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1/20 Arbella Quote Worthy: Lakers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 139-107 victory over Los Angeles.

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RE: Was this the kind of game the team needed?

“Yeah, I mean, we needed to play well. You know, that doesn’t guarantee results, but we had a – like I said this morning, we had a great film session yesterday that was very much like there’s a lot of things that we can control, and control better than we have. That doesn’t guarantee you’re going to make shots, and things are going to go your way like this. We were fortunate to put the ball in the basket quite a bit, but we really competed on both ends. That was good. It’s good to be as close to full as we’ve been, from a health standpoint. I’m hoping that we can maintain that and build off of it.”

RE: Turning things around after struggling at the beginning of the game with the Lakers’ size:

“Well I think if – if you couldn’t tell the level on film that you were getting ready to play against, you could feel it the first two minutes. I mean, it was high level. They were coming at you. And our guys – I thought Gordon (Hayward)’s three was huge and then he got the driving layup, like that settled us down. And then everybody else took off from there. I thought we had a bunch of rim reads that weren’t very good in the first quarter but after that we were better about making the right play, getting guys off their feet, playing off two feet, and then it opened up some opportunities at the end of the game. But they’re so long in there, and they do a good job mixing up defenses, and they’ve got good defenders, so we knew we had to move them side-to-side. Our only chance was our speed, to do that, and I thought our guys did a good job of that.”

RE: Success on offensive glass and the decision to tighten up the rotation based on size match-ups:

“Yeah, it’s hard. I mean they’re a hard team to play against because of their size, because, you know – usually they have AD (Anthony Davis) being on a minutes restriction probably hurt them, obviously, because when he’s not playing – the less he’s playing, the better for everybody else. But, that allows them when he’s not on a minutes restriction, they usually keep him in and then rest LeBron (James) then bring LeBron back in. And so, they put you at a size disadvantage with 48 minutes of those two guys being the focal point. Not only there, but at a couple of other spots. And so, the offensive rebounding was a result of ball movement and body movement. That opens up – and then Enes’s (Kanter) effort – but I think that opens up opportunities when you make – you make people jump at shots and you move it side to side and you break down the defense. When you stay in isolation, it’s hard to get rebounds.”

RE: Importance of Jaylen Brown’s energy and aggressiveness:

“Jaylen’s energy’s always good. And, but, we needed everybody today. I thought everybody played well. But I thought that he – like I said, Gordon’s early – early buckets settled us down and then Jaylen kind of took off after that, made some good plays when (Jayson) Tatum came back in in his second stint; he was great. You know, Kemba (Walker) was pretty steady all the way through. But those guys – everybody – we needed everybody’s energy tonight. I mean that – that hit us square in the face at the start of the game.”

RE: Was that the response to the last three games that you were looking for?

“I thought we bounced back pretty well, especially playing the top team in the West. We lost three in a row, so we were just looking to come out, obviously get a win, and just play with more intensity and more energy throughout the game.”

RE: What kind of influence did Enes Kanter have in building that lead?

“Enes has played great all year. He’s a monster down there. I thought – he gets every offensive rebound, and he finishes around the rim. He definitely gives us a spark off the bench that we need.”

RE: Did you get any flashbacks to a couple of years ago with Jaylen Brown’s dunk on LeBron James?

“That was a hell of a play by Jaylen. He’s so gifted, especially athletically. I was surprised. I didn’t think he was going to dunk it. Especially up vertical. Jaylen’s a hell of an athlete and a hell of a player.

RE: Who got LeBron James better?

“I’m going to say me.”

RE: How were you able to sustain that early pressure and turn things around?

“Just heavy ball pressure and trying to make it tough. They’re a good team and we just tried to make it tough all night.

RE: There hasn’t been a game this season where you haven’t been competitive:

“I just credit the Celtics. You're right, we have been remarkably consistent throughout the year even when we haven’t played well. We find a way to stay in games and make it a game late and compete. They were able to sustain their aggression. They were the aggressors early in the game and then throughout the game and we just didn’t have it tonight.”

RE: Second chance points and defensive rebounding

“Poor. That is one of the most disappointing things for me because I feel like that is a controllable thing. Boxing out and hitting people, we didn’t do it really at all in the first half so I'm very disappointed in that really from the total performance.”

RE: Anthony Davis’s first game back tonight:

“Yeah, a little bit out of rhythm. He got two fouls early. I probably should have left him in the game. I think it was a strong three or four minutes to start and after that it was downhill beginning with that foul and him coming out. It is going to take a little while to get his rhythm back, but it was good to see him back out there for sure.”

RE: Halftime adjustments:

“Bring it. That was the halftime adjustment. We didn’t bring it in the first half so pick it up and bring it. We tried to come out with some aggression the second half but credit to the Celtics they played exceptional. They were a desperate team. they lost six out of eight needed a win, and needed to play well and they did.”

RE: How did you feel physically?

“I felt pretty good. I was just trying to get back in game shape and get back in rhythm. For the most part, I felt fine.”

RE: Did you notice anything about why the Lakers couldn’t get back into the game?

“We didn’t rebound. Offensive rebounds killed us; we had some turnovers. They were more physical; they basically did whatever they wanted the whole night. We didn’t respond and we can’t afford to do that on the road especially against a team like this, against any team. We’ve got to make sure we come out and be the one that’s aggressive. We are hitting guys first, we are rebounding the basketball and running, that is when we are at our best. We didn’t do a good job of keeping (Enes) Kanter off the glass. Some guys were able to get out of transition and were able to score too. We just didn’t play well on both ends of the floor.”

RE: Halftime adjustments:

“Rebound. That was it. That was the only way they were in the game, rebounding. Rebounding, being physical. Coming out at halftime when we are down, we’ve got to be the more aggressive team, the more physical team, and it didn’t happen tonight.”

RE: First half rebounding and Boston hitting the glass early. Did that impact the energy overall?

“Yeah it did. Points off turnovers and offensive rebounds. At one point we were holding them to 41% from the field but they had eight or nine offensive rebounds. When you have offensive power going against them like this and you are giving them second chances it is not going to work well in your favor.”

RE: What did you see in the second half when the Lakers weren’t able to get back into the game?

“Listen, it was a good old-fashioned butt-whooping, that’s all. They beat us on all facets of the game from outside, the interior, points from offensive rebounds was the main ingredients of this L.”

RE: What does a result like this tell you about your team?

“We are a really, really good team and we want to continue to get better. We are not where we want to be going into March or going to April and beyond, that we want to continue to get better every day. As a collective group I don’t think we got better tonight. I think there are some things from the game we can take away – it’s always good, anything. You never get too high, you never get too low, but Boston played extremely well tonight and they earned this win.”

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