14pm ET

In order...

1. Diop. He scares me.
2. Eddie Griffin. Even though he would make sense for them on paper, guys with attitude probs never seem to make it. Not worth the aggravation.
3. Loren Woods. Absolutely.
4. Jamal Tinsley. Scares me for some reason. I want them to take a PG who can shoot, and he can't.
5. Any of the centers. They're all gonna stink (Hawyood, Hunter etc.). They stink every year. NBA teams never learn this.

Roger Dorn from cabletron.com at 3:14pm ET

Sports Guy, Besides the obvious need for height, we saw Walker & Pierce constantly doubled & when they kicked it to the open shooter ... there was no shooter. Why aren't we hearing about a pure jump shooter w/the 10 or 11 pick? Does one even exist?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:17pm ET

You ARE hearing about them ... I've been telling everyone for two months that they want to come out of this draft with at least one shooter. The problem is that Cleveland and Detroit (No. 8 and No. 9) are drafting in front of them and they're both looking for the same thing - a wingman with size who can shoot. Joe Johnson and Jason Richardson (who can't shoot, but that's another story) will get grabbed by either of those teams. That's why Diop going to NJ or Vancouver is so key - it pushes those guys down a notch. That's also why I think the Celts have a deal in place to trade the No. 11 pick for Bonzi Wells - he fits that "scorer" category.

SilverAD1 from bostma.adsl.bellatlantic.net at 3:17pm ET

SG, Who do you think is going to be the better point guard of Tony Parker, Omar Cook and Jamaal Tinsley?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:19pm ET

I'm not sure any of them will be that good ... remember, point guards rarely make it. Look at last year - Jamal Crawford couldn't have looked any worse, and he went No. 7. I think Parker has the most UPPPPPPPPPside. Cook and Tinsley don't do much for me. I would almost rather see them take Joe Forte at No. 21, and he could be a "bring the ball up and spot in the corner for open threes" guy.

Andrew Gordon at 3:19pm ET

What are the possibilities of the C's drafting Holy Cross's Josh Sankes? I'd like a Sankes-Blount-Vitaly trio at center!

Boston Sports Guy at 3:20pm ET

I would love to usher in the Sankes Era

And Cooz and Heinsohn would be fired up. It looks like he's destined for a career in Zimbabwe and Greece or something though. I just want to see one more HC player drafted in my lifetime.

MD from ne.mediaone.net at 3:21pm ET

What are your thoughts on the Celtics "secret deal" to draft Kedrick Brown in the Lottery?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:26pm ET

I'm a little scared of the secret deal ... the rumors have been flying, and I haven't found out exactly what's happening, but there's definitely a deal in place of some sort. The probable deal is that they're exchanging the No. 11 pick and cap filler for Bonzi Wells, which terrifies me because Bonzi's coming off ACL surgery. I love Bonzi's game, but a torn ACL is a two-year comeback, which means he won't be able to help next year and won't round into his prime form until 2002. There's also the problem of him becoming a free agent after next season - why spend $20 million for him when you can just draft a cheaper rookie? I don't get it. Again, I love Bonzi's game, but the ACL thing scares me. My Dad almost had a stroke when i told him about the deal today - he hates torn ACL's. The other wild rumor is Anderson, E. Williams and the No. 11 for Scottie Pippen. Can't see that happening. Some are saying that the C's are dealing the pick for cash but that's not accurate - remember, they have to sign Pierce to a contract extension this summer and trading draft picks for cash isn't a way to say, "Hey, we want to become a winner - sign with us!"

1986 from advent.com at 3:27pm ET

Does Forte fit the shooter mentality? He seems to be able to generate his own shot plus able to knock down open J's. I know he probably needed another year at UNC ... but is he an option?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:28pm ET

I love Forte ... if they end up with him or Parker at No. 21, I'm happy. His size is a problem (6-foot-3), but he's a good character guy and he can't create his own shot and shoot threes - the whole shebang. I like him because he could rebound - that's such a rare thing these days, to find a guard who goes in there and gets his hands dirty and grabs some boards. He's a good risk at No. 21.

