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Javonte Green

1/24 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Magic

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 109-98 victory over Orlando.

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RE: On whether this 300th win means anything to him:

“I don’t really stop and think about that stuff. I mean, it’s great if we’ve had really good teams, we’ve had really good players, staff that works really hard and hopefully we can keep going. And the other thing is that we’ve got ownership and management that lets us fumble occasionally too and not be great. Just appreciate where we work and it’s nice, but we’ll just move on to New Orleans.”

RE: On whether it feels like it flew by:

“The last seven years? Oh God, I don’t know, Marc. That’s a good question. Sometimes. But I’m glad, I’m happy for our team. That was a heck of a team win tonight, they did a good job.”

RE: On Kemba Walker:

“I thought that he gave us everything he had in the first half to be in the game and we were worried that he wouldn’t have much left because he played like 20-21 minutes, willed us to be in that game. And then it’s kind of one of those things where it’s, kind of, up to everybody else to take it to another level at that point. But I knew I was going to take him out early in that third (quarter) and give him a break. I thought I was going to go back with him at three or two or whatever and thought the break was going to be shorter, but those guys did a good job of pushing it out. Everybody made plays, but he kept us in it.”

RE: On what this game means for guys like Javonte Green, Daniel Theis:

“(Terrence) Ross killed us last year in all three games and we talked to Javonte this morning about (Jayson) Tatum probably out Jaylen (Brown) might be out, like you need to be ready to guard him as hard as you can. And you know, he spent all day watching extra (film), and preparing extra and that’s what you have to do. So, hats off to him. He’s the one we singled out in the locker room because I think that’s what good teams do. They have guys that take those little things about the game and try to help you win.”

RE: On Grant Williams’ impact, particularly at the end of the first half:

“Grant played well. The three 3s were huge because they were helping them quite a bit. He made them and stepped up and made them at big times. Defensively I think that he’s, obviously, brought a lot to us. But we’re pretty small without (Jayson) Tatum and (Jaylen) Brown out there with him at the five, so that didn’t look as good as it usually does, but I thought he was good at the four tonight.”

RE: On Coach Stevens telling him before game he was going to be needed defensively tonight:

“Just do my job. He asked me to do something and I feel like you just try to do it to the best of your ability and I feel like I did a great job tonight on the job that he asked me to do.”

RE: On how he feels he did defensively:

“I feel like our defensive game leads to dunks. I feel like I am a pretty good defensive player and that also leads to fast break dunks that I get.”

RE: On crowd support tonight for a road game:

“I feel like Boston has the best fan base. I could be biased but I feel like from what I see, even if we are on the road, we have a lot of Boston fans in the stadium and arenas and stuff like that. I feel like Boston fans are everywhere and they play a huge role on us as we play.”

RE: On Kemba Walker’s performance

“You see it on TV and growing up watching the NBA and now you see it in person. It is crazy. I feel like Kemba is a great player. Not only a great player, but also a great person off the court. I feel like to see that in person is like wow.”

RE: On the different dynamics he brings to team and having to adjust to different roles:

“I think it is one of the reasons why I am part of this team, that I am able to do a lot of different things and when asked to do whatever it is try to do my best at it. So if that is scoring on a different night…if that is facilitating…if that is playing defense, rebounding, whatever it is I try to do it to the best of my abilities and making winning plays for us.”

RE: On what he was asked to do tonight:

“I think a little bit of everything. Obviously, we had some of our top scorers out so I tried to be aggressive and score a little bit more. I think always try to be a playmaker out there and help out the bigs on the boards.”

RE: On the win:

“It is a great win for sure. You just get excited about guys just getting the opportunity. Those guys haven’t played much during this year. We had guys go down and you see guys like Javonte come in and make huge plays. Defensively he was great. His energy was great as usual. Grant, Vincent came in and played well. It is all about next man up. You have to be ready when your name is called and those guys were ready tonight.”

