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Jaylen Brown

12/4 Arbella Quote Worthy: Heat vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 112-93 victory over Miami.

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RE: What was the key change to your defense in the second quarter?

“We played hard. That was the key, we played hard. We played really hard in the second and third quarter defensively. Those were two of our better quarters of the year.”

RE: Can you walk us through your lineups and why you settled on who you did down the stretch?

“Well we didn’t play the two big lineups after the first quarter. Part of that is we just have limited numbers with guys out. With (Marcus) Smart, obviously (Gordon) Hayward has been out for a while, but Smart out as well. They are bigger so we thought we maybe could get away with some of that. We haven’t really tried that two big line-up, but then I thought that their speed was an issue for that. In the second quarter we started playing defense the way we want to play. We probably were the beneficiary; they’ve had a really tough stretch playing last night in Toronto and flying back. It’s just part of it. We played a lot more like we have, I thought our rotations were a lot shorter the rest of the game.”

RE: Can you talk about your team’s ability to hit key threes, especially Jaylen (Brown)?

“Kemba (Walker) makes you make decisions. Kemba and Jayson (Tatum) both hit multiple shots off screens early. So then they start blitzing. And when they start blitzing, it’s on those guys to get rid of the ball quickly and find the next right guy. The beneficiaries are going to be the guys standing, spotting up. I think that was a few of the threes and our guys did a really good job of driving and kicking and moving the ball, finding the next right guy. It all works together; if Kemba doesn’t get blitzed you’re not getting as good of looks. And if he doesn’t get rid of it quickly. It’s really hard at that size to make the next right play but he is incredible because he can over and over.”

RE: How much has Semi (Ojeleye) given you from a defensive standpoint in this recent stretch?

“I think he’s really improved. I feel really good when he shoots the ball; he’s worked really hard on his shot. Nobody spends more time. We’ve talked about that. He made a huge shot tonight when they cut it to five and he hit the three behind the ear and out of bounds on a nice pass from Brad (Wanamaker.) Defensively he is in the right spot. He is where he is supposed to be. He plays with good physicality and he got a number of deflections in the paint, just by being in the right position. I agree with you, he was really good and I don’t think it is a coincidence that those 24 minutes were our best 24 minutes tonight.”

RE: What has been different for you the last couple of games?

“Just being more comfortable with the blitz. The blitz to Kemba (Walker) and blitzing JT (Jayson Tatum) just being aggressive out of that, because they have to form three on the backside and I’m just trying to be aggressive.”

RE: Is that something you learn from watching film or being out there?

“Being out there but also watching. Seeing it and getting more comfortable with it. The last few games people have been blitzing the same way so just being aggressive out of it and trying to make plays and hopefully they continue to blitz and continue to make plays. But, if they stop then it will open up guys like Kemba and JT on some of those screens.”

RE: Brad Stevens said your defense was at its best when Semi (Ojeleye) was on the floor. What was he doing specifically to make an impact?

“Communication. You can always hear him talking, Semi does a good job being communicative on defense, so he is an anchor down there. So, we started the second half with him and he helped us out a lot.”

RE: Were you blowing a kiss to anybody in particular?

“Yeah that was to Kelly (Olynyk.) I don’t know if he was over there but that was for Kelly.”

RE: What were some of the key challenges you faced in the middle of the second quarter and onward?

“Offensively, you know, I felt we really got away from what we’ve been doing well. And that’s getting an early trigger with our fives, and getting the ball side to side. You know, making them move defensively, playing out of rotations. I thought that hurt us more than anything, and that led to some turnovers and they got out and transitioned and got 26 points off our turnovers which was tough to look on.”

RE: Tonight’s game:

“We ran out of steam but we have to be better. They locked in on our habits and stay together through adversity. That is something we have addressed before but we will definitely have to address again moving forward.”

RE: Turnovers:

“Probably just being a little too casual with the ball and spacing is always an issue, or has been at times an issue for us especially when it comes to our turnovers. Just being a little bit better with that, being organized quicker that would definitely help us moving forward.”

RE: What was the most difficult about trying to get back your rhythm tonight?

“We didn’t play together on either end. On defense, on offense. That’s not how we’ve been winning games. This was one that we really wanted to win because I feel like we could have proved to ourselves how good of a basketball team that we are. I thought we took a step back, back to the drawing board.”

RE: During the stretch you went off, was it that point you thought, ‘I need to do something’?

“Yes and no. I know what they want me to do but I still try to play within our offense and within our defense. To tell you the truth I think DC (Dan Craig) did a great job with having us ready tonight. I don’t think we brought the energy we are supposed to bring I don’t think we played the way we are supposed to play. That has nothing to do with the coaches. That’s all the guys that suit up, that everybody in this locker room. We didn’t bring it tonight."

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