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2/13 Arbella Quote Worthy: Clippers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 141-133 victory over LA.

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Brad Stevens

What impressed you the most about Jayson Tatum tonight?

“Just the fact that he had to play against one of the league’s best players and he met a great challenge with it. Obviously, I thought both teams just played so hard and both teams looked spent at the end. We were just fortunate to come up with enough balls at the end to win the game. Quite a job by a lot of different guys in both locker rooms. Jayson obviously was terrific tonight.”

Grant Williams and Gordon Hayward stepping up in the second overtime:

“I thought their plays came on defense. I thought Gordon was good on Lou (Williams) at the end. He gives a lot of people fits. Grant made some great plays in traffic there and help. We were really struggling with the pick-and-rolls with Lou and Kawhi (Leonard) there for quite a bit of the game. We went with super small and switched a lot and changed up matchups and we had to check to make sure Grant was still alive after (Montrezl) Harrell dunked all over him. Other than that I thought he did a lot of good things.”

Tatum’s defense tonight against Kawhi Leonard:

“He wants the challenge. I mean nobody respects Kawhi more than Jayson and appreciates him more than Jayson. He is going to play his heart out against him on both ends of the court because he knows if you don’t you get embarrassed pretty easily. I thought he did a really good job. You just try and make those shots as tough as possible. When Jayson is able to challenge shots his length is a factor. He did that on a lot of occasions and Kawhi still hit a few, as did the other guys. He played a good two-way game and has been a good two-way player all year. I think that is what makes us feel really comfortable. He was playing at an all-star level on both ends of the court.”

What did you learn about your team’s performance tonight?

“I don’t know that we learned much more. Sometimes the ball just bounces your way and we had a chance to win in regulation and in overtime and didn’t make the last shot. Maybe if they had the last one it doesn’t work out that way. But, this team has got a good fight, has good toughness and that has been really fun. This last six weeks has been really hard from the standpoint of starting and we have talked about it a lot. Not having more than one day off in the last six weeks between games and to finish it off with eight of nine going into the break is a good thing. Now, when we come back from the break and take a deep breath you have to bring the same competitive spirit back to the road trip.”

Significance of wins against the top three teams in the Western Conference on the home court:

“Well if you want to be a good team you have to beat other good teams. If you want to be a champion you have to beat them four times in two weeks. I’d say very little significance, but we will take it. We will move on and try and be as good as we can be when that time comes. That is the bottom line but you have to prove that you can do it. There is a lot we can work on and I am sure they don’t feel like they played their best. (Paul) George leaves at half time and Patrick Beverly doesn’t play. I think we are realistic that we have a lot to work on and that is a good thing. I think our guys are embracing that.”
Gordon Hayward

What have you seen in Jayson Tatum recently?

“He’s been great. He really put us on his back tonight, especially when some of us had an off shooting night, so he’s been tremendous out here. We need to keep him playing like that.”

What do you need to do better after the break?

“We’ve got to be more consistent with how our offense goes as far as making sure we’re getting good shots and then not turning it over unless our defense is in a bind. If we bring it over not defensively, we’re pretty versatile, we’re pretty tough, we try to do our jobs. When we’re not as good in the offensive end, whether it’s shot selection or turnovers, it puts our defense in trouble if we don’t get a chance to guard.”

What was your process on the Lou Williams foul/play?

“I mean it was super close; we were trying to basically foul when they got it in as long as they weren’t going in for a shot. So then they paused a little bit so I thought I could foul them before we were trying to figure out what play they were running. It was close.”
Jayson Tatum

Going up against Kawhi Leonard and winning in double overtime:

“That was an extremely fun game to play in. Both teams played really well. It feels good to get a win going to the All- Star break, get some time off. Yeah a lot of guys on our team played well, guys came off the bench. It was a great game. It was a lot of fun playing.”

Playing against Kawhi Leonard:

“Oh yeah it’s definitely a challenge. You know a guy I watch film on a lot, I have been watching film of him since I was in high school. Obviously, he’s one of the best players in the league, probably top two, top three players, so you know you want those ones, just to compete against a guy like that who has accomplished so much in this league, just try to make it tough. Capable of making shots and any shot you can get, so it’s just a team effort to try to make it as tough as possible and that’s what we do."
Doc Rivers

On the game:

“Tough game. Tough loss. I thought the one call was huge – the, the no-four-point play. I don’t know what you have to do. That’s a shot. You know? And when the officials are telling us that they had a foul to give, so they were trying to foul, and when you see the film they clearly was not trying to foul. You see (Gordon) Hayward bring his hands back as his guy’s going up. But you can anticipate that they’re going to commit a foul, and I thought they did that. And I thought that was a big no-call. Other than that it was a well-played game; both teams made shots, you know? Big shots down the stretch.”

When did Paul George hurt himself?

“I have no idea. He just told me he felt his hamstring again, so – said it wasn’t bad and I said, ‘You shouldn’t have told me that.’ You know, I don’t think he wanted to come out, but once you tell me your hamstring – you feel anything – we have the All-Star break coming up; it’s a no-brainer for us.

Reaction to news that Kevin Garnett’s number will be retired at the Garden:

“Oh, wow, that’s awesome. That’s really cool. I wish somebody would’ve told me.” (Told that KG thanked him in a video): Oh, see, well, that tells you that I’m focused on the game. That is awesome. That is really awesome. Hopefully it’s a day that we play them and I can be there, because that is absolutely deserved, and Hall of Fame next. So, he’s a special man in my life, for sure.”
Montrezl Harrell

Call on potential four-point play:

“It was a bad call, man. I mean, I’m not trying to say anything to get fined or anything like that man, but when we was in the huddle and we said that, you know, they had a foul to give and you get to get the ball in a shooting motion and you go straight up, that’s what we did. He caught the ball on the three-point line. They tried to trap him at first and start shooting and stick your hand in there and it’s a four-point play all day long. But I mean, it’s just tough when you have an official on the other side of the court that runs all the way over to overturn the call. It happened twice. It happened with that play; it happened with me standing in to take a charge. So you live and you learn, man. You move on from it. You can’t do anything about it. Tough call. That’s why they’re bang-bang plays, but, hey, what can you do about it.”

Losing Paul George again:

“It’s tough, man. It’s another guy that’s a top-tier scorer on our team both offensively and he does a lot for us on the defensive end of the floor as well, man. But you’ve got to adjust and move on from it. I think we still, you know, play the marquee game...forcing the two overtimes, man. We just run out of gas pretty much."
Amir Coffey

Recent growth:

“I’m really just working on the defensive side. We have so many scorers out there so I’m just going out there, playing hard, looking for opportunities, and working hard on the defensive end.”

How do you feel about the team right now?

“We have a lot to work through. We’ve been on a long road trip. Tough stretches at the end. But we’re just going to continue to get better, and come back after All-Star and get better.”

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