RE: On how he feeds off the bench players:

“I feed off of them whenever I see a nice dunk because I can’t (dunk). It is nice when you see guys coming in that bring you energy. Tonight the way they did it and it was perfect timing. Like Javonte’s dunk was perfect timing and we never looked back from there.”

RE: On third quarter spurt to take lead:

“Defensively we picked up the intensity. We just got more stops. Those guys were scoring a lot and I think we just kind of got on each other, got into the ball a little bit more, helped each other, scrambled, and whenever those guys made no passes, contested, got the rebound and pushed the basketball so it was a good quarter for us.”

RE: On the loss:

“So, I mean, at the end of the day. If you’re gonna beat that team, you have to be able to play through contact, not turn the ball over, and have clean possession. It takes offensive energy and force and we had none of that. So regardless of who plays for them, that’s how they play. They’re unique that way in the league. That’s why they’re such a good defensive team and biggest thing on the board. This morning, so we talked about was you got to be able to turnover. They scored nineteen points off all the turnovers. That to me and the rebounding, the physicality on the glass was the difference in the game”.

RE: On how they lost a 16 point lead:

“No they definitely picked up their defense and then also Kemba (Walker) got going. The single coverage wasn’t working and then when we went to the double team he just crushed it. It was worse. I mean he dribbled around us. He dribbled through us. It lead to open threes for everybody else. Plus he got fouled on the shot layups. You know, and that’s what makes it hard.”

RE: On the players struggling to comeback:

“I mean, that’s going to be one of the things obviously even when we have everybody. We don’t have a ton of offensive fire power. With D.J. (Augustin) out, that’s one of the things obviously that we miss because he’s the guy that we play through a lot of the second unit.”

RE: Vucevic struggling in the post:

“Mike (Batiste) has been watching a ton of film with him and he shot the three well. His playmaking is good. He hasn’t played with the same, to me, offensive force, physicality, aggressiveness that he needs to be able to score. I mean, that’s a game tonight where again, if we’re gonna be able to beat them, which obviously we’re capable of, like last year you know? They had to double team him and you know he’s getting the ball in good places. The shots he’s getting are good, he’s getting a lot of shots. He’s getting enough to be in rhythm. Sometimes you have to figure some things out. That’s where we’re at. It’s gonna be hard to beat anybody. The other night, it was ten for twenty but it was the same thing. I mean he’s getting great shots and we need those points.”

RE: On what changed offensively for the Magic in the second half:

“When you have to take the ball out of the net every time, it’s hard to create momentum and create offense. I mean, I thought the main problem was Kemba (Walker) tonight once again. You guys know how over the last few years he’s been just killing us. He’s like a little mouse that you can’t catch. He’s extremely clever with the ball. He can really shoot so he’s a tough coverage and that’s really how they got going; Kemba. It kind of gave them confidence. On the defensive end, they played harder, tried to deny us a little bit more, and one thing led to another. Yeah. That’s it.”

RE: On the Magic’s shot selection in the third quarter:

“They got into the zone and I thought we shot the ball a little bit too quick. We didn’t get into our stuff. We’re actually usually good with the zone but we weren’t tonight. That was the other problem.”

RE: On Boston’s physicality:

“I mean, they are always physical. [They’re] one of the best defenses in the league. It’s been one of the best defenses in the league. They are always well coached, well organized, and they have tough guys. They were physical. We got some looks. I thought the offense wasn’t bad. We could’ve done a better job obviously. 100 points is not a lot but like I said, it’s hard to get into a rhythm when you have to pick the ball up out of the net every time.”

RE: On what changed after the Magic took a 16-point lead…

“Probably defensive lapses and Kemba getting going.”

RE: On defending Kemba Walker:

“He’s really quick, he has a great handle, and can shoot.”

RE: On whether Boston’s physicality affected the Magic’s offense in the second half:

“I don’t think so. I think we just had turnovers, we were missing some shots, and the defense was kind of the factor for us.”

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