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Jayson Tatum

1/30 Arbella Quote Worthy: Warriors vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 119-104 victory over Golden State.

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RE: How important is it to give Marcus Smart free reign to shoot three pointers?

“Well I think the most important thing we can all do is take the right shots, make the right play over and over. He took a lot of the right shots, obviously he’s a good shooter, and he has worked hard to become that, and you know, we all want him to shoot those. And those were – for the most part, other than the one that was late shot-clock, I thought they were all really good. And there’s nothing you can do about the late shot clock.”

RE: Thoughts on tribute to Kobe Bryant:

“Really nice. Really nice. The video was great; our people do a great job with that. It was really important to our leadership team, our ownership, people in our corporate office that it was done, and done well from our perspective. And I thought it was really nice.”

RE: Answering all of Golden State’s runs with three-pointers; was he happy with how the Celtics got the threes?

“We weren’t a great offensive team tonight, if that’s what you’re asking. But, we’ll have to play a lot more crisp on Saturday, if we want to be able to generate good looks, and I think that Golden State did a good job. They’re very versatile. They have a ton of like-sized athletic guys on the perimeter, so they did a lot of – lot of switching – and that switching was difficult to – to break down one on one. Once we started slipping, moving a little bit more, we were a little bit better.”

RE: Jayson Tatum’s earning his first All-Star slot:

“I mean, I said this earlier today: Whether you’re named an all-star or not, it didn’t really matter to us, like, he and Jaylen (Brown) have both played like all-stars and both have been such huge parts of our team, not only this year but for the last few years. And certainly it’s fun to see guys rewarded, you know, and at the same time, it just adds another – another thing to work towards – to be the best that you can be. Another – another motivating factor. I’m happy for Jayson, and I thought that Jaylen handled it great. Not being named, came out of the gates playing great. So I thought the response of both guys was really good. And you know, hard to take Jayson out when it’s still a game, and, but I’m glad we got through that with him getting his wind back a little bit, under that minutes restriction.”

RE: Jayson Tatum’s first game back from an injury:

“I thought he started off rusty as you said; I didn’t think we were great early – Gordon (Hayward) and Jaylen (Brown) had great first halves and that put us in a pretty good position. Smart’s third quarter probably sealed the game, and the threes in the fourth. But I thought Jayson looked more like himself towards his last stints.”

RE: How disappointed are you not making the all-star team?

“Not disappointed. I think there are a lot of guys that you have to choose from. A lot of guys having a good year; it is what it is. Just start gearing up your mind getting ready for the playoffs and stuff like that, building good habits.”

RE: Is it something you can use as motivation?

“For sure. Everything. I try and use anything and look for anything and everything as motivation, but it is okay. Keep working to be ready for the playoffs and that is the stage you want to be on.”

RE: How important is it to take care of games like this?

“Just got to take care of home court and continue to win. Take care of home court and fall into place. It is a long season and we obviously plan for something important so let’s just keep getting wins, and every win counts.”

RE: How have you guys improved as a rebounding team without having bigs out there?

“It is on everybody, everybody to not only rebound but box out. We are a small team so we have to rebound and box out. The more we do that the better we will be.”

RE: How did you find out that you got into the All-Star game?

“I didn’t officially find out until I got here. I had a good indication or a good feeling but I found out once I got on the court for pregame shooting and obviously (son) Deuce game to the back with my dad’s all-star shirt so it was the icing on the cake.”

RE: What were your thoughts on the Kobe Bryant tribute pregame?

“I thought it was really special. It was cool to see. He definitely deserves that and I thought it was really special of the Celtics to do that.”

RE: What are your thoughts playing alongside Kemba Walker in the All-Star game?

“I am so excited. It has always been a dream of mine and it finally happened and to get to join him, my teammate, at All-Star weekend, it doesn’t even feel real right now. I am so excited.”

RE: What made you want to cry after hearing the news you made the All-Star game?

“I have been watching the all-star game ever since I started watching basketball. I would always get Kobe’s all-star jersey and I always had aspirations that one day I will be in the all-star game. At 21 years old to make it a reality, I can’t put it into words. It is a special feeling.”

RE: Have you liked how you played against Boston and Philadelphia?

“I didn’t love tonight, I thought we played better against Philadelphia. I didn’t think we played particularly well tonight. We hung in there, we fought which is good, but we weren’t very sharp. They got a ton offensive rebounds and our early turnovers put us in a hole. Boston is very good defensively and they put us in a lot of predicaments offensively and forced a lot of those turnovers. I thought we fought but we didn’t play particularly well.”

RE: Draymond Green’s walk-in turnover:

“It was just kind of amusing. I told him – I called a plan. I said him, 'Draymond you handle.' Meaning he’s going to bring the ball up and he started to bring the ball up. I forgot to tell him you have to throw it in first. We just had a chuckle.”

RE: Celtics’ offensive rebounds:

“Lack of focus, and then they are a very athletic team you got a lot of long athletic wings. And coming in from the weak side with long shots, long rebounds, so they are tough to keep off the glass. But there were plenty of them where we were negligent. We got to stay in there and put a body on somebody.”

RE: Game tonight:

“I thought we came out with a game plan and we executed the first couple minutes. But those are things we just have to stick to the game plan; we’ve got to clean up a couple things. Gave up too many offensive rebounds but other than that I think we tried to take a step in the right direction and grow again tonight. A couple turnovers that we can correct but we’ll watch film tomorrow and get better.”

RE: How much did the Celtics’ length bother you?

“They are a great defensive team; we know that. They play hard, try to get in the passing lane, so we had a couple of turnovers early. But I thought we did a better job in the second quarter, third quarter (with the) turnovers but it’s all the little things that hurt us. But like I said they are a good defensive team so it’s good to play those teams. We can watch film and see how we can execute our offensive a little bit better.”

RE: Celtics defense:

“I mean they are top five in defense. I mean one of their main things is they switch everything. So you know, they switch everything, try to beat you off your spots. I mean they normally have four guys at a time around the same height, same length. So they are really interchangeable on offense and defense.”

RE: Did you notice anything about their length?

“Yeah, I mean obviously they were just helping over early, forcing skip passes. Anything that was in the middle they were trapping ball like they were trapping DLo (D’Angelo Russel) on some ball screens. Really playing in the passing lanes and we had some careless turnovers as well.”

RE: What impresses you about Jayson Tatum?

“I mean, talented. I mean to be so young to be so gifted. You know he knows his spots; he picks his spots well and I mean he can score. Obviously, you saw even on minute restriction he can go out there and score the basketball.”

RE: What do you notice about Tatum’s strength?

“I mean he’s strong. I mean he’s 6’8’’ probably like 215, 220 (lbs). He knows his body. I mean at the end of the day the really, really good players are the ones that can control their body and he’s been playing great this year and he’s an All-Star for a reason.”

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