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Jayson Tatum

12/9 Arbella Quote Worthy: Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 110-88 victory over Cleveland.

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RE: What did you see from Gordon Hayward?

“ Yeah, I thought he was pretty good. I didn’t anticipate much; it hasn’t been very long in the big scheme of things. Especially what he went through last time. You know he got his baskets off cuts, his typical energy plays. With the score being what it was I didn’t want to take him out. I wanted to get to where I wanted him to play minutes-wise in that third quarter and stretch himself with 12 straight minutes. But, I thought he was good.”

RE: You seemed to have frustrated moments; was it playing with the big lead?

“I think the playing with the big lead thing is just something that is normal. I think you turn on the TV every night 27 goes to 17, 15. I just told the team afterwards ‘If you want to be special then model after Kemba (Walker) because Kemba sits over there thinks his night’s done. (He) gets put back into the game, drills three 3s and ends it.’ I mean, special is not for everybody, but that’s just different. That’s just always ready, always wanting to be called upon, always loving to play. He’s not untying his shoes, he’s staying ready because he knows this game can change in a heartbeat.”

RE: What are the key pieces that have allowed you guys to find so much success at home?

“I think we’ve been competitive on the road too. We have a great home crowd, obviously, we have great support here I think that plays a huge role. You go back through some of our games where we didn’t have it or we needed a big boost that came from them. I think that we’ve so far prepared the right way and gone into every game with the right mindset. This will be a fun back-to-back from the standpoint of a great challenge coming up, two really good teams. Two really hard playing teams with a couple more big front courts so we’re looking forward to it.”

RE: How competitive are the next two teams?

“Yup, we’ll talk about Philly when that time comes but Indiana is playing awfully well. The double bigs are hard and (Myles) Turner is a bonus. I thought they did a great job in their off season of adding guys that were really undervalued. When you look at (Jeremy) Lamb and (T.J.) Warren and (T.J.) McConnell and (Aaron) Holiday, those guys are all good players and they impact winning and they’ve added to their team quite a bit. They’ve got a ton of new guys, people always talk about how teams change. They’ve got a ton of new guys and they look the same. They play the same way, they play hard, seemingly well coached that’s going to be a difficult one.”

RE: Grant Williams hit his first three tonight. How much do you relish those moments when the team celebrates together?

“I think the celebration part is fun. I love it when they celebrate anything together and obviously they were all encouraging and chiding on Grant for a while now. It was good to see one go down.”

RE: How does the hand feel?

“The hand feels good. I’ll get some more treatment on it tomorrow and get ready for the next game.”

RE: Did you notice it at all?

“Not when I was out there playing, but tonight was a good test with dealing with their bigs and block them out. Certainly, like I said, I have to build some more strength up in it, but my emotions are not all the way back but I don’t feel like it affected me.”

RE: Did you feel winded?

“For sure. Especially towards the end in third quarter and I was for sure gassed and that is something that no matter how much cardio you do you just have to play through the game sometimes and get that game conditioning back. So I’m working on that.”

RE: Did you come back pretty easily?

“I got some easy looks, so getting one in transition felt good and anytime you get a layup it makes the rim a little bit bigger for you. I think it is a lot easier this time to come back from something when you can run around and don’t have to rest your leg so it is just my left hand so that made it a lot easier.”

RE: Are you surprised at all that you were able to fit right back in?

“Not really. I’ve been around the team here pretty much the whole time, so, and also just been watching. Like I said, my teammates found me on some really easy stuff and I returned the favor.”

RE: Was it different having Gordon (Hayward) out there today?

“Not different; we have played with him before. It feels good to have him back and I was excited, everybody was excited, he was excited. Now we get (Marcus) Smart back and finally play as a group.”

RE: Re-integrating Hayward back into the line-up?

“I don’t think we had to make any adjustments. Really, he is an easy guy to play with.”

RE: Kemba Walker in the fourth quarter:

“He set a great example of what he has done in this league for a very, very long time and why he is one of the best players in the league.”

RE: Offensively, where do you feel like your game is at?

“Getting better, getting better, and I still have a long way to go.”

RE: The game overall:

“So once again we played a really good team. They’re really a unique team to attack, with their length in every position except probably the point guard – and switching every single screen it’s really difficult to attack them. At the same time we missed a lot of foul shots, we missed a lot of open threes, so we could have made it a closer game. What I do like about today is I thought we fought all 48 minutes. We really played hard against a really good team and we’ll be able to take a lot of positives out of this game.”

RE: What are the positives you can take out of this game?

“I think that that’s number one, that we didn’t give in. I think we got down by 30 and all of a sudden we’re down by 13. I mean that’s a huge positive that we didn’t stop at that point. We’re playing against three all-stars, maybe more with Jaylen Brown. These are guys that are really established in the league, really good, and they know what they’re doing and how to take advantages of mismatches all with a great coach.”

RE: Coach has a lot of trust in you; what were you feeling out there?

“Coming off the bench you just want to give as much energy as you can and do whatever it takes to win. For me that’s scoring, cutting, assisting, playing and guarding the best player. That’s what I was supposed to do, I just want to come off the bench with great energy and try to give my all for the team.”

RE: Do you feel like some of those dunks energize the team?

“I mean they’re two points but yeah, definitely. A dunk is better than a lay-up you can definitely get hype. Your whole team can get hype and you can just feed off of that. It definitely brings more energy.”

RE: What did you think was working when the team had a run closing the gap from 30 to 13?

“We was [sic] getting a lot of shots and hitting a lot of shots. We was getting back on defense very good the first half, and I feel like when we got on a run we got tired and we fought today and showed up.”

RE: The outcome wasn’t there in terms of the score, but did you feel a difference in energy this game?

“I think in the third quarter, the end of the third quarter group especially was really doing a good job of picking up our energy and moving the ball, getting stops, and you know that’s how we need to play. The problem is putting it together for one quarter, two quarters, three quarters, 48 minutes. But yeah, that was the brightest spot for us tonight.”

RE: What did you seen in the runs that you did have in the second half?

“Just the willingness to make the next pass, trying to find guys, uplift guys, get our bench into it in a tough environment, you know a number of things. Stops, transitions, buckets, playing with pace, playing for the next guy, so again you know I think that was the sole bright spot for us.”

RE: As a veteran presence in the locker room, how do you put things into perspective for this younger team?

“I think looking at the film, a lot of the time we want to show the things we need to work on, the negatives. But I think just continuing to be positive and show things where it went really well and to be able to go out there on the floor and show how to get through screens on the offensive end, what cut to make and what read to make. Just continuing to do stuff like that with the young guys, because we don’t have much time. We have five games, seven days – it’s not getting easier for us so just continuing to drill that stuff.”

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