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Marcus Smart

3/10 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Pacers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 114-111 victory over Indiana.

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Brad Stevens

On the resiliency in the last few minutes:

“That’s a thing we said when we called a time out; we need this. As uncomfortable as it is right now, in the moment, we need it. We have 18 games left after this, we’re far from a finished product but we have to get there quickly. We’ve got to start ascending soon, so it was important to go through a night like tonight. We’ve been good on the road recently, which is encouraging. We’ll see if we keep being good on the road, we’re at a tough place to play Thursday.”

On tonight’s performance:

“We probably needed it. We probably needed something like that to happen, go down three and find a way to win. It’s probably a good thing for our team in the long run. The excitement, we’ve got to get better in the middle of quarters and we’ve got to get better in the end of quarters, but we probably needed that. That was hard.”
Gordon Hayward

On what he told the team in the midst of the Pacers comeback:

“Just tried to compose ourselves there, it was a ridiculous run. Especially with the things we’ve been going through of late, we could have collapsed. We were just trying to hold it together. It was good that we were able to make some plays there at the end to help us win the game. Credit them, they hit some shots and made that run. It’d have been a lot better if we had put the game away.”

On what the benefits of going through a game like this are:

“Trying to find ways to win is the benefit. In my opinion, it would have been nicer to win by 20 but I think it is good to be in those situations. They help you. Those experiences are something that we all need, it will help us moving forward and I’m happy that we got the win.”
Marcus Smart

On what it was like to get the win:

“Anybody would like to have it more comfortable to win, but it’s getting close to that time when you have to win games like this and we have to learn how to win games like this. For us, tonight was a good win and it couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with the week we’ve been having. Tonight we just kept our composure and kept going. Based off the last games we’ve played in that position; we’ve really choked up. Tonight we just tried to make sure that didn’t happen.”

On what he saw on the Pacers last play:

“We didn’t want to give up any threes obviously. Second, no fouls on three-pointers and third, if they had an easy drive to the lane, let them have it and stay out (defending) at the three-point mark.”

On what it was like to see Oladipo back again:

“I was happy for Victor to be back out there. Anytime you see a guy get hurt, it’s devastating, no matter if they’re on your team or not. I’m a good friend of Vic’s so to see him back out there was good.”
Nate McMillan

On the game:

“I loved the fight in our guys. We continued to fight our way back into the game and we had control of that game and all of that is good; but we don’t finish.”

On the last play:

“We had two options, looking at Warren or Victor. They were in a zone and they switched everything.”

On Victor’s crucial missed three-pointer with the lead late:

“We talk about time-score situation. In that time, with that score (three-point lead), we probably should have settled down and run some clock, since our half-court offense was working, and milk that clock a little bit. He was feeling it. He got us back in the game, knocking down shots and I think the emotions of the game kind of took over. We had momentum; our half-court execution was really good.”
Victor Oladipo

On how they evaluate a game like this:

“It’s a tough loss. We have to go back and watch film. There were some possessions that I wish I could’ve gotten back and done some things a little bit better. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in that position and everything like that. So, I’ll be better next time down the stretch. Overall, we showed a lot of fight by coming back. Wish we could’ve won the game, unfortunately, we didn’t. We have a lot of room to grow. There were a lot of things we did well and a lot of things we could’ve done better. Overall, I’ll be better down the stretch.”

On the defensive effort in the fourth quarter:

“We just did a good job of staying in front of our man. It was tough. In the first three-and-a-half quarters, they were getting pretty much whatever they wanted like open looks, but over that five-minute span we did a good job of getting stops and converting on the offensive end. But, again, down the stretch, I’ve got to be better. I took a couple of quick ones that maybe I shouldn’t have taken and one I shouldn’t have taken with a minute and change left. Overall, it was tough. I thought I had a pretty good look coming off that one that hit the back rim. We just have to learn from it at the end of the day. I’ve got to be better down the stretch. It’s part of the process.”
Myles Turner

On what his general takeaway in a game like this is:

“One thing we pride ourselves in the past, is when we are down like that. Especially when we’re at home. We come together, we make those big runs. When we get down, we show that grit and that fight, and we showed that tonight. That goes to how this team is jelling together, and we are going to need that going into the end of the season.”

On his perspective on Victor’s quick long three:

“I’m living with that shot. It might have been a quick shot, but those quick shots are the reason we got back into the game. Vic is getting more comfortable and playing the way we need him to play. I think he will hit the majority of those shots. I’m not mad at the shot personally, he knows he could’ve taken a better one but we are not in the game without the shots he took.”

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