That's What He Said - Nets at Celtics

That's What He Said

Nets 95, Celtics 83

Boston Celtics

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers

Re: His reaction to the altercation:

"I don’t really have a reaction. Honestly I kind of saw it late and ran in just to clean it up. I haven’t looked at it on film yet, so I don’t have a lot to say about it."

Re: Is he upset about Rondo's ejection?:

"Well, yeah. I don’t think anybody should get thrown out of a game. We all have to keep our emotions, you know. I mean, hell, we didn’t come to play; as a team, that was awful, basketball-wise. I thought, if I’m Brooklyn and the league, you’ve got to think we’re pretty soft the way we’re playing. We’re a soft team right now; we have no toughness. And that stuff’s not toughness. All that stuff, that’s not toughness."

Re: Did the foul warrant the reaction?:

"I’m not going to get into anybody’s head on that. I thought it was a bad foul because Kevin (Garnett) could’ve gotten hurt. You know, he’s in the air. He took a bad fall. And so Rondo saw that and probably reacted, and overreacted obviously. But I can’t get in anybody’s head. I mean, listen, I think it’s a point, at that point we’re getting our tails kicked and we’re probably frustrated. But that’s, listen, that foul was a hard foul. It was an unnecessary foul, the play was over and then he pushed him down in the air. But obviously I think that’s what they think of us: they think they can push you around."

Re: Tough to get angry seeing as this was common in his day?:

"Yeah, we would’ve just dusted off and kept playing, but those days are over with, you know? It’s an emotional game, guys. That’s why it’s so easy – what I’m saying is it’s so easy for me to sit in a suit and tie and be calm and say I wouldn’t have done it, but I’ve been in the fray. And when you’re in the fray you react sometimes. And usually after you react, you wish you hadn’t, but you can’t get it back. Stuff happens and that happened. Don’t like any of that ever in our league, but it does happen. It’s an emotional game."

Re: Calling the team 'soft':

"Well, we’ve got to play. Listen, we got fired up for one game, against Oklahoma City, and then other than that we let our guards right back down. You know, Kevin, Paul (Pierce) and Rondo and a couple other guys – it’s almost like they understand the jersey they’re wearing and the pride. And everyone else – and not everyone – it’s almost like they think because they put the jersey on that they are something. You’ve got to earn it here. And you’ve got to understand when we play, every team is attacking. It’s a big game for them. What I saw tonight, honestly, was I thought Brooklyn looked at this game as a huge game. Huge game. They want to make the playoffs this year, they want to win the division. They’ve struggled with us for how many years? And we showed up to play basketball. That’s what I saw."

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce

Re: His team's struggles:

“We got to accept a challenge night in and night out. Its about our consistent effort and that’s why we lost. It wasn’t no plays that Doc was going to call tonight, it wasn’t no scheme that he was going to put together, it was about going out there and seeing who really wanted it more; who was going to push, grab, scratch and claw their way to try and get a win like this and that’s what they did and we didn’t."

Re: Winning the division:

"Each and every game is important for us but at the end of the day our goal isn’t to win the division our goal is to go out there and try to win a championship, but as far as the division is concerned its about as competitive as its ever been since I’ve been with the Boston Celtics.”

Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee

Re: What he saw in the altercation:

“I just saw the hard foul and players stepping in to help KG, that’s all I seen."

Re: Rondo trying to help KG:

"That shows signs of us being together. I mean it was a negative situation that definitely our team, I know KG and I know Rondo, didn’t want to be a part of but it happened in the moment and that’s the leader of our team so I feel that he did the right thing I’m sure there will be consequences from it but it just shows us being together.”

Re: Boston's play in the game:

“I feel like they (Brooklyn) came into the game and approached it as a big game playing against us today and we approached it like it was just a regular game and you can see that’s how the game started off so I think everyone is going to remember this game not only for the altercation but just for how we got down big and we were playing crawl back and we couldn’t get the lead under 9 in the second half so I think we are going to remember this.”

Detroit Pistons

Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson

Re: What he learned about his team during the game:

“Mentally tough. Lot of fiber on our team. And a battle. They battled and they fought hard, literally I guess. And they just didn’t give in. They didn’t give in to any adversity tonight. We had a lot of adversity on the court on the road. And our defense for the most part was consistent the whole game. We sputtered a little bit offensively. But we’re playing some hard nose defense.”

Re: Wanting to be a top 10 defense in the league:
“That’s a high responsibility. But if we’re going to be that way we’ve got to do it every night. We can’t take any nights off. And guys you know, they understand. They have a clear idea of what keeps them happy defensively. They understand where they make their mistakes. But at the same time, we’re going to get even better offensively.”

Re: The message to his team at the end of the half:
“Just keep your composure. But we got some guys that aren’t going to back down. And unfortunately, some of our guys got tossed but it’s in the hands of the league right now. They’ll take a look at everything. I thought the referees did a good job of getting the game back under control, which was huge. But our guys fought, and they fought to the very end. We made some big shots. Joe took over there for a stretch. Andray Blatche was really good for us today. He was really good. And just Deron, the way he quarterbacked it, I know his numbers weren’t great, but Deron quarterbacked our team to a victory.”

Re: How his guys handled the scuffle:
“First, nobody left the bench. Guys were protecting their teammates. And our guys, we play pretty hard in practice so a lot of what you see on the court is a product of what I see everyday. Like I said, when you have Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace and Keith Bogans, and guys with those types of spirits, you know, those guys are rough guys. But fortunately we were able to win the game and nobody got injured.”

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

Re: Did Humphries want to get ejected?:

“Oh I definitely don’t feel he wanted to get ejected. But he had to defend himself, so unfortunately he got booted for the rest of the game.”

Re: Mentality of the Nets organization:
“Just protect yourself at all times. We were in a situation where we had our brother out there battling and he had to protect himself. From that aspect like I said it’s pretty understandable. We’re not a team that’s gonna be pushed around or back down from anybody. I was proud of our guys tonight and the way we fought.”

Re: Was he surprised by the altercation?:
“Not really, in the heat of the battle things happen. Tempers flare and guys lose their cool, and it’s just part of the game.”

Re: Brooklyn's approach to the game:
“Definitely a big game. You know we were just trying to hold our own at this point. We got a lot of meaningful games. You know if you want to do anything special in the Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics are …in the way. They are still going to be right in the hunt.”

Andray Blatche

Andray Blatche

Re: Surprised by the altercation?:

“I’m not surprised at all. When that happened I saw Rondo going at Humph I knew everybody was about to have his back.”

Re: Will the altercation bring Nets closer together?:

“To me I feel like we are already together. I feel like we already got that chemistry, we are already a family.”

Re: Jerry Stackhouse's performance:

“He’s been great. His corner threes have been amazing for us.”


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