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Jaylen Brown

1/15 Arbella Quote Worthy: Pistons vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 116-103 defeat to Detroit.

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RE: Detroit’s getting comfortable offensively:

“Well I think the ones that we’ll go back and we’ll say, ‘Okay, the baskets you can never get away – give away – are the cuts, and layups, and the transition where they just get behind you or drive to the rim.’ Like, you always start there. I’m guessing they had 20 points on those. Maybe more? Right there you’re probably getting beat in most NBA games. You know, if you give up that easy of plays. And then they have to make the tough plays. And Derrick Rose was tremendous tonight. I thought he was the best player on the court, as far as he controlled the game, and did a really good job. He’s had a really good year. (Andre) Drummond hurt us a little bit in the paint and then the – and then the shooters all were really comfortable. So, you know, I hand it to them. The transition ones, the cuts, the back cuts, those are ones we just can’t give up. So those are the ones that I’m disappointed in tonight. Some of the shots I thought were well-contested. And I have to tip my hat to them for making some of those.”

RE: What changed for Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown offensively in the second half?

“I thought they both did some good things in the second half, too. I mean, before going on that long run in the third quarter, Jaylen had his moments. Jaylen just missed a couple of open ones, but Jaylen was good tonight. Gordon was good offensively. Those guys both made enough shots – what were they – 21 from 31 from the field, which is pretty damn good. So, that’s not where we lost the game. We lost the game on our transition defense and our protecting the paint and then getting out the shooters. And they – Detroit earned it. Like I just told the team, I told the team this before the game, I told the team this after the game: I love Coach (Dwane) Casey. I love his teams. I think they always play hard. I think they always come at you. He doesn’t, you know, they don’t stop. And I have so much respect for him and the job that he and his staff do. They played – they were coming off a couple tough losses, they had some guys out, and they played with tremendous poise and toughness and physicality. And reflective of their coach.”

RE: Lack of intensity on some plays:

“I’m sure there were a few of those...but the other team’s got to take advantage of them and make the plays. They did that. But again, go back to transition, the paint, the cuts – we’ve got to get way better, or we’ve got to handle that way better on every given night. That’s not something that you’re going to spend a whole lot of time on in walk-throughs and practice, right now. I mean, it’s Game 40 or whatever. Got to run back. Got to get back. So, there were too many of those.”

RE: Were the different combinations of players put together to keep some players fresh for tomorrow night’s game (against Milwaukee)?

“No. That had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t trying to keep guys fresh; I was trying to win tonight. But, you know, we have one less win, obviously, so I was trying to figure out who’d fit best with that group.”

RE: How did this one get away?

“They played well. Just wanted to get in this game. They came out extremely aggressive and focused. They’re competitive.”

RE: What kind of pressure do you put on yourself to help the team get out of this funk?

“No pressure. Just have to be better. I wouldn’t call it pressure. As one of the leaders of the team, I just have to be more energized, from the beginning of the game, and just have my guys ready to go.”

RE: Did everything that could go wrong, go wrong?

“I give credit to Detroit. They played well. They got very comfortable, made a lot of tough shots. Derrick Rose played really good. His pace was amazing tonight.”

RE: How do you transfer tonight’s performance to tomorrow night’s game?

“I think we’re going to be motivated to play tomorrow. I think that we didn’t come with the right energy, and teams are looking to beat us, man, like we’ve been saying it all year. I don’t think we came out before the game with the kind of aggressiveness that we needed, and we lost. And that was all around. Everybody’s got to be better.”

RE: How proud are you of the team that showed up here tonight?

“I am very proud. The competition, the competing level, the focus the guys came in everybody came in and did their job. Kids like Tim Frazier who hadn’t played in a week came in and did his job. Markieff (Morris) came in and finally looked like he got his sea legs back. But everybody that competed – I thought Andre (Drummond) came in and did a heck of a job playing the game the right way, kicking it out, quarterbacking, rebounding, and doing his job. Everybody came in and played their role. The most important thing is the competing level. I loved that because that who is we have to be.”

RE: Did you anticipate your team’s performance tonight?

“I didn’t think we would come in and shoot 60 percent against a great defensive team like Boston. I thought that was the thing, but I thought we would come in and compete. I thought we competed in the other games. We always had that one quarter, one stretch, that would kick us in the behind. Tonight we pulled it all together for a longer period of time.”

RE: Your feeling about the game:

“I felt like we just had a good feel for the game even if I was starting or not. We just had a good feel. The last couple of games we have just been playing harder and tonight we made sure we executed. I don’t think it had anything to do with me starting.”

RE: What has Sekou Doumbouya shown you on his eighth start so far?

“That he is a pro. He is young and he is able to play through his mistakes. And when a coach lets a player like that do that, you never know, the sky is the limit. I mean, I was in that position when I was younger and you need that room to grow.”

RE: Sekou Doumbouya:

“He is a great player. He works hard at his craft and tries to get better every day. He believes in himself, great confidence in himself.”

RE: What was the key for the Pistons offensively tonight?

“We just moved the ball. We lowered our turnovers and guys made shots. Like Kieff (Markieff Morris), Sekou (Doumbouya), Svi (Mykhailiuk), D. Rose (Derrick Rose), they all had big games.”

RE: Pistons as a dangerous team:

“Yeah definitely we come out with energy, we move the ball, we lower our turnovers. We are going to be good.”

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