Mike M from cvs.com at 3:28pm ET

What do you think of the Walker experiment at point guard?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:30pm ET

You play him at PG if you have no other options - for instance, when Doug Overton was playing 40 minutes a game during that one stretch last season, you make the move with Twan because you want to get your best guys on the floor. But he's NOT a point guard - he just doesn't have that knack for playing the positon that you need. I'd much rather see them give Palacio 35 minutes a night - he's the next Eric Snow. I think they realize that though.

Phil Jordan from hamilton.net at 3:31pm ET

Who is the best overall player that this draft has to offer?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:34pm ET

I like everything I've read and heard about Kwame Brown - it seems like he has a chance to be truly special. Other than that, I think Gasol has the highest upside - the Nowitzki comparisons aren't fair because he's not a pure shooter like Dirk, but he's a guy with long arms who fills in the blanks, can play in the open floor and create things for himself off the dribble. He just has too many rare qualities that stand out. I especially like him because his team won the championship last season - he just seems like someone who fits in and fills in the blanks for a team (a big board here, a tip-in there, etc.). And he's young. The other guy with UPPPPPPside is Griffin, obviously ... but you just never know. The Derrick Coleman factor is enormous here.

bridge from jhancock.com at 3:34pm ET

Do you think it is possible for bradley to slip to 21 or is that not going to happen? Who would you take at 11: bradley or murphy, seeing we both know they have michael smith possibilities?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:36pm ET

They won't take Bradley at No. 10/11... he's destined for the 15-20 range. I don't really like him that much... he's not assertive enough offensively for me. He's a drifter. Murphy's much more intriguing because he would compliment Walker so well - he can score inside/outside, and he's another good character guy (remember, the C's are placing a premium on that stuff in the O'Brien Era). On the flip side, Troy Murphy couldn't guard Red Auerbach. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives, especially since he's in such good shape and all.

Jeff Michaud at 3:36pm ET

You have mentioned on your site many times that Troy Murphy would NOT be a good pick for the C's at 10 or 11. Have his impressive workouts and the fact that he has shown he is mobile enough to shoot off of the dribble changed your mind with him at all? After all he is very smart and could impact immediately.

Boston Sports Guy at 3:38pm ET

Again, I like Murphy ... I liked the fact that he spent the last three months getting into sick shape, and he also improved his shooting range. It seems like he has a chance to become a poor man's Derrick Coleman (when he's trying) offensively on the right team. In Boston, he's basically be shooting threes and crashing the boards, which would be perfect for him.

michael from ne.mediaone.net at 3:38pm ET

Bill, if the C's are going to make the playoffs this year, they have to improve, but one of the current Eastern playoff teams has to fall out. If you were a flock of buzzards, which Eastern city would you be heading to? Miami? Indiana? N.Y.?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:40pm ET

First of all,

I think the C's will make the playoffs next season. I guarantee it. People underestimate Pierce - he's going to be a 28-30ppg guy next year. And Walker seemingly has his priorities in order for the first time. Anyway, I see the Knicks falling out (definitely) and possibly Miami. Toronto could be there too if they're forced to trade Vince.

Mark Hughes from gcsd.harris.com at 3:40pm ET

Do you think that the Celtics will go after Radmanovic if Gasol is not available because of the whole didn't get Nowitzki thing from a few years back?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:43pm ET

I don't see them taking Radmanovic - I think they would take Murphy over him. Remember, they apparently have that deal in place with Portland at No. 11, so that means at No. 10, they'll be choosing between whomever falls from that Griffin/Battier/Johnson group (and hoping that Gasol somehow drops to No. 10). if none of those guys are there and Diop drops to No. 10, they'll pass on him and take Murphy. I have a feeling someone will drop though.

