3/8 Arbella Quote Worthy: Thunder vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 105-104 defeat to Oklahoma City.

Click on a player to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

Brad Stevens

Team changing how they play when things are going well:

How do you break out of this rut?

Kemba Walker’s turnover at the end:

Has anything changed with the way teams are guarding Jayson Tatum?

Gordon Hayward

What happened in the last minute of the second quarter that turned things around?

Losing four straight games at home:

How do you respond as you head out on the road for your game Tuesday against the Pacers?

Jayson Tatum

Did you like the shot and the action you guys got on that final possession?

Working out with Chris Paul over the summer:

How do you respond going on the road against two playoff teams?

Getting back into rhythm:

Billy Donovan

Two important stops down the stretch:

Coming back from bad stretches, and staying together:

Abdel Nader

Thoughts on the team’s second half defensive performance?

What’s your mindset as a defender in those moments?

What did you see on those last four points?

Chris Paul

What does it say about your team that you overcame an eighteen-point deficit on the road to a team that barely beat you at home?

Can you comment on the last two defensive plays by you and Dennis Schroder?

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