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Kemba Walker

3/3 Arbella Quote Worthy: Nets vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 129-120 defeat to Brooklyn.

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Brad Stevens

Can you put your finger on where things started to fall apart in the fourth quarter?

“Yeah, we didn’t have any defensive intensity. You know, I should’ve subbed a couple of guys out that normally play; and I just let them – kept them in, and we had great intensity for most of the game and we just let our foot off the gas. But, we got four stops in the fourth quarter. They scored 51 points. You know – the game’s 48 minutes. We made a lot of plays late, that were just not winning plays, and pretty simple, basic parts of our – our defensive system, and, but, they deserved to win. And I guess if you’re in this game long enough you’ll see it at some point, and so we saw it tonight.”


“I have no idea who’s going to Cleveland. I think most of the coaches are going, couple players. I just want eight guys, nine guys – whoever’s going to play hard, let’s go. Like, that was ridiculous. No, Brooklyn deserves credit. And I hate – I hate to say it that way because they really deserve credit. Those guys were in the game for Brooklyn, like, and (Caris) LeVert’s special, obviously, but those other guys too, they were really engaged and they deserve – they deserve credit for that.”

Re: Marcus Smart’s foul at the end of regulation – and did you see him walking off the court?

“I haven’t see the replay; I did not see him walking off the court. But I heard a little bit about it. I thought that we had him guarded pretty well at that point. So, but we shouldn’t have been in that situation.”

Lessons taken from an ending like this:

“I mean, I think if you play to momentum, and you’re relying upon momentum, then you – you will lose. Or you will not maximize your team, certainly. If you’re just a team of runs, or when things are going really well and everybody’s patting you on the back you feel good about yourself, you know, you’re good, and when things aren’t, you let go of the rope. Like, teams of runs lose. Teams that can stay in the moment and play the next possession the right way and not be influenced by the score, not be influenced by the situation of the game, the circumstances of the game, have a different level of toughness and a special toughness. We’ve exhibited that most of the year; I think that this is an anomaly, but nonetheless, this was a very humbling one, because again, that was ridiculous.”
Gordon Hayward

What team can take from a defeat like this:

“You’ve got to treat it as a learning experience. You know when you take your foot off the gas pedal anybody can come back at you. Just got to be better on both ends of the court, but we did a really good job building the lead, but they stormed back and you know, tough plays at the end of course.”

Conversation in locker room after the game:

“Mostly about our defense there in the fourth, which has just got to be better, and we know that."

Knee contusion:

“Just got rolled up on there and wasn’t aware that it was gonna happen so I was gonna push my knee back. I think it will be fine, just gonna be sore for a little bit.”

Traveling (to Cleveland):

“Yeah I think out right now, definitely sore, just take it day by day.”

Losing sizable lead two games in a row:

“You know you’re around this league a long enough time, sometimes 20 even 30 points isn’t enough and like I said, as soon as you take your foot off the gas pedal guys get hot, short possessions, there’s always time to come back so we’ve just got to be better. Cut the losses.”
Kemba Walker

Team’s response to loss:

“Definitely a tough loss, probably the toughest one of the year, but you know, the greatest thing about this league is we play again tomorrow, so got to go out there and what matters is focusing on the W.”

Coming off his restriction:

“I feel pretty good. You know obviously I missed five straight, so I still got to get my rhythm.”

Jump ball (against Rodions Kurucs):

“Clearly I didn’t get fouled, but I don’t know. Guess it was just a great play, he’s a great player you know.”

Celtics taking their foot off the gas:

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t say that, but Brad [Stevens] would definitely say we did. Those guys they ramped it up. Obviously [Caris] LeVert was hot, he’s making anything. Unbelievable performance by him.”
Kenny Atkinson

Is that ending how you drew it up?

“I agree it’s really hard to even comment on that. I’m trying to like process it all. Fifty-one points in the fourth quarter against a team like that. Hey, listen, it’s obvious we got a boost from those guys and that play. It’s like one of those Hollywood movies. A lot of those guys are third-team guys. I’m just so happy ‘cause those guys work so hard and got rewarded.”

When did you feel Caris LeVert was on the way to doing something special?

“It was just play after play. He got defensively a big steal, he got a big steal, he obviously hit the three, three free throws at the end. It’s just a miracle. I don’t know how you guys see it. It was just a classic performance. A very great performance.
Caris LeVert

Is there any explanation for what happened tonight?

“God is good, God is real good. Without Him none of this would be possible. I thought he (Kenny Atkinson) was going to pull us too. He did, I thought. In the fourth quarter, he just put me back in there, so I just made one more run at it. I felt good the whole game though to be honest with you. My teammates did a great job, Chris Chiozza, big shoutout to him. He played his butt off tonight, along with TLC (Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot) and the rest of that unit. They work hard every single day so they deserve that for sure.”

Have you ever had to shoot multiple free throws to send the game into overtime?

“Never have I ever before. That was very unique but I was confident when I stepped onto the line that I was going to hit all three.”

How did you feel in the fourth quarter?

“Honestly I felt good the whole game. I think even in the first quarter I started off pretty well. Second quarter I think I only had like two buckets that quarter. In the third quarter I didn’t score. So I knew that if I got a chance to go back in we had a real shot at winning the game.”

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