Celtics History

The franchise is born, and struggles in its early days under "Honey" and "Doggie".

Red, Cousy, Russell and basketball finally arrive in Boston, and a dynasty is born.

The dynasty continues, and the Russell-Chamberlain rivalry flourishes. Meanwhile, Cousy hangs 'em up -- "We luv ya, Cooz!"

Russell retires, the dynasty dies, and a new breed takes over as Cowens, Havlicek and White lead the way. In the 1976 Finals, Game 5 becomes the Greatest Game Ever Played. And some guy named "Bird" is drafted.

The Big Three lead the charge as the Celtics-Lakers rivalry reaches new heights. Banners 14, 15 and 16 go to the rafters.

The franchise struggles as the Garden closes; Pierce and Walker are drafted and the Pitino era begins.

Pierce, Garnett and Allen (the "new" Big Three) lead the C's back to glory with a 17th NBA Championship.

The Big three era comes to a close; coach Brad Stevens leads a new-look Celtics team.