2/25 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Trail Blazers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 118-106 victory over Portland.

Click on a player to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

Brad Stevens

What was different about Jayson (Tatum) in the second half?

What are some improvements you’ve seen in Jayson’s game this year?

How much does having a guy like Jaylen out there having a big second quarter help open things up for Jayson?

Jayson gave a lot of credit to Daniel Theis as well, what do you think about his game?

After the game Sunday, Jaylon was raving about Jayson and didn’t seem to care about the attention not being on him as much, what does that say about him?

It can be easy to come out slow after a high energy game Sunday, what do you think about the response to a quiet start tonight?

What are your thoughts about tomorrow game against the Jazz?

Jaylen Brown

“What’s working so well for you over this last week?”

“What was it about you guys and shooting tonight, 19 threes, were you just open out there or feeling it?

On his comfortability at the free throw line:

How much are you growing as a leader on the team?

On the approach for the game against the Jazz:

On finishing a back to back at altitude:

Jayson Tatum

On playing alongside Jaylen Brown :

On playing on Team USA with other Celtics:

On everyone celebrating each other’s success on this team:

On Daniel Theis’s performance:

On jersey swap with Carmelo Anthony:

What do you take away from tonight’s game :

Terry Stotts

Overall thoughts on the game…

On if we could have defended their three point shooting better…

On who’s final decision it is for Damian Lillard to return to play…

On whether or not Damian Lillard will be on the road trip…

CJ McCollum

What did you think of Tatum?

What did you think was the difference tonight?

Was there anything you could have done against their threes?

What would you say your margin of error is right now game to game?

How do you feel about where you are going into this road trip?

How are you feeling – you took a hard fall?

Carmelo Anthony

What did you think of Tatum?

Tatum said you were a guy he looked up to a lot – what does it mean for you to be that kind of guy for a guy like him?

What’s your mentality going into this road trip?

How much are you aware of the standings right now?

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