Davedexter145 at 3:43pm ET

Will the new rules changes affect the way the Celtics draft? Which teams will be helped/hurt the most by the changes? (I like the Bucks)

Boston Sports Guy at 3:44pm ET

The new rule changes definitely affect this draft - you wont be able to get by next season with your 2/3-spot guys shooting under 40 percent (like Williams and Stith) and you need a PG who can run a fast break (the Randy Browns of the world will become obsolete). I think they're in good shape with the rule changes. Teams that will be affected - Miami, Utah, San Antonio, etc. basically any team that relies on a halfcourt game and inside scoring.

kevin callinan from proxy.aol.com at 3:45pm ET

The Nets might be looking to trade Stephon Marbury. Do you believe that there is any way the Celtics could make this deal?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:46pm ET

Not unless they gave up Pierce... thanks but no thanks. Marbury's a little sketchy to me - he's one of those guys who always looks angry that he's not playing with better teammates. I still think he could end up in Washington for Hamilton and the No. 1 and something else.

Johnny99 from bostma.adsl.bellatlantic.net at 3:46pm ET

Do you have your eye on any potentially undrafted players who could step up as free agents for the C's?

Boston Sports Guy at 3:50pm ET

Undrafted free agents ... just my man Bobby Simmons! That's all I can think of. I'm more interested to see what they pull off with that $4.5 free agent exemption this summer ... nobody ever mentions this, but I think it definitely affects how they'll draft tomorrow. For instance, I think Tim Hardaway would be a perfect one-year veteran for them - they could play him 20 minutes a game, save his legs for the postseason and rely on him for the occasional big three down the stretch. He's perfect. And he's buddies with Antoine; he also might give them a little swagger (which they needed last year). If they knew they could get someone like him, they could use that No. 21 pick on the best player available and end up with Forte or USC's Trepagnier. Plus Hardaway's one of the funniest interviews in the league - him and Avery Johnson.

RichS @ work from conversent.net at 3:50pm ET

Honestly, what are you looking more forward to ...
1. Who the Celtics pick
2. What Charles says

I have to admit, as intrigued as I am with the Celtics options, the alleged deep draft which is in my opinion the Mississippi River (a mile wide but only an inch deep) has me thinking that Sir Charles' wit is what will endure from tomorrow night's festivities.

Boston Sports Guy at 3:52pm ET

I'm looking forward to both - it's a toss up. I'm not sure what Chuck is capable of when we see some of the high schooler's outfits. But the thing I'm looking forward to most is TNT's inexplicable addition of Rick Pitino to the draft coverage. I'm capable of at least 15 "Larry Bird isn't walking though that door fans!" jokes tomorrow. Maybe they could have him explain why he ignored his staff and passed on Courtney Alexander last year and Tracy McGrady in '97. No, I'm not still bitter or anything ...

Davedexter145 at 3:53pm ET

Pontificate as to the sleeper of this draft.

Boston Sports Guy at 3:55pm ET

I have two sleepers. It used to be three but Tony P arker isn't a sleeper anymore:

1. Jeff Trepagnier. I can't rationally explain this. Just a gut feeling.

2. Zack Randolph. Big body, active, plays with emotion, he's not a Lottery pick only because he's raw and because he had that weapons thing happen a few years ago. Whatever. I like him.

Also, I think Loren Woods is a sleeper ... literally. I think he's asleep right now.

Boston Sports Guy at 3:58pm ET

All right ... my time is up! Thanks for logging onto the chat - stay tuned for my post-draft Ramblings Diary on ESPN.com Thursday at noon. And let's hope the C's make the right moves tomorrow, or I'll be surly and bitter for the rest of the summer. My final predictions:

10 -- Pau Gasol, Shane Battier, Eddie Griffin or Joe Johnson (whomever falls to #10) ... if all of them are gone, Troy Murphy.
11 -- Kedrick Brown (trade to Portland for Wells)
21 -- Tony Parker

Take care everyone!