Legal Timeout with Gerald Henderson

Legal Timeout with Gerald Henderson

If you hadn't seen Gerald Henderson in the last fifteen years and you saw him today - you would say that he hasn't changed one bit. It looks as if no extra pounds have been put on to the 175-pound frame, the weight he maintained in his playing days with the Green and White. And, his enthusiasm and love of all sports still leaves the twinkle in his eyes. Whether it is basketball or golf or any sport, Gerald Henderson knows only one way to still play it - give 110% effort, have poise and determination.

Henderson was a player who never stopped trying or who would ever settle for being, 'OK'. He worked and then he worked some more. He possessed tremendous speed and quickness but he was not afraid of physical contact or being patient to seize the right opportunity to make something happen for his team. In his five-year Celtics career, Gerald missed just 10 games out of 400, in helping to lead the Celtics to two NBA World Championships in 1981 and 1984. What loyal Celtics fan could ever forget was Game 2 of the 1984 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers when, on May 31, 1984, 'Gerald Henderson Stole The Ball!' screamed Johnny Most into his microphone. Henderson's steal and immediate lay-up with 0:13 seconds to go in regulation tied the contest at 113 apiece. The Lakers failed to get a shot off, the game goes into overtime and the Celtics even the series at one victory each and eventually capture championship banner #15.

Today, life isn't that chaotic for Henderson as it was twenty years ago, but he still is hustling and giving 110% in whatever he sets his mind to.'s Jeff Twiss caught up with Gerald recently and reflected on the good 'old' days of the '80's.

Gerald, please fill us in on what you are currently doing?

Henderson: "I'm down in Philadelphia now. I do some work for the Sixers television, Comcast Sports Net and my wife and I are currently in real estate in Blue Bell, PA. I have one daughter who is a freshman at Villanova University and I have one son who is an upcoming junior in high school. So, between my jobs and the kid's schedules, I still keep pretty busy."

You were a tough, consistent, two-way backcourt star in your playing days, what do you miss about the game?

Henderson: (with a hearty laugh and a warm slap on my back) "Well, probably, what I miss the most is the paychecks! But, other than that, you have to settle down from all the travel and odd hours that you put into the job. Of course, we traveled on commercial flights back then, no charter airlines like they have today. But I decided a long time ago that I wanted to watch my kids grow up and not get into coaching and that's what I did. The days as a player were special and fun but you have to move on as well."

Was there anything in particular that you learned or that you took with you from your days as a Celtic?

Henderson: "What everybody found out from the Pistons this past year is the fact that you got to have a team. It takes more than five guys to win a championship. The Pistons did that this past year and that has been the tradition of the Celtics for as far as I can remember."

Any favorite memory or story you would like to share when you played on the Celtics?

Henderson: "Memories? I'm sure there are many. Probably, 1981 and 1984, winning the championship those years. In '81, I was playing behind Nate Archibald and I learned a lot from him. In 1984, just before the playoffs started, I always wondered how I was going to be remembered as a Celtic, and I made the big steal (against the Lakers). You know, it's amazing that I can be in any town in America and still people come up to me and say either, 'I hate you or I love you' after that one play."


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