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12/12 Arbella Quote Worthy: 76ers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 115-109 defeat to Philadelphia.

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RE: Was the back-to-back a factor in tonight’s loss?

“No, I don’t want to do that. I think I’d rather credit Philly. They had a couple balls that hung on the rim that didn’t roll in for us, but I thought that we were trying to do the right thing in a lot of those possessions. Defensively, we just gave up too many layups. You’ve got to try and challenge everything, make them go through you as well as you can. They hit some shots and they especially started off hot in the first quarter. We just weren’t good enough at the rim, probably, on the other end of the court.”

RE: Sixer’s big three-point shooting night:

“I mean, you’re going to have to live with some of those, first of all. I think you can’t sell out necessarily,(Joel) Embiid’s pick and rolls. You try to be there, try to contest as well as you can. He may hit one, and that’s okay. If he hits five or four, you’ve got to adjust. Mike (Scott) got threes, we didn’t do a very good job on [them]. He’s capable of hitting a bunch and that’s what he did tonight. Those are the ones that bothered me more than any of the other ones tonight, so we’ll go back and look and figure out how to get a little bit better. But I credit Embiid for hitting a few, (Kyle) O’Quinn knocked one down, other guys stepped up and made them too, and they still have to step up and make them. I wasn’t that concerned about our three-point defense tonight versus some other nights.”

RE: Can you walk us through the last minute or so of the game?

“The decision to foul (Ben) Simmons, in retrospect because he made both of them, not a great one. But I will say that with 34 seconds we know we can get a two-for-one if we go fast, and so we know that we at least have two more possessions left. This is a one-possession game, you got the ball and you got the chance to do what we did, which was hit three and tie it. Credit [Simmons], he stepped up and knocked them in, and we didn’t really get the ball and obviously you’ve got to be able to do those things in the biggest moments and we didn’t get that done.”

RE: What did Enes Kanter do well? Anyone else stand out?

“We don’t have a lot of guys who have center strength, you know that old-school center strength. So, I think he’s got it. I think VP (Vincent Poirier) is a little stronger than people realize, so I think his time could come down the road. (Daniel) Theis was really good tonight and he battled, but it’s a hard match-up obviously. We got a lot out of Kanter and Theis; they ended up with 16 and 20. I guess I’d take 38 to 36 in that match-up.”

RE: The team’s ball movement and 1-on-1 tendencies

“I think it’s something everybody’s working through. I feel pretty good about our offense in the last five games; generating good looks. Our defense the last two nights, we haven’t been able to get stops. Yesterday we scored 117 on the road, you don’t win. It’s not good enough. And then today, we really needed one and we couldn’t get one. I’m not as concerned about that, it’s a heck of a defensive team we played against. I thought we generated way better looks than we did on October 20-whatever it was when we played, so I’m more encouraged than anything on that end of the floor.”

RE: Two good games defensively against Joel Embiid – what was the key for you?

“Talking, communication, and you know trusting each other. Every time we are out there it is not a one-man thing, it is a team effort. So, every time we are out there, we’re trusting each other and communicating because defensively as we know offensively we just want to go out there and score the ball. But I think for us to get to the next level we will defensively. I think just have to do a better job, everybody.”

RE: Why do you think both you and Daniel Theis found so much success in the five spot?

“He’s been amazing the whole season. I think he is having the best year in his career, he is playing with a lot of confidence and all the credit to Brad (Stevens)’s system and all the credit to all our guards out there. They are doing a really good job of feeding us.”

RE: How did the defense change in the second half?

“They kind of just stepped off of the pick-and-rolls and played a bit more aggressive, I guess. When you have a roll in of course teams are going to make adjustments and try to make it tougher on me and they did they did a pretty good job in the second half.”

RE: In terms of size they can put on you, were they a little different than other teams?

“I mean, yeah, sometimes it can be tough. Those guys can get to the shot and contest it or even get blocks like (Matisse) Thybulle did one time and, but, you know, I’m beating them to my spots and getting a shot off and making them and that is what I am used to; that how it has been over there for me. That is what pretty much what everyone is going to do with me, put bigger defenders on me. I just have to adjust sometimes and make shots.”

RE: What do you take away from these two losses?

“We just have to learn how to win. We have a lot of lapses during these games. We have nights where are playing super well and then we have lapses where we have times where it is just bad and it looks really bad. So, we just have to tone that down a little bit and try our best to put 48-minute games together, and that is going to take everybody. But we are still learning each other and still playing well. One thing I love about us is that we are not quitting, no fighting through adversity and when things are getting rough we aren’t putting our heads down. We are competing at a very high level and we can only go up from here.”

RE: How did it feel to deliver the Celtics their first loss at home?

“I thought the guys were great down the end. Joel (Embiid) was just significant in all regards to help us pull that off. I mean, they’re a great team and they’re especially tough here at home. Great home crowd, and it’s always a difficult place to win.”

RE: What do you think it was about Embiid that allowed him to rise to the occasion tonight?

“The numbers speak, pretty much, for themselves. But there was other stuff internally going on with leadership and instruction to his teammates and stuff being said at halftime that flipped him over the top to, for me, one of his better games since he’s been a Philadelphia 76er. He was dominant and he was a leader.”

RE: What are some of the things you said at halftime?

“Just basic stuff. Just reminding the importance of what the game plan is and keeping people’s mindset in a very proactive aggressive place.”

RE: How important was it for you guys to get a win tonight?

“Every win – we need every win. We are trying to get first seed.”

RE: Were you aware they were undefeated at home prior to tonight?

“I was, yeah, I knew that.”

RE: Does the win mean anything, special to break that?

“I mean, yeah, it was nice, but overall we just want to get wins and that is the most important part.”

RE: How did it feel to give the Celtics their first loss at home this season?

“Oh I didn’t even know. I mean it was a great win for us. I thought from the start Joel – he really set the tone of how we were going to play today. His energy, his interactions at timeouts and dead balls. He was the man today and I just thought overall we battled through. We didn’t hold our head on their runs. We were able to get out and make our own runs and hit some good baskets and some great defensive plays.”

RE: What can you share about how Embiid’s demeanor might have been different this game?

“From the beginning his energy levels on all different sides of the game. On interactions, his energy offensively and defensively, he was very impressive all around.”

RE: What did you guys do differently on Kemba Walker in the second half?

“We just showed a little bit more of a crowd. Kind of forced him a little bit different way, showed him different looks. Because we had too many fouls on him shooting threes and what not. So we wanted to be able to be cautious of that. Because he gets those types of fouls and looks. He’s a great point guard, very fast, and we wanted to make him finish at the rim really.